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Die Casting

  • Acme Alliance, LLC

    Specializes in die casting, aluminum, magnesium, zinc, extrusions, prototypes, heat sinks, vacuum castings, tools.

  • Advance Die Casting

    Providing zinc and aluminum die castings, initial design assistance to precision machining, finishing and final assembly.

  • Alamillo Patterns

    Makes foundry patterns, permanent molds, aluminum and iron castings in green sand, permanent mold and chemical bonded sand.

  • Apex Aluminum Die Cast

    Mold design and manufacturing, aluminum die casting from 1 ounce to 20 pounds, cast finishing using state-of-the-art cnc machining.

  • Ashley Engineering Ltd

    Zinc and aluminium pressure and gravity die casting.

  • Auto-Cast

    Specializes in high quality aluminum and zinc die castings.

  • Backman Foundry

    Produces ductile and gray iron fittings and castings, stove, furnace grates and machine castings.

  • Bergstrom Foundry, Inc.

    Providing manufacturers, industry and government with green sand, pep set and shell mold castings in aluminum, brass, and bronze.

  • BR Metal Technology

    Manufactures metal computer enclosure cabinets, monitor mounting brackets, and other custom fabricated metal parts.

  • C. Palmer Die Casting

    Produces and wholesales products for the fence, giftware and automotive industries.

  • Cascade Die Casting Group, Inc.

    Developing and producing both aluminum and zinc die castings.

  • Coastal Foundry Company

    Manufactures non ferrous sand castings and patterns for wood, plastic or metal.

  • Crown Die Casting

    In-house services include die casting manufacturing, tool design, finishing and assembly.

  • Deco Zinc Die Casting

    Custom precision diecasting of window and door sash lock hardware.

  • Decorative Components, Inc.

    Precision die casting of zinc, aluminum, magnesium and brass decorative and functional parts.

  • Denison Industries

    Providing premium aluminum castings and machining.

  • Dynacast Industrial Products

    Produces die-cast zinc and aluminum alloy fasteners and standard components including wing nuts, cap nuts, panel nuts, conduit nuts, pallet nuts, rings, plugs, latches, connectors, anchors and inserts.

  • Fall River Group

    Supplying brass die castings, aluminum die castings and value added services.

  • Heritage Die Casting Company

    Providing zinc, aluminum, alloy, die casting services.

  • KenWalt Die Casting Company

    Manufacturers high quality low cost die cast parts and die cast products.

  • Kinetic Die Casting, Inc

    Aluminum die casting parts company.

  • Lakeshore Die Cast, Inc.

    Manufacturer of aluminum and zinc die castings, offering complete design from concept to production tooling, high or low volume runs.

  • Le Sueur Incorporated

    Manufacturing of aluminum die casting, aluminum sand casting, aluminum permanent mold, and thermoplastic injection molded parts.

  • Morel Industries, Inc.

    Producing aluminum, brass-bronze and gray iron castings.

  • Pentz Cast Solutions

    Specializing in the production of permanent mold and precision sand cast aluminum components.

  • Portage Casting & Mold, Inc.

    Creating precision thermoforming castings, molds, tools, and dies for the plastics industry.

  • Proofmark Corp.

    Manufacturers of standard and copper plate lead cast bullets.

  • Solidiform Inc.

    Manufactures investment and sand castings for the aerospace industry.

  • Talbot Associates, Inc.

    Provider of metal castings and other metal forming processes, die casting, investment casting, permanent mold casting, plaster mold casting, ceramic mold casting and sand casting in all metals and alloys for all industries.

  • Therm-Cast Corporation

    Supplier of small aluminum and zinc die castings.

  • Trident Components, LLC

    Offers die casting, metal stamping, metal casting and plastic molding services as well as many other related services on a broad range of materials.

  • Valley Die Castings, Inc.

    A custom aluminum and zinc die casting manufacturer.

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