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Cash Discounters Annuities

Annuity Buyout

Offering various annuity payment payouts. Specializes in purchasing deferred payment obligations.

Annuity Calculator

Tools to calculate annuity payment amounts and duration, or the required principal and growth rate needed to meet income targets.

Annuity Payment

Provides information on buying and selling annuity payments, along with selling structured settlements for a lump sum.

Annuity Purchases

Information on selling an annuity, annuity purchases, structured settlement payments, and related services.

Colonial Settlement

Pays cash for future payments derived from structured settlements, real estate notes and deeds of trust, business notes, lottery winnings, life insurances policies.

Novation Capital LLC

A direct buyer of structured settlements providing cash in a lump sum, for people who are receiving payments over time, but need money currently.

Ready Money Capital

Buying structured settlement, lottery winnings and annuities.

Settlement to Cash

Specialize in the purchase of annuities and future installment payments from structured settlements.

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