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Oil and Gas Chemical Testing Services

  • Alcor PetroLab LLP

    Services include the testing and/or the certification of jet fuel, crude oil, JP-5 and JP-8, bio-diesel, gasoline and ethanol blends, and diesel.

  • ANA Laboratories

    Provides testing and analysis of biodiesel and other alternative fuels.

  • Analysts, Inc.

    Production machinery, manufacturing equipment, power generation, marine, heavy construction, mining, trucking, transit and aircraft industries.

  • Analytical Testing Services, Inc.

    Specializes in petroleum testing, including automotive, gasoline/diesel engine lubricants gear oils, hydraulics, waxes and biodiesel.

  • Bently Tribology Services NV, Inc.

    A testing laboratory, analyzing machinery fluids lubricants, both mineral and synthetic, greases, coolants, compressor coolants, petroleum fuels and biofuels.

  • D-A Lubricant Company, Inc.

    Specializing in lubrication for the heavy duty industry, used oil analysis and technical assistance.

  • Dannar Analysis / Solutions, LLC

    Provides engine, transmission, and differential oil analysis, web based maintenance tool assists and reports.

  • FuelOnly, Inc.

    Specializes in providing high quality fuel analysis and testing services to commercial and industrial businesses.

  • Harris Testing Laboratories

    Petroleum and petrochemical testing laboratory, crude oil, diesel, jet fuel, kerosene, lube oil, petrochemical solvents, elemental analysis, gas chromatography.

  • Insight Services Inc.

    Offers a comprehensive range of oil analysis services.

  • International Lubrication & Fuel Consultants, Inc.

    Fuel, soil, water, lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, coolant, and many other types of samples are analyzed using proprietary and standard methods of testing.

  • Intertek Group, Plc

    Provides laboratory testing, laboratory outsourcing, consulting, cargo inspection and certification services for clients in a wide range of industries.

  • Lab One, Inc.

    An oil analysis laboratory serving the aviation industry.

  • Lab/Cor Materials, LLC

    A materials identification, testing, and consulting laboratory of fuel and biodiesel testing, transformer oil and PCB analysis, electron microscopy, failure analysis, and elemental and molecular analysis.

  • Lubriport Labs, Inc.

    Provider of lube oil analysis to marine, shipping, industry, government and individuals, diagnosing, informing and consulting on all phases of equipment operation and maintenance.

  • Oil Analyzers Inc.

    Offers oil analysis services, including engine oil analysis, drivetrain oil and industrial lubricant analysis.

  • Oil Science Laboratory

    Provides oil analysis, hydraulic, skydrol, mil fluids testing and fuels testing.

  • Peak Petroleum Testing Services, Inc

    A chemical testing laboratory serving the refined hydrocarbon analysis needs of petroleum suppliers and users.

  • Petroleum Technologies Group L.L.C.

    Provides oil testing with a special focus on the transportation, off-highway, industrial, waste handling/landfill, marine and power generation industries.

  • PetroTech Intel, LLC

    Provides independent evaluation and characterization of crude oil for the petroleum industry.

  • R&G Laboratories

    Provides testing of oil, grease, coolants, fuel, and transformer oil.

  • Titan Laboratories

    Providing oil, coolant, fuel and industrial fluids analysis.

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