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Recycling Polymers

Ag Container Recycling Council

A non-profit organization that safely collects and recycles plastic crop protection product, or pesticide, containers.

American Trading International

In the business of recycling, dedicated to the treatment of post-industrial and post-consumer plastics.

Bay Polymer

Supplier of plastic resin, sells reprocessed and virgin plastic and buys scrap and regrind plastic materials.


Offers plastic recycling services to recover polymers from plastics or parts.

Carolina Plastics, Inc.

A full service plastics recycling company in South Carolina offering both in-house and mobile grinding.


Buying, selling and recycling commodity and engineering type plastics.

Custom Polymers

Recycler and reprocessor of post-industrial and post-consumer plastic scrap.

Denton Plastics Inc.

Providing high-quality virgin material to quality scrap to reprocessed pellets.

General Mill Supply

Recycling plastic and paper waste scrap.

Harris Material Exchange, Inc.

Offers a wide variety of services from purges, chunks, surplus, and rejected parts to regrind and pellets.

Jet Polymer Recycling

Buying and selling high, mid and low-grade plastics and post industrial plastic.

KW Plastics Recycling

A post consumer and post industrial plastics recycler and producer of custom engineered, recycled polypropylene co-polymer resins.

Legacy Polymers

Recycles plastic purge, obsolete parts, contaminated materials and other plastics deemed unusable.

Michigan Polymer Reclaim, Inc.

Offers full service recycling, handling all phases of the polymer reclaim process.

Mondo Polymer Technologies

Manufactures products for transportation and related industries from recycled polyethylene.

New Life Plastic Recycling, Inc.

A plastic recycling, grinding, shredding processing facility.

Nexcycle Plastics Inc.

A plastic recycling company supplying polyolefins and specialty polymers to the plastics industry.

Nicos Polymers Group

Specializing in post industrial plastic recycling and resource recovery.

Peninsula Plastics Recycling, Inc.

Specializes in processing redemption, curbside, and industrial scrap plastics into clean, ready to use recycled plastic in the form of pellets or flakes.

Plastic Recycling Network, Inc.

Purchasing all types of post industrial plastic scrap and converting it to usable material.

Plastic Recycling of Iowa Falls

Recycling plastic and manufacturing and selling products of commingled plastic.

Polymer Energy

Uses a catalytic pyrolysis process to convert plastics to crude oil.

Vikoz Enterprises Inc.

Specializes in used plastic pallets, bins, totes and boxes.

Wellman Plastics Recycling

Providers of both virgin and recycled thermoplastic resins.

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