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Oil and Gas Drilling Fluid

Alliance Drilling Fluids, LLC

Provides consulting mud engineers lost circulation material, corrosion control, consulting mud engineers and calcium chloride completion fluids.

ARC Fluid Technologies, LLC

Provides custom drilling fluids, specializing in mature wells.

Conquest Drilling Fluids

Offers drilling fluid products, from water base mud to oil base and synthetic mud.

DX Oilfield Products Inc.

Oilfield products, drilling fluid additives, oilfield drilling fluid, loss circulation materials, oilfield chemicals, oilfield circulation, offshore oilfield services.

Ecofluids Inc.

Manufactures and supplies high performance environmentally safe drilling fluid additives.

Flow Process Technologies, Inc.

Produces fluid, slurry and solids mixing process equipment packages for th emining, water treatment, offshore oil and gas industries.

GEO Drilling Fluids, Inc.

Providing oil based and water based drilling fluids, completion fluids, drill-in fluids, and specialty products.

Global AM-TX

Manufacturers and supplies specialty oil field additives.

Global Drilling Fluids and Chemicals

Manufacturing various products for the oil and gas industry, including oil drilling fluids and general utility chemicals.

ICT Oilfield Products

Specializes in grinding, drying, accurately sizing, blending and bagging of lost circulation material and absorbents.

Integrity Industries, Inc.

Manufacturer of drilling fluid products and specialty chemicals.

Liquid Casing, Inc.

Produces a seepage and loss circulation material which can be used in both water and oil based muds.


Offers natural and synthetic esters that are fire safe and environmentally friendly that perform well when used in distribution transformers.

Mobile Rosin Oil Company, Inc.

Manufacturing and supplying emulsifiers for the oilfield industry.

Mountain Mud Service & Supply, Inc.

Providing standard and specialty drilling mud and chemical products, production and workover fluids, cementing or float equipment, in stock and special order pit liners and erosion controls.

New Fluid Solutions

Specializes in lost circulation material and oil-base and water-base chemicals.

Oilfield Chemical Company

Manufactures drilling fluids, production chemicals, and completion fluid additives.

PetroTech Solutions

Manufactures and delivers proprietary production and specialty chemicals, high quality drilling, work-over, and completion fluid additives.

Rapid Energy Services

Supplier of drilling fluids and drilling additives to companies exploring for oil and gas.

RTE Group

Supplier of complete range of drilling fluids, services and equipment to the oil and gas and water-well industry.

Solitaire Oilfield Inc.

Manufacturer of specialty drilling chemicals used in drilling fluids and distributing oilfield products to oil and gas industries.

Sun Drilling Products Corp.

Manufacturer, supplier and distributor of drilling fluid additives and other oilfield products, equipment and services.

Toney Drilling Supplies Inc.

Offers pumps, mud, slush, valves, parts, products and services.

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