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Casting, Molding, Machining Foundries

  • A Advanced Pattern & Mold

    Fabricates patterns for aluminum, brass, bronze and iron castings.

  • Acme Castings Inc.

    Specializing in the manufacture of steel, iron and bronze impeller castings for the pump industry, as well as a variety of ferrous and non-ferrous castings utilizing investment, sand and permanent-mold processes.

  • Advanced Cast Products

    Ductile iron foundry with a programmed austempered ductile iron (ADI) heat treating line, and an up-to-date cnc machine shop.

  • Advanced Metalworking Practices, Inc.

    Offers metal powders and compositions and supplies feedstock for any ferrous composition suitable for P/M and for some non-ferrous compositions.

  • Al-Cast Mold and Pattern, Inc.

    Specializes in cast and machined aluminum molds for the rotational and vacuum forming plastic industry.

  • Aluminum Castings Corporation

    An aluminum casting sand mold foundry, specialized in casting both cored and uncored parts in several aluminum alloys of all sizes and volumes, including prototype casting.

  • Aluminum Foundries, Inc.

    Offering automatic molding, permanent molding, squeezer molding, cope and drag molding, die casting and core manufacturing processes.

  • Anchor Bronze & Metals

    Specializes in continuous cast copper alloys, centrifugal castings, wrought copper alloys, bronze bearings, wear plates, finished machine parts and continuous cast iron.

  • Bradken

    A full service steel foundry and machining organization offering carbon, low alloy and stainless steel castings weighing as much as 55,000 lbs, covering a wide range of materials and configurations.

  • Buffalo Metal Casting Co. Inc.

    A single-source supplier of non-ferrous castings and finished parts.

  • Curto-Ligonier Foundries Co.

    Provides magnesium and aluminum sand casting, molding, heat treating, non-ferrous alloy castings, AS9100 certification, patternmaking.

  • Eck Industries, Inc.

    An aluminum foundry producing quality castings in sizes ranging from a 1/2 pound to 2000+ pounds.

  • Edelbrock Aluminum Foundry

    Specializes in sand metalcasting, permanent mold metalcasting, core production, pattern making, heat treating, engineering, and machining.

  • Falcon Foundry Company

    Offers one-house service on custom copper and bronze castings up to 12, 000 pounds in finish weight, specializing in fabricating and welding of steel attachments to copper-base castings.

  • Graphicast Inc.

    Offers zinc/aluminum alloy custom parts that are cast in graphite permanent molds using a proprietary casting technology. Mold making and secondary machining are performed in house.

  • Greenerd Press & Machine Company Inc.

    Produces casting trim press systems from a simple manually loaded press to complete fully automated systems for trimming, testing, inspecting, and SPC documenting.

  • The Hill and Griffith Company

    Providing foundry and die casting products to help achieve EPA M.A.C.T. Standards and reduce benzene emissions.

  • Huron Casting, Inc.

    Producer of shell molded steel castings.

  • James W. Shenton Limited

    Production of iron castings for the engineering industry, and casting the more unusual or difficult one-off castings.

  • KI Castings

    Comprehensive, one-stop casting services and foundry with in-house mold making center.

  • King Hardware Trading Company

    Engaging in R&D of king-size casting parts and material technology for the manufacture of drying cylinders and various rolled steel products for the paper making and steel markets.

  • Lamothermic Precision Investment Casting Corp.

    Provides precision investment castings for aerospace, commercial, firearms, medical, military, power generation and other industries.

  • Lone Star Foundries, Inc.

    Produces precision investment castings in ferrous and non-ferrous materials.

  • Maddox Foundry

    A heavy metal industrial foundry, machine and fabrication shop, specializing in customized repair work.

  • MetalTek International

    Investment castings manufacturer specializing in over-sized investment castings, centrifugal castings, and cast alloys for destructive environments.

  • Osco Industries, Inc.

    A gray iron foundry specializing in green sand and shell molding.

  • Ross Aluminum Casting Foundry

    Producing aerospace castings, performance racing castings, diesel engine castings and power generation castings.

  • Ryder-Heil Bronze Inc.

    Supplies high quality bronze bearings, bushings, wearplates, and thrust washers to industry.

  • Southern Alloy Corporation

    An alloy foundry providing castings and machined parts to numerous industries, specializing in corrosion resistant, heat resistant and abrasion resistant alloys.

  • Summit Casting Corporation

    Specializes in small runs and produce aluminum castings anywhere from 1oz to 200 pounds.

  • US Aluminum Castings

    Providing aerospace castings, aluminum green sand castings, aluminum lost foam castings, permanent mold castings and no-bake castings on a just-in-time basis to the aviation, aerospace, heavy truck, military and marine industries.

  • Webster Industries, Inc.

    Engineering class chain, apron conveyor, vibrating conveyor, power transmission equipment and general materials handling design and production.

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