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Ferrites and Magnets

  • AEC Magnetics

    Providing electromagnets for automation, lifting magnets, magnetic tools, holding assemblies, flexible magnetic strips and rare earth magnets.

  • Arnold Magnetic Technologies Corporation

    Manufactures a wide range of both permanent and soft magnetic products and assemblies.

  • Ceramic Magnetics, Inc.

    Offers a wide variety of Manganese Zinc(MnZn) and Nickel Zinc (NiZn) ferrites in both standard shapes and sizes as well as custom machined cores.

  • Cullen-Legois Manufacturing Inc.

    Manufacturer of magnetic retrievers and magnets, holding devices and magnetic base lights and tools.

  • Dexter Magnetic Technologies

    Providing magnetic solutions including the design, engineering and manufacturing of complex magnetic circuits, permanent magnets, magnetic assemblies, electromagnetic systems.

  • Dura Magnetics

    Specializes in magnets and magnetic assemblies containing samarium cobalt magnets, neodymium iron boron magnets, aluminum nickel cobalt magnets and ceramics.

  • Electro-Matic Products Co.

    Manufactures demagnetizers and instruments for accurately measuring residual D.C. magnetic fields in ferrous materials.

  • Eneflux Armtek Magnetics, Inc.

    Supplies magnets and magnetic assemblies, alnico, bonded ferrite, ceramic magnets, flexible magnets and magnet components for electronics and actuating devices.

  • Industrial Magnetics, Inc.

    Providing permanent magnets and electromagnets for work holding, lifting, fixtures, conveying and magnetic separation.

  • Magnetic Metals

    Offering nickel lamination, electromechanical assemblies and custom annealing services.

  • Magnetics

    Provides information on manufacturer of precision soft magnetic components and materials to the electronics industry.

  • Magnet-Physics Inc.

    Manufactures gaussmeters, fluxmeters and computer controlled measuring equipment for the determination of magnetic characteristics of hard and soft magnetic materials.

  • MMC Magnetics

    Industrial manufacturer and supplier specializing in manufacturing and supplying engineered permanent magnetic materials and components.

  • National Magnetics Group

    Manufacturers of technical ceramics, magnetic and advanced materials and powdered iron cores.

  • Ohio Magnetics, Inc.

    Provides lifting magnet systems and magnetic separation equipment for the steel, scrap processing, recycling, mining and rail industries.

  • TMC Magnetics, Inc.

    Offers magnetic materials for fabrication and distribution.

  • Viona Magnetics

    Manufacturer and supplier of permanent magnets and magnetic assemblies.

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