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Inductors and Coils

Ad-Vance Magnetics Inc.

Manufactures custom fabricated magnetic shields and offers magnetic shielding alloys in sheets and foils.

API Delevan

Manufactures inductors, shielded power inductors, RF coils, chokes and transformers.

Assembly Masters

Produces air core inductors, air coils and freestanding coils in numerous shapes, sizes and ranges of inductance.

Associated Components Technology

Manufacturer of electronic inductors, emi suppressors, transformers, coils and chokes, all available in surface mount and thru-hole package styles.

BH Electronics

Designs and manufactures custom and standard transformers, inductors, filters, baluns, chokes, assemblies and related devices.

Bicron Electronics Company, Inc.

Design and manufacture of electro–magnetic and electro–mechanical products.

Central Technologies

Specializing in inductors, chokes, coils, beads, toroids, dc/dc converters, transformers, filters, antennas, resistors, and telecommunications, xDSL & LAN components.

Coast Advanced Chip Magnetics

Manufacturer and designer of transformers, inductors, surface mount transformers and inductors.

Coil Winding Specialist, Inc.

Offers custom designs of transformers, inductors, chokes and coils.

Communication Coil, Inc.

Designs and produces custom, high reliability filter networks, RF coils, chokes, inductors, baluns, toroids and power magnetics for communications and signal processing equipment.

CR Magnetics

Manufacturer and reseller of current, voltage, power and frequency monitoring products for alternating and direct current.

Custom Coils

Manufactures specialty coils, coil assemblies, solenoids, and a variety of electro-magnetic and inductive devices.

Custom Magnetics, Inc.

Manufactures custom designed transformers and coils for the electrical and electronics industries.

Filtran Ltd.

Manufactures standard transformers, inductors, filters, and power supplies.

Frontier Electronics

Designs and manufactures RF chokes, coils and inductors to custom-made transformers.

General Linear Systems

Manufacturer of small to medium size magnetic components, inductors, toroid's, solenoids, current sensors, common mode chokes, custom coils and air coils.

Gowanda Electronics

Products include thru-hole and surface mount RF inductors, pot cores, thru-hole and surface mount toroid inductors and transformers.

Halo Electronics, Inc.

Manufactures communication magnetics including signal transformers, filters, CMR chokes and low power dc/dc converters.

ICE Components, Inc.

Supplier of standard and custom magnetics for the power electronics market.

Mag Layers USA

Products include ferrite chip beads, inductors, common mode filters and arrays.

Motion Dynamics Corporation

Manufactures custom wire components and wire assemblies.

National Electric Coil

Independent manufacturer of high-voltage generator and motor windings.


Offers custom designed power, telephony interconnect and switching transformers as well as inductors and coils.

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