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  • American Magnetics

    Manufactures transformers, inductors, coils and other wound magnetic devices.

  • Amveco, Inc.

    Designs and produces standard and custom inductors, current transformers and auto transformers.

  • AYA Instruments, Inc.

    Provides electrical metering and measuring instruments, current and potential transformers, multifunction power meters and analyzers, signal conditioners, electrical transducers and sensors.

  • Beverly Manufacturing

    Provides custom-built transformers, inductor or specialty wound on any standard or custom made bobbin or ferrite core.

  • Coils Unlimited, Inc.

    Manufacturers of audio transformers, coils, current transformers, filters, inductors, power transformers and pulse transformers.

  • Continental Control Systems

    Designs and manufactures power and energy meters, pulse-output watt-hour transducers, power, energy, and current transformers.

  • Control Transformer, Inc.

    Offers a variety of custom engineered magnetics, custom dry type or water cooled transformers, line chokes, reactors, inductors, custom NEMA enclosures, power: 0. 5-5000 KVa, voltages: to 15 KV, frequency: 25 to 10 khz.

  • Cortec Enterprises

    Toroidal transformers and toroidal power products for aerospace, medical, military, audio, electrical utility, computer, lighting, automotive, power conversion and UPS system applications.

  • Dongan Electric Manufacturing Company

    Manufactures constant voltage transformers, K - rated transformers, transformer lighting disconnects and related products.

  • Electromech, Inc.

    Supplier of transformers and coils, power supplies, battery chargers aqnd cable assemblies.

  • EPCO Products, Inc.

    Designing and manufacturing custom electromagnetic transformers for a broad range of demanding industrial applications.

  • Flex-Core

    Specialists in measurement, monitoring, recording and control of current, power and energy.

  • General Transformer Corporation

    Offers conventional EI designs, toroidal designs, and ferroresonant transformers.

  • Gettysburg Transformer Corporation

    Designs and manufactures custom transformers, inductors and coils.

  • Ion Physics Corporation

    Supplier of current monitors and high voltage pulse generators.

  • Lenco Electronics, Inc.

    Manufactures isolation transformers, ferro resonant transformers, autotransformers, three phase transformers, and inductors.

  • Nova Magnetics, Incorporated

    Manufactures transformers and inductors, small transformers, switch mode and surface mount devices.

  • Ohio Semitronics Inc.

    Manufactures electrical current sensors, transducers, transformers and power and energy measuring equipment.

  • Sentran Corporation

    Manufactures solid and split current transformers and custom current transformers.

  • Sigma Electronics

    Specializing in the design and manufacturing of custom transformers, inductors, chokes, and related magnetic devices.

  • Stangenes Industries, Inc.

    Manufactures isolation transformers, current monitors and charging inductors.

  • Torelco

    Supplies toroids, laminated, ferrite core and all other styles of custom bobbin wound magnetic devices.

  • Triad Magnetics

    Manufactures switch mode and high frequency transformers, power transformers, inductors and audio transformers.

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