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Wire Drawing Tools and Equipment

  • Ace American Wire Die Company

    Manufacturer of tungsten carbide wire dies and draw dies.

  • Assomac Machines Ltd.

    Manufactures equipment and accessories used in making alloy steel, carbon steel, mild steel, stainless steel and other non ferrous wires.

  • Barbarotto Machinery

    Selling new and used machinery to the fastener and wire forming industries.

  • Bettner Wire Coating Dies Inc.

    Offers split dies, standard dies and fixtures for both round and rectangular wire.

  • Bob Martin Co.

    Manufactures welding wire, nickel base and high temperature alloys, ferrous and non-ferrous alloys, safety wire and lockwire.

  • California Fine Wire

    Specializes in providing specification driven fine and ultrafine wire for demanding applications.

  • Cemanco Inc.

    Supplies ceramic parts in aluminum oxide 96 to 99% purity and zirconium oxide for the wire and cable industry.

  • Continental Diamond Tool Corporation

    Manufactures diamond and CBN grinding wheels and tools and offers short delivery times.

  • D&S Wire, Inc.

    Manufacturers of high quality, close tolerance wire by coil or bar.

  • DIANAMIC Abrasive Products, Inc.

    Manufacturer of single layer superabrasives and bonded diamond and cBN grinding wheels and tooling.

  • Die Quip

    Providing die design, die finishing, wire cutting and measuring products.

  • Drawing Technology Inc.

    Manufactures in-line wire drawers and payoff equipment for wire processing.

  • Erisco Industries, Inc.

    Providing steel wire manufacturing to wire forms, fabrications and assemblies.

  • Gavlick Machinery Corp.

    Specializes in buying and selling second-hand machinery and complete plants to the ferrous and non-ferrous wire industries.

  • Housatonic Wire

    Manufactures low carbon tinned and galvanized wires, stainless steel, brass and aluminum in various grades and finishes.

  • Innovative Carbide Inc.

    Manufacturer of tungsten carbide products, carbide dies, carbide compacting dies, draw dies, wire dies.

  • Kanthal Palm Coast

    Manufacturer of precision wire and ultra-fine wire products used in the medical, electronic, aerospace, music, and other commercial industries.

  • Metalube Ltd

    Specialises in world class lubricants for the wire and tube drawing industry.

  • Morgan-Koch Corporation

    Offering wire drawing machinery and steel wire drawing machinery, parts, service and software.

  • Penn Machinery Company

    Designs and manufactures wire forming, welding and special purpose machines for the wire industry.

  • Precision Die Technologies Inc.

    Specializes in new, used, and re-cut die services for natural diamond, polycrystalline, and monocrystalline wire drawing dies and provides shaped dies, stranding dies, enamel dies and insulating tips.

  • Precision Kidd Steel Company, Inc.

    Manufacturers of precision high quality cold drawn, cold finished steel bar, wire and special profile shapes.

  • Radcliff Wire, Inc.

    Producing wire in stainless steel, carbon steel, beryllium copper, copper, brass, bronze, nickel and nickel alloys.

  • Sanxin Wire Die, Inc.

    Supply and service of precision wire drawing dies, natural diamond and polycrystalline diamond.

  • Shree Ambika Cable Machine Pvt. Ltd.

    Manufactures ergonomic designed products, used in cable industry ranging from simple powder applicating machines to core laying machine.

  • Thomas Wire Die

    Providing tungsten carbide dies, carbide wear parts, cold heading dies and tooling.

  • Wire Lab Company

    Manufacturer of mechanical descaling systems, dies, wire machinery.

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