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Solder and Flux

  • AIM

    Manufacturer of tin-lead and lead-free solder assembly materials for the electronics industry.

  • Amtech

    Manufacturer and supplier of solder pastes, lead-based and lead-free, tacky and liquid fluxes, solder powder, core wire and bar solder.

  • Aoki Laboratories LTD.

    Manufactures and distributes (Pb/Sn) and lead-free solder bars, solder wires, solder paste, solder powders, solder anodes, solder anode balls, BGA balls, soldering flux, OSP, non-CFC cleaning solvent and other chemicals for the electronics industry.

  • Bellman Melcor Brazing & Soldering Products

    Manufactures brazing and soldering products, preforms, fluxes, copper alloys, solder alloys and aluminum brazing alloys.

  • Fusion Inc.

    Manufactures paste solder alloys, filler metal, solder flux, paste binders, applicators and equipment.

  • Indium Corporation

    Supplier of electronics assembly materials, including solder pastes, solder preforms, fluxes, pb-free solder alloys, underfill materials, die-attach materials.

  • Interflux Corp.

    Manufacturing soldering flux, solder pastes, solder wires and related products for the electronics assembly industry.

  • Johnson Manufacturing Company

    Provides soldering fluid, soldering fluxes, lead-free solders, paste solders, tinning compounds, biodegradable, non-corrosive, organic, powdered and water soluble fluxes.

  • Ku Ping Enterprise Co., Ltd

    Lead free solder paste, anti-oxidation lead free solder wire, lead-free flux, micro pitch solder bar, anti-oxidation solder bar, RA solder wire, RMA solder wire, wash-free flux.

  • National Products

    Manufactures quality and high performance solders, fluxes, and pcb chemicals used in electronics, instrumentation, automobiles, telecommunication, computer and other industries.

  • Rochester Lead Works Inc.

    Offering alloys, anodes, antimonial, antimony, babbitt, bar solder, bricks, came, castings.

  • Scientific Alloys Corp.

    Produces precision solder spheres affixed to substrate pads using solder creams or fluxes depending on the application technique.

  • Solder Chemistry

    Develops and produces high-tech solder and related chemicals.

  • Superior Flux and Mfg. Co.

    Manufactures primary assembly fluxes and pastes, as well as hybrid assembly products for soldering and brazing applications.

  • Torpedo Specialty Wire, Inc.

    Fabricator of high performance nickel plated wire products and solar cell PV ribbon wire.

  • Torrey S. Crane Company

    Manufactures solders ranging from pure tin and lead to alloys with silver, bismuth, and indium.

  • Victory White Metal Company

    Providing no lead, lead free solder and solder materials along with leaded solder, pewter and babbitts.

  • Waage Electric Inc.

    Manufacturers of electric heating equipment, melting tanks, solder pots, immersion tanks and hot plates.

  • Warton Metals

    Manufacturer of solder paste, solid and cored solder wires, lead free and rosin free solders, fluxes, cleaners and high purity bar solder products.

  • Wenesco, Inc.

    Manufactures soldering equipment and related products, including wave solder pots, flat static pots, fluxers, and preheaters, for electronics and electrical manufacturing.

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