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Industrial Heat Treating

  • Accurate Brazing

    Full service vacuum brazing and heat treating shop specialize in nickel brazing honeycomb seals for both oem and repair/aftermarket, endcover, nozzle and cartridge assemblies for fuel delivery systems.

  • Accurate Ion Technologies

    Uses the eco-glo process for ion-plasma nitriding, an advanced case-hardening process available for steel materials.

  • ALD Thermal Treatment, Inc.

    Source for vacuum heat treatment services to the precision manufactured component segment.

  • Applied Thermal Technologies Inc.

    Specializing in bright vacuum heat treating and brazing of stainless steel and exotic alloys.

  • B&W Heat Treating Company, Inc.

    A commercial heat treater specializing in tool and die hardening, age hardening, sand blasting and glass bead blasting.

  • Bennett Heat Treating and Brazing Co. Inc.

    Providing aging, annealing, austempering, bright hardening and annealing, carbo-nitriding, carbon restoration, carburizing, cleaning, cryogenic stabilizing to -320f, degassing of metals.

  • Certified Metal Craft, Inc.

    Metal heat treating, steel hardening, brazing and annealing services.

  • Cincinnati Steel Treating

    Offers atmosphere carburizing, hardening, marquenching, press quenching, flame hardening and induction hardening.

  • Circle City Heat Treating, Inc.

    Providing metal treating, heat treating aluminum, vacuum heat treating, vacuum solution annealing, heat treating copper, brass, precipitation ageing, vacuum heat treating, hardening nitrogen quench, vacuum tempering.

  • CKP, Inc.

    Offers shallow case depths or deep case hardening on anything from small stampings to large gears, carburization, carbonitriding, annealing, and normalizing.

  • Dynamic Surface Technologies

    Offering surface treatments for cutting tools, ferritic nitrocarburizing to increase wear resistance and reduce distortion.

  • Engineered Heat Treat, Inc.

    Provides a variety of heat treating services to the aircraft, agriculture, automotive, earthmoving equipment, high performance racing, military and tooling industries.

  • Euclid Heat Treating Company

    Offers heat treating services, including case hardening, induction hardening, eddy current testing, and gaging.

  • FPM Heat Treating

    Offers a wide variety of heat treating processes for automotive, construction and agricultural equipment, appliances and consumer products, general construction fasteners and building products, machinery components and tooling.

  • Gallmar Industries LLC

    Offers age hardening, annealing, austempering, carbonitriding, carburizing, case hardening, ferritic nitrocarburizing, through hardening and induction hardening.

  • Heat Treating Services

    Offers commercial heat treating of steels and cast irons, quench and temper, normalize and annealing.

  • Heat Treating, Inc.

    Performs a variety of heat treating and metallurgical services to the industry.

  • HI TecMetal Group

    Produces brazed honeycomb components from stainless steel and titanium alloys, as well as, nickel-based super alloys.

  • Hi-Tech Steel Treating, Inc.

    Services include annealing, carbonitriding, flame hardening, induction hardening, neutral hardening, stress relieving, steam treating, deep freezing, straightening, rotary furnace line, vacuum ferritic nitro carburizing.

  • Industrial Heat Treating Ltd.

    Provides full service for ferrous and non-ferrous alloys using processes ranging from austempering, stress relieving, normalizing and annealing to stainless steel brazing and hardening.

  • Lucas Milhaupt

    Offers an inventory of braze alloys and forms, and provides comprehensive technical brazing information and support.

  • Magnum Induction

    Specializes in induction heat treating of extreme diameters, lengths, unusual sizes and configurations for gears and parts.

  • Mid-South Metallurgical

    Providing precision and specialty heat treating services for carbon steels, tool steels, high speed specialty tools, alloys and aluminum.

  • Midwest Metal Products Inc.

    Offers metal melting, molding, metal heat treating, grinding, blanchard grinding, case hardening and straight hardening.

  • Peters' Heat Treating, Inc.

    Provides heat treating, -320° f cryogenic treating, straightening, dimensional control, coating, hardening, anealing, carburizing, nitriding, treatment.

  • Racine Heat Treating

    Provides batch processing, induction hardening, vacuum hardening, cryogenic treatment, carburizing, carbon nitriding and normalizing.

  • Solar Atmospheres

    Specializes in vacuum heat treating, vacuum brazing and offers vacuum carburizing and vacuum nitriding services.

  • The Sousa Corp.

    Provides heat treating of tool steels, alloy steels, carburizing, nickel alloys, vacuum, atmosphere, age hardening, black oxide, specializing in special handling and small lot sizes.

  • Specialty Heat Treating

    Offers vacuum heat treating, atmosphere heat treating, induction heat treating and sub zero treating.

  • Specialty Steel Treating

    Treatments include gas carburize, vacuum carburize, carbonitride, vacuum heat treat, neutral harden and stress relieving.

  • Sun Steel Treating Inc.

    Providing ion nitriding or plasma nitriding, salt bath hardening, salt bath heat treating and steam treating.

  • Syracuse Heat Treating Corporation

    Providing heat treating and brazing processes for aerospace, automotive, firearms and other hardware including custom process designs like NiCorr, DynaCase blue, deep cryogenic and other hardening systems.

  • ThermoFusion

    Providing bright annealing, carburizing, carbon restoration, carbonitriding, neutral hardening, gas nitriding, homogenizing, hydrogen heat treating, induction hardening.

  • Treat All Metals, Inc.

    Provides batch runs or production lots to customers' specifications, on site metallurgical laboratory, case hardening, quenching, controlled atmosphere processing.

  • Varco Heat Treating Company

    Providing laboratory services, vacuum heat treating for stainless steel and exotic metals and controlled atmosphere furnaces for normalizing, annealing, hardening, tempering and performing carbon restoration.

  • Wall Colmonoy Corporation

    Specialized metal fabrication, overhaul, brazing services, heat treating, coating, welding, and machining.

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