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Wire Drawing Tools and Equipment

Ace American Wire Die Company

Manufacturer of tungsten carbide wire dies and draw dies.

Assomac Machines Ltd.

Manufactures equipment and accessories used in making alloy steel, carbon steel, mild steel, stainless steel and other non ferrous wires.

Barbarotto Machinery

Selling new and used machinery to the fastener and wire forming industries.

Bob Martin Co.

Manufactures welding wire, nickel base and high temperature alloys, ferrous and non-ferrous alloys, safety wire and lockwire.

California Fine Wire

Specializes in providing specification driven fine and ultrafine wire for demanding applications.

Cemanco Inc.

Supplies ceramic parts in aluminum oxide 96 to 99% purity and zirconium oxide for the wire and cable industry.

Continental Diamond Tool Corporation

Manufactures diamond and CBN grinding wheels and tools and offers short delivery times.

D&S Wire, Inc.

Manufacturers of high quality, close tolerance wire by coil or bar.

DIANAMIC Abrasive Products, Inc.

Manufacturer of single layer superabrasives and bonded diamond and cBN grinding wheels and tooling.

Die Quip

Providing die design, die finishing, wire cutting and measuring products.

Drawing Technology Inc.

Manufactures in-line wire drawers and payoff equipment for wire processing.


Provides wire drawing, natural diamond and PCD dies for those in the wire business.

ERA Wire, Inc.

Wire straightening and cutting parts, tooling and accessories.

Fort Wayne Wire Die, Inc.

Manufactures precision wire drawing dies, including single and polycrystalline diamond dies and matched elongation die sets.

Foxton Dies Limited

Development and production of tungsten carbide drawing dies and tooling supplied to bar, tube and wire manufacturers.

Gavlick Machinery Corp.

Specializes in buying and selling second-hand machinery and complete plants to the ferrous and non-ferrous wire industries.

General Carbide Corporation

Providing U.S. domestic standard and metric perform tungsten carbide draw dies.

Housatonic Wire

Manufactures low carbon tinned and galvanized wires, stainless steel, brass and aluminum in various grades and finishes.

Innovative Carbide Inc.

Manufacturer of tungsten carbide products, carbide dies, carbide compacting dies, draw dies, wire dies.

Kanthal Palm Coast

Manufacturer of precision wire and ultra-fine wire products used in the medical, electronic, aerospace, music, and other commercial industries.

Keir Manufacturing, Inc.

Manufactures ceramic air wipes, composite flyer bows, guides, eyelets, bushings, ceramic pulleys and furnace components.

Metalube Ltd

Specialises in world class lubricants for the wire and tube drawing industry.

Miller Midwestern Die

Specializes in the design and manufacture of carbide and CVD coated round hole drawing dies and mandrels.

Morgan-Koch Corporation

Offering wire drawing machinery and steel wire drawing machinery, parts, service and software.

Penn Machinery Company

Designs and manufactures wire forming, welding and special purpose machines for the wire industry.

Polymet Corporation

Manufacturer of high performance wire for hardfacing, welding and thermal spray.

Precision Die Technologies Inc.

Specializes in new, used, and re-cut die services for natural diamond, polycrystalline, and monocrystalline wire drawing dies and provides shaped dies, stranding dies, enamel dies and insulating tips.

Precision Kidd Steel Company, Inc.

Manufacturers of precision high quality cold drawn, cold finished steel bar, wire and special profile shapes.

Radcliff Wire, Inc.

Producing wire in stainless steel, carbon steel, beryllium copper, copper, brass, bronze, nickel and nickel alloys.

Sanxin Wire Die, Inc.

Supply and service of precision wire drawing dies, natural diamond and polycrystalline diamond.

Shree Ambika Cable Machine Pvt. Ltd.

Manufactures ergonomic designed products, used in cable industry ranging from simple powder applicating machines to core laying machine.

Thomas Wire Die

Providing tungsten carbide dies, carbide wear parts, cold heading dies and tooling.

United Wire Co. Inc.

Specializing in manufacturing flat, square, and custom shaped wire.

Western Engineered Products, Inc.

Manufactures annealing hubs for multi-wire, annealing contact bands, rings, heavy duty fiberglass bows, bow blades and wear strips.

Wire Lab Company

Manufacturer of mechanical descaling systems, dies, wire machinery.

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