Static Control Tools and Equipment Wholesale and Distribution in the Best of the Web Directory

Static Control Tools and Equipment Wholesale and Distribution

  • Aesops Inc.

    Providing static control products including work stations, ultra light and standard weight garments, gloves, static shielding cart and product covers, mats, wrist straps, cords and field service kits.

  • Amstat Industries, Inc.

    Manufacturer and distributor of various types of static control equipment including nuclear and electrical devices, brushes, tinsel, and chemicals.

  • Bertech-Kelex

    Manufacturer and distributor of electronic components, ESD products, finger cots, gloves and hand tools.

  • Desco Industries, Inc.

    Manufactures products involved in the manufacture, testing and repair of electronic circuits and the control of electrostatic discharge damage in micro circuits.

  • Desco Industries, Inc.

    Offering wrist straps, foot grounders, mats, shielding bags, floor finish, ionization, workstation monitors and test equipment.

  • E-mat

    Offering a selection of anti-static products, commercial mats and matting.

  • JDV Products, Inc.

    Offering air nippers and blades, static erasers, hand and air power tools.

  • Jones Associates

    Providing static control and material handling products.


    Designs and manufactures static elimination devices for the plastics, packaging, converting, printing and electronics industries.

  • RCS Inc.

    Distributor of static control products and web cleaning devices.

  • Static Clean International

    Supplier and manufacturer of static control products, static neutralizing systems, bars and power supplies, ionizing bench top and overhead blowers, ionizing air guns and nozzles.

  • Tech Wear, Inc.

    Offering groundable and static-shielding garments that prevent esd (electrostatic discharge) damage to sensitive electronics components. Groundable labcoats and jackets ground both operator and garment at the wearer's hip, eliminating the need for cumbersome wrist straps.

  • Viziflex Seels, Inc.

    Provides dust covers, keyboard covers, rocker switch seals and static control products.

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