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Static Control Tools and Equipment

  • ACL Inc.

    Offers static control products, floor finishes, office products, and static detection equipment.

  • Antistatic Industries

    Provides paints, hoses, garments, floor mats, rugs, strapping, hook and loop, tapes, adhesive products and shelving.

  • Botron Inc.

    A full service manufacturer of static control and cleanroom products.

  • Cole Static Control

    Makes static control equipment for manufacturing environments.

  • Conductive Containers, Inc.

    Manufacturing high quality, static protective packaging of material handling products.

  • Correct Products, Inc.

    Offers static control products, bags, military spec packaging, antistatic bags, mats, packaging equipment and electrostatic discharge goods.

  • Electrostatic Applications

    Specializing in new applications of electrostatics as well as enhancements to existing processes and devices in areas like printing and copying, esd control, industrial processing, computer displays, spraying, and electrohydrodynamics.

  • Engineered Materials Incorporated

    Specializes in intercept technology state of the art plastics for protection from static and atmospheric degradation.

  • ML System Inc.

    Develops and sells humidification systems for controlling interior climate as well as counteracting drying out and dry air problems.

  • Plug-In Storage Systems, Inc.

    Offers static safe products for the protective storage and prevention of esd damage to sensitive electronic components, circuit boards and magnetic media.

  • Prostat Corporation

    Supplies ESD equipment and accessories, ESD auditing kits, field meters, instrumentation, grounding accessories.

  • Static Faction, Inc.

    Distributor of anti static products, including tape, cactus, pile, brushes, yarn, filament, rope and fabric.

  • Static Safe Products Company, Inc.

    Provides solutions for static control and protective storage, ESD cabinets, circuit board storage cabinets, computer carts, laptop security, laptop storage.

  • Steward R. Browne

    Offers static grounding and bonding, static ground monitoring, static ground reels, retractable ground cables and ground surveys.

  • TAKK Industries Incorporated

    Produces all copper anti static tinsel and other passive static eliminators, electronic static eliminator bars and blowers, diagnostic meters and testers, and static generators.

  • TAKK Industries Incorporated

    Provides static elimination products and solutions with static control electronic bars and blowers, passive anti-static tinsel and other passive tools, measuring devices and electrostatic generators.

  • Tandem Equipment Sales, Inc.

    Providing static control products, ESD workstations, conductive containers, meters and packaging materials.

  • United Static Control Products

    Provides static control products, ionizers, straps, smocks, antistatic matting, ESD floor care.

  • United Static Control Products

    Provides ESD flooring, tile, carpet, anti static matting, ionizers and smocks.

  • Weaver Technologies

    Provider of solutions for HEPA air filtration, air ionization and isolation systems.

  • Westmont Incorporated

    Anti-static brush manufacturer and supplier to OEM's.

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