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Foundry Supplies

  • A.A.P. Equipment Inc.

    Supplier of new, used and rebuilt equipment for the foundry industry, mullers, mixers, laddles, molding machines, air hoists, gear boxes, shot blasts, furnaces.

  • Accurate Pattern, Inc.

    Creating patterns, tools, and models, produces high quality checking fixtures and gages, plugs and molds.

  • Adolf's Pattern Shop, Inc.

    Alignment prints, alignment inserts, castings, ceramic filters.

  • Allegheny Blending Technologies, Inc.

    Specializing in ferrous and non-ferrous custom powder blending.

  • Allied Metal Company

    Supplies die casting and foundry operations that serve the appliance, automotive, electronics, furniture, hardware, housewares, sporting goods and toy industries with aluminum, zinc, magnesium and silicon.

  • Allied Mineral Products, Inc.

    Manufactures monolithic refractories, coreless induction furnaces, precast refractory shapes.

  • American Precast Refractories, Inc.

    Manufacturer of precast refractory shapes and services for the foundry, steel, aluminum, and copper industries.

  • Aremco Products, Inc.

    Specializing in the development and production of technical ceramics, adhesives, coatings, sealants and potting compounds for applications to 3200°F, used in the maintenance and repair of high temperature process equipment.

  • B&L Information Systems

    Providing enterprise software solutions to the foundry and die casting industries.

  • Badger Mining Corporation

    Supplying industrial silica sand and complimentary products to the metal casting, oil and gas, environmental, construction, industrial and recreational industries.

  • Blast Cleaning Services

    Supplying shot blast, air blast cleaning and shot peening systems.

  • Brach Machine, Inc.

    Manufactures a range of machined shot-end components for all makes and models of zinc and aluminum casting machines.

  • Budget Casting Supply LLC

    Offering supplies for the small commercial foundry and home hobby foundry.

  • Carpenter Brothers, Inc.

    Provides products and services for the die casting, environmental, blast cleaning and surface finishing industries. Products include metal and ferro-alloys, sand additives, pre-blends, olivine and zircon sands, chemical binders, ceramic filters.

  • Chesapeake Specialty Products, Inc.

    Develops and manufactures iron oxides and recyclable metallic abrasive products.

  • Chicago Vibrator Products

    Providing industrial vibrators and flow aid devices including rotary electric vibrators, piston vibrators, ball vibrators, turbine vibrators, roller vibrators, and bin aerators.

  • CMH Manufacturing

    Providing Hall foundry equipment including tilt-pour permanent molding casing machines, autocast, casting catches, rotary machines, foundry accessories, robotics for foundry automation.

  • Dy-Kast Supply

    Source for die casting, foundry, and forging supplies, ladles, skimmers, electric infrared die heaters, die clamps, nozzle gaskets, thermocouples, tongs, cleaning tools, pyrometers, sow molds, ingot molds, portable pumps, mixers.

  • Eastern Alloys Inc.

    Manufactures zinc die casting alloys, slush casting alloys, steel coating alloys, gravity casting alloys, and mold base alloys.

  • Eastern Crucible Refractories

    Offers a variety of crucible sizes and special shapes in magnesia, alumina, spinel and mullite.

  • E-Jay Thermo Products

    Source for laminate refractory ladles, cast ceramic specialiies, Sentry thermocouples, thermo diffuser degassing tubes.

  • Ervin Industries, Inc.

    Manufactures blast cleaning and shot peening materials including cast steel abrasive and steel shot.

  • Foundry Service & Supplies

    Provides heat and corrosion resistant industrial insulation and construction materials.

  • GeoTech Pattern and Mold Inc.

    Specializing in close tolerance, complex foundry and plastics tooling, both sand and permanent molds.

  • Green Diamond Sand Products

    Supplying industrial minerals used in abrasive cleaning, ferrous and non-ferrous foundries, roofing, construction, agricultural, golf and artificial turf applications.

  • Independent Foundry Supply Co.

    Provides cast iron pots, crucibles, core paste, flux, coatings, molder tools, sand, refractories and release agents.

  • Joy-Mark

    Providing vacuum formed insulating and exothermic ceramic fiber shapes and products for the feeding of metal castings.

  • L.H. Marshall Company

    Making thermocouples with an emphasis on types used worldwide for the taking of molten nonferrous metal temperatures.

  • Lancaster Foundry Supply

    Provides abrasives, ingots, binder systems, carbon raisers, ceramic tiles, chisels, crucibles, fiber drums, foundry nails, graphite, strainer cores and sand.

  • Malcolm G. Stevens Inc.

    Supplies foundries with equipment and supplies ranging from sand, ladles, filtration filters, furnaces, crucibles, steel shot and binder resin.

  • Nikkin Flux Corp.

    A manufacturer and distributor of advanced foundry fluxes for aluminum, magnesium, copper, zinc, and lead.

  • Piedmont Foundry Supply

    Provides foundry supplies, sand cast molds and cores, refractories, sands, sand additives, binders and coatings, bentonite, fireclay, black iron oxide.

  • Retech Systems LLC

    Manufacturer of advanced thermal processing equipment which can be designed to operate under vacuum or positive pressure conditions.

  • Saunders Foundry Supply

    Provides wax pots, turntable mixers, fluidized beds, burn out furnaces, metal melting furnaces, wax, molding, rubber releases, refractories crucibles, safety clothing.

  • SE. Foundry Products & Foundry Coatings, Inc.

    A coating manufacturing company for both waterborne and solvent based coatings and a distributor of foundry product lines.

  • Seco/Warwick

    Provides industrial metal heat treatment furnaces used in a variety of processes for material finishing and component manufacturing applications.

  • Specialty Foundry Products Inc.

    Providing foundry and industrial products, equipment and supplies, including foundry resin, copper chops, and release agents.

  • Weaver Materiel Service, Inc.

    Distributor of foundry supplies, equipment, crucibles, ladles, furnaces and industrial tools.

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