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American Magnetics

Manufactures transformers, inductors, coils and other wound magnetic devices.

Amveco, Inc.

Designs and produces standard and custom inductors, current transformers and auto transformers.

AYA Instruments, Inc.

Provides electrical metering and measuring instruments, current and potential transformers, multifunction power meters and analyzers, signal conditioners, electrical transducers and sensors.

Beverly Manufacturing

Provides custom-built transformers, inductor or specialty wound on any standard or custom made bobbin or ferrite core.

Coils Unlimited, Inc.

Manufacturers of audio transformers, coils, current transformers, filters, inductors, power transformers and pulse transformers.

Continental Control Systems

Designs and manufactures power and energy meters, pulse-output watt-hour transducers, power, energy, and current transformers.

Control Transformer, Inc.

Offers a variety of custom engineered magnetics, custom dry type or water cooled transformers, line chokes, reactors, inductors, custom NEMA enclosures, power: 0. 5-5000 KVa, voltages: to 15 KV, frequency: 25 to 10 khz.

Cortec Enterprises

Toroidal transformers and toroidal power products for aerospace, medical, military, audio, electrical utility, computer, lighting, automotive, power conversion and UPS system applications.

Dongan Electric Manufacturing Company

Manufactures constant voltage transformers, K - rated transformers, transformer lighting disconnects and related products.

Electromech, Inc.

Supplier of transformers and coils, power supplies, battery chargers aqnd cable assemblies.

EPCO Products, Inc.

Designing and manufacturing custom electromagnetic transformers for a broad range of demanding industrial applications.


Specialists in measurement, monitoring, recording and control of current, power and energy.

General Transformer Corporation

Offers conventional EI designs, toroidal designs, and ferroresonant transformers.

Gettysburg Transformer Corporation

Designs and manufactures custom transformers, inductors and coils.

Ion Physics Corporation

Supplier of current monitors and high voltage pulse generators.

Lenco Electronics, Inc.

Manufactures isolation transformers, ferro resonant transformers, autotransformers, three phase transformers, and inductors.

Nova Magnetics, Incorporated

Manufactures transformers and inductors, small transformers, switch mode and surface mount devices.

Ohio Semitronics Inc.

Manufactures electrical current sensors, transducers, transformers and power and energy measuring equipment.

Pearson Electronics

Manufactures manufacturing current transformer products, wide band current transformers, voltage dividers and pulse transformers.

Sentran Corporation

Manufactures solid and split current transformers and custom current transformers.

Sigma Electronics

Specializing in the design and manufacturing of custom transformers, inductors, chokes, and related magnetic devices.

Stangenes Industries, Inc.

Manufactures isolation transformers, current monitors and charging inductors.


Supplies toroids, laminated, ferrite core and all other styles of custom bobbin wound magnetic devices.

Triad Magnetics

Manufactures switch mode and high frequency transformers, power transformers, inductors and audio transformers.

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