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Investment Casting

Advanced Casting Co Ltd

Utilising a wide range of carbon and stainless steels, aluminium and copper based alloys and specialise in stainless steel castings, aluminium castings, investment castings.

Advanced Casting, Inc.

Specialty nonferrous lost wax foundry, casting jewelry, medallions, award plaques, small sculpture, antique car, motorcycle, and furniture replacement parts.

Alcumet, Inc.

Specializing in the production of aerospace castings, military castings, prototype castings, aluminum investment castings and beryllium copper investment castings.

AMT Inc.

Precision investment castings using the lost wax process, produces quality ferrous and non-ferrous metal and metal alloy precision investment castings.

Avalon Precision Casting Co.

Precision investment castings in a wide variety of ferrous and nonferrous alloys, including carbon and alloy steels, tool steels, austenitic and martensitic stainless steels, ph stainlless steels, cobalt alloys, aluminum and aluminum magnesium.

Bealka Casting, Inc.

Quality investment casting (lost wax casting), rapid prototyping, machining, finishing and complex assembly.

Bestwill Corporation

Specializing in the mass production, storage, and distribution of custom-made parts, components, sub-assemblies, and finished products.

Carley Foundry, Inc.

Specializing in aluminum forging and investment castings.

Craft Cast Company, Inc.

Casting a variety of ferrous and non ferrous alloys including stainless steel, brass, bronze and aluminum.

Diversified Metalsmiths, Inc.

Precision foundry offering both investment castings and no-bake sand castings in an array of alloys and configurations.

FS Precision Tech Co., LLC

Supplier of precision titanium, cobalt, nickel and steel investment castings. Services include engineering, tooling, rapid prototyping, casting, processing, finishing and machining.

Hitchiner Manufacturing Co., Inc.

High-volume producer of ferrous investment castings, vacuum and air melt capabilities, high quality countergravity processes for producing near-net-shape metal components in a wide selection of alloys.

Impro Industries USA

Supplier of investment castings, precision machined products and sand castings, producing castings in a variety of materials, from iron to stainless steel and super alloys, as well as a variety of sizes and weights, from ounces to tons.

Intermountain Precision Casting

Casting carbon and low alloy steels, tool steels, PPT hardening stainless, 400 series chromium stainless, 300 series chromium nickel stainless, nickel base alloys, cobalt base alloys and copper base alloys.

Metal Masters, Inc.

Provides grey iron, ductile iron, austempered ductile, Ni alloys, steel, bronze, stainless steel, brass, aluminum, forgings.

Micro Metalsmiths

Investment casting, precision machining and advanced metal forming techniques, together with an extensive range of assembly processes, including flame and salt bath brazing enables creating complex microwave assemblies and sub systems.

Milwaukee Precision Casting

Specializes in investment casting, including stainless steel castings, brass castings, aluminum investment casting, precision investment casting, and rapid prototype casting.

Milwaukee Precision Casting

Manufactures precision investment castings, casting a variety of alloys.

Northern Precision Casting

Produces parts ranging from a few ounces to over 20 pounds utilizing air melt ferrous and non-ferrous alloys.

Nu-cast, Inc.

An aluminum investment casting company, creating precision castings using the lost wax process.

Pinter and Associates

Providing aluminum die castings, aluminum and bronze and steel, gray and ductile iron, investment castings and powder metal product.

Protocast – JLC

Specializes in the pouring of aluminum, steel and copper based investment casting alloys.

Richmond Industries

Foundry provides casting alloy services.

Richwood Investment Castings

Providing investment casting in aluminum alloy, cooper alloy, steel, tool steel, stainless steel, nickel alloys and cobalt alloys.

SeaCast Inc.

Pouring production titanium investment castings, carbon, alloy, stainless, duplex and tool steels.

Tech Cast LLC

Designers, manufacturers and suppliers of highly-engineered parts and components for the global aerospace, energy, military and defense, and transportation industries.

Tennessee Investment Casting Company

Manufactures castings as small as a fraction of an ounce up to 25 lbs in both ferrous and non ferrous.

Texcast Inc.

Provides rapid prototyping, rapid production, direct manufacturing and rapid manufacturing of metal parts.

Vanguard Sculpture Services

A full service art bronze foundry providing bronze castings and sculptures, sculpture repair, maintenance and restoration.

Wisconsin Precision Casting

Pouring non ferrous alloys to produce brass, bronze, copper base and aluminum investment castings as well as ferrous alloys to produce carbon steel, tool steel, nickel base, cobalt base and stainless steel castings.

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