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Metal Spinning

  • Ace Metal Spinning

    Produces components for many industries, lighting, farming, transportation, musical, construction, food, electrical, fire prevention, heavy equipment.

  • ACME Spinning Co. LTD

    Suppliers to engineering, from ventilation fans to tube production, to filing systems, lighting components and heater systems, producing intricate work in mild steel, copper, brass aluminium or stainless steel.

  • AMS Industries, Ltd.

    Specialists in spinning for several industries providing for large and small applications.

  • Artistic Metal Spinning Inc.

    Offering metal forming applications for a wide scope of industries including automotive, aerospace, medical, military and food.

  • CB Kaupp & Sons, Inc.

    Provides deep drawn shapes including deep drawn shells and deep drawn cans from light, medium and heavy gauge metals.

  • Century Metal Spinning Co.

    Offering a list of industries along with products and services offered.

  • Columbia Metal Spinning

    Provides spinning and stamping of stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper and hi-strength alloys, low and high volume runs, prototypes, in-house tooling and machining.

  • Duncan Metal Spinning Co., Inc.

    A custom metal manufacturer, specializing in stainless steel.

  • EH Schwab Company

    Specializing in CNC and hand metal spinning of both prototype and production piece runs.

  • Glenn Metalcraft Inc.

    Specializes in high quality, close toleranced, heavy gauge metal spinnings.

  • H & H Manufacturing & Engineering Inc.

    Materials spun include various alloys of steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, and copper up to 0.125 in. thick.

  • Helander Metal Spinning Company

    Custom metal forming and fabricating service company specializing in plate stock, sheet metal, and tubing of various metals ranging from stainless steel, mild steel, copper, brass, and aluminum to hybrid alloys.

  • Hialeah Metal Spinning Inc.

    Specializes in metal spinning and deep drawing for a wide range of industries and applications.

  • Hy-Grade Metal Products Corp.

    Providing metal spun antique restoration parts, ecclesiastical items, electrical plates and lighting fixtures.

  • McGlennon Metal Product

    Offers custom metal spinning of most metals up to 3/16 of an inch thick and 120 inches in diameter.

  • Metal Spinners, Inc.

    Providing metal spinning, hydroforming, deep drawing and other specialized metal-forming methods.

  • Metal Spinning Company

    Manufacturers of precision metal spinnings and spun metal products.

  • Metal Spinning Targets, Inc.

    Provider of rifle grade spinning targets for the general public and police and military training.

  • Metal Spinning Workshop

    Source for metal spinning information, DVD's, videos, projects, circles, hand tools, used metal spinning lathes and hands on classes.

  • Metalite Mfg. Co.

    Specializing in deep drawing metal cans and other stamped parts to your specifications.

  • Metalspun Products Company, Inc.

    Specializing in spinning, hydroforming and fabricating virtually all metals. Site offers a free video.

  • Metcom Inc.

    A metal forming company specializing in metal spinning, metal stamping, and deep drawing.

  • Muncie Metal Spinning, Inc.

    Designs and fabricates custom racing parts, power steering tanks and accessories, air cleaner spinnings, dry sump breather tanks, rear end fill cans.

  • Superior Metal Spinning

    Offers metal spinning, deep drawing, spot welding, punching, shearing, notching, hole indexing in steel, brass, copper and aluminum from a range of 1" up to 32" diameter pieces.

  • United Metal Spinning & Machining

    Provides metal spinning and machining, mill, lathe and other machine shop services.

  • Universal Metal Spinning, Inc.

    Specializes in prototype pieces, smaller volume runs and high production runs of over 2500 pieces.

  • Williamsburg Metal Spinning & Stamping Corp.

    Providing metal stamping, metal spinning, deep draw, small to medium runs, metal fabricating, sheet metal forming.

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