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Powder Metal

Advantage Sintered Metals

Manufactures sintered metal products in bronze, iron, steel, copper or nickel steel and a variety of alloy steels.

Allied Sinterings Inc.

Manufactures custom-engineered powder metal products for small applications, including small gears and miniature components for planetary drives, automotive sub-assemblies, drills, electronics, and small components and assemblies for medical devices.

Allread Products L.L.C.

Manufacturer of powdered metal parts and sintered metal parts.

Alpha Sintered Metals, Inc.

Designer and manufacturer of medium-to-high volume, structural, conventional components.

Amkad Metal Components Inc.

Manufacturer of parts using powder metallurgy technology.

Applied Porous Technologies, Inc.

Manufacturer of sintered porous metal media, sintered porous metal components and engineered sintered porous metal assemblies.

Asco Sintering

Manufacturer of quality powdered metal parts, including gears, lock/hardware, lawn and garden, and transportation.

BestMetal Corporation

Specializes in the manufacture of components using powdered metal technology.

Cameron Diversified Products

Manufacturer of engineered sintered components supplying the lawn and garden industry, electrical parts, hand tools, farm equipment, sports equipment, and firearm accessories.

Capstan Atlantic

Producer of precision powdered metal gears, sprockets and complex structural components.

Clarion Sintered Metals, Inc.

Producer of quality powdered metal parts.

Cloyes Gear & Products, Inc.

Specializing in the manufacture and supply of automotive timing drive systems and components for both the OEM’s and the automotive aftermarket.

Coldwater Sintered Metal Products

Manufacturer of powdered metal parts and machined parts.

Compax Inc.

Specializing in providing powder metal components and designing parts and blending metal powders to exacting specifications.

Comtec Mfg., Inc.

Produces structural powdered metal and/or sintered metal parts from several ferrous and nonferrous materials made from the atomization and sponge production processes.

Cook-Leitch & Associates

Specializes in screw machine parts and shafts, powder metal components, plastic injection molded parts, springs, wire forms, stamping and assemblies.

Deloro Stellite Group

Providing wear resistant alloys using cobalt, nickel and iron.

Dura-Metal Products Corporation

Fabricators of precision ultra hard material products for a wide industry base.


No-waste powder metal process uses a variety of materials, including brass, bronze, nickel silver, stainless steel, aluminum and most frequently used iron and steel alloys.

Emporium Specialties Co., Inc.

Provides all phases of manufacturing from in-house tool making to finishing needed for engine parts, structurals, bushings, bearings, gerotors and gears.

Engineered Sinterings & Plastics, Inc.

Manufactures precision structural and magnetic, ferrous and non-ferrous, sintered metal components and assemblies and precision custom molded thermoplastic and thermoset components and assemblies.

Innovative Sintered Metals

Produces structural parts from materials such as stainless steel, iron, and brass.

Intech P/M Stainless, Inc.

Provides corrosion resistance and mechanical properties for parts manufactured in 300 and 400 series stainless steels, 17-4, and exotic alloys.

Lawrence Sintered Metals, Inc.

Manufacturer and distributor of wire mesh, wire cloth, and sintered wire mesh.

Metal Ceramics, Inc.

Providing design, engineering, tooling, and production of powdered metal components for a broad range of industries.

Metal Powder Products Company

Provides material formulation, sintering, densification, powder metallurgy joining techniques, and value added secondary operations.

MetalKraft Industries Inc.

Manufacturing precision metal parts, vibratory deburring, turning, grinding, plating, heat treating, steam treating, vacuum impregnating and assembling finished product.

Metco Industries Inc.

Offers a range of powdered metal operations including special blending of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, iron, steel, copper, bronze and diluted-bronze, molding capabilities, sintering and secondary processes.

Micro Metals, Inc.

Specializes in powder metal parts, sintered metal parts, pm parts and powder metallurgy.

Missouri Pressed Metals, Inc.

Manufacturing ferrous and nonferrous parts using bronze, brass, nickel, silver, iron-nickel and various grades of stainless.

National Sintered Alloys

Uses granulated metals of iron, steel, stainless steel, brass, bronze and copper in the manufacture of powder metal parts.

Pacific Sintered Metals

Specializes in powder metallurgy fabrication, creating highly complex, precision parts and components that can be utilized in a variety of industrial applications.

Powder Metallurgy Company

Specializes in high quality small parts for a wide variety of industries.

Precision Resources, Inc.

Providing sales and technical service for aluminum extrusions, impact extrusions and powder metal parts.

Precision Sintered Parts

Manufacturing net shape, or near-net shape parts, secondary operations including drilling, tapping, counterboring and assembly, also offers steam bluing and brazing services.

Pressure Technology, Inc.

Specializes in the densification of many materials from investment castings to advanced alloys.

PSM Brownco

Manufactures products from aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, stainless steel, and several proprietary material systems.

Ridgway Powdered Metals Inc.

Powdered metal bearings, bushings, gears, parts, and PM assemblies.

St. Marys Pressed Metal

Powdered metal parts manufacturer.

Symmco Incorporated

Manufacturing sintered bronze bearings, helical, spur and pinion gears, bars and rectangular plates.

Volunteer Sintered Products, Inc.

Manufacturer of powdered metal products.

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