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Industrial Forging

Aero Vac Alloy Forge, Inc.

Providing forging, saw cutting, thermal processing, testing, water-jet cutting, precision grinding, trepanning, milling and turning.

Agosta Industrial Machines

A buyer, seller and appraiser of all types of machinery and equipment and specializes in the forging industry.

All Metals & Forge Group

Manufacturer of open die forgings and seamless rolled rings.

Alry Tool & Die Co., Inc

Forgings for robotics, defense, aircraft, marine and commercial markets.


A manufacturer of forged products for the energy, oil and gas production, transportation, aerospace, and industrial markets.

Anderson Shumaker

Provides open die forging and custom forgings in a wide variety of materials and shapes, included exotic.

Burke Forging & Heat Treating, Inc.

Specializes in open-die forgings of bars, shafts, discs, blocks, hubs, pinions or rings.

Carbo Forging Company

A closed die impression hot forging company, specializing in producing steel forgings ranging from 0-15 pounds.

Cleveland Hardware and Forging Company

Manufacturer and supplier of hardware for industries that include heavy commercial trucks, commercial and school buses, off-road vehicles, service vehicles, emergency vehicles, and private aviation.

Clifford-Jacobs Forging

Produces standard and custom steel forgings for off-highway and construction equipment, mining, forestry, energy, railway, and aerospace industries.

CMF Industries, Inc.

Manufacturing of castings, stampings, forgings, injection molded plastics.

Commercial Forged Products

Contract manufacturer of carbon, alloy and stainless steel forgings.

Complete Metalworks Corporation

Provides forgings, heat treating, machining and testing.

Custom Alloy Corporation

Manufacturer of specialty metals for seamless and welded pipe fittings and forgings.

Eastham Forge

Forged products and services include, open die, impression die, rolled rings from 25 lbs to 25, 000 lbs, carbon steel thru nickel alloy in any machined or heat treated condition.

Falcon Metal Group

Distributor of stainless steels, nickel alloys, aluminum, alloy steels, titanium, and tungsten alloys.

Feat Industrial Forgings Inc.

Manufactures closed die forgings in carbon, stainless, titanium and super alloy steels, raw and machined from 0.2 lbs. to 1,000 lbs.

Ferralloy Inc.

Provides stainless steel machined investment castings, fabricating services, furnace parts, forgings, stampings, machining, bearings, and specialty fasteners.

Flicker Forge

Offering open die production forging and making tools for other trades.

Forged Products, Inc.

Utilizes open-die, closed-die and extrusion forging methodologies to manufacture and machine forgings in a wide variety of sizes and configurations.

Fountaintown Forge

Providing open-die forging services to public and private clients such as aerospace, military suppliers and industrial manufacturers.

Great Lakes Forge Inc.

Specialized in stainless, alloy and carbon steel, custom open die forging.

Lakeview Forge Company

Manufactures small to medium closed-die custom forgings ranging in weight from a few ounces to 15 pounds in stainless, carbon and alloy steel.

MacLean-Fogg Company

Provides high performance fastener and component systems, forgings, precision machined parts, suspension and transmission components, connectors and insulators.

Martin Sprocket & Gear Inc.

Manufacturer of power transmission products, material handling components and systems, and industrial hand tools.

Martin Tool and Forge

Manufactures industrial hand tools, body and fender tools, custom commercial forging.

Mcenglevan Industrial Furnace Co.

Manufactures a variety of heat treat furnaces, melting furnaces, foundry furnaces, mullers, mixers and foundry accessories such as tongs, shanks, pyrometers, skimmers.

MFC Group

Supplier of wheel hubs and transmission gears to the automotive industry.

Mighty Forge

Manufacturers a portable propane forge built for farriers and blacksmiths with an innovative burner design, for fast even, reliable heat. Push button ignition and a modular body .

North Coast Industrial Service

Offering sawing, custom sawing, steel cutting, die blocks, hammers, presses, forging die blocks and used forging machinery.

Queen City Forging Company

Industrial custom forging for small metal component parts, impression die forging, closed die forging, upset forging, drop forging, press forging, and hammer forging to produce parts for original equipment manufacturers.

Reco Industries

Production capabilities include but not limited to, hot forming, cold forming, injection molding, casting, hot forge, cold forge and stamping.

Rose Metal Industries, LLC

Provides steel mills and other metal processors with high quality tongs, special tools and test specimen blanks.

Scot Forge

Custom ferrous and non-ferrous open die and rolled ring forgings, provides bars, rings, hubs, blanks, stepdown shafts or spindles, hollows, torch cut contours, or custom-shaped parts.

The Ulven Companies

Providing block, fairlead, sheave, hook, and alloy forgings.

West Coast Machining, Inc.

Produces precision gear blanks from 1.0 inch up to 174.0 inches in diameter.

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