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Data Logging Instrumentation

  • ACR Systems Inc.

    Mzanufactures data loggers, self-powered, pocket-sized instruments that measure and record temperature, relative humidity, electric current, pressure, process signals, pulse frequency, power quality.

  • ADInstruments

    Provides data acquisition and analysis solutions for use in life science research and education.

  • Astro-Med, Inc.

    Developing and manufacturing data acquisition and recording systems.

  • CAS Data Logger

    Distributors of data loggers to record temperature, humidity, force/strain, pressure, ac voltage, current and digital signals.

  • Chase Scientific Company

    Specializing in advanced high speed analog and digital communication channels for the magnetic storage industry.

  • CoBex Recorders, Inc.

    Manufacturer of OEM recorders, single and double pen recorders, circular chart recorders, and other electronic recorders for the measure of temperature, humidity, pressure, voltage, current and PH levels.

  • Comtrol

    Offers hardware and software solutions and supporting services, from multiport serial cards and programmable device servers to systems for the hospitality industry, industrial ethernet gateways and RFID edge controllers.

  • Data Translation

    Designer and manufacturer of high performance USB and Ethernet data acquisition modules and instrumentation for temperature, voltage, and sound and vibration measurement and analysis.

  • DCC Corporation

    Suppliers of thermocouple devices and data logging equipment.

  • Dexter Fortson Associates, Inc.

    Provides SCADA, telemetry, process controland data acquisition systems.

  • ISE, Inc.

    Supplying temperature controls, process controls electric heaters, thermocouples, data loggers, recorders, timers, sensors and power controls.

  • MadgeTech

    Designs and manufactures data loggers and data acquisition systems for various applications.

  • MeasurementDevices

    News and information on measurement device technologies, practices and related resources.

  • Monarch Instrument

    Supplier of rotational speed measuring instrumentation and stroboscopic inspection equipment.

  • National Instruments: Data Loggers

    Offers a range of hardware and software for the most applications.

  • Pico Technology

    Offering pc oscilloscopes, vehicle diagnostics equipment, data loggers and software.

  • PLX Devices Inc.

    Provides automotive gauges, wideband air fuel AFR O2, data loggers, OBD 2, tuning electronics, data logging and fuel saving equipment.

  • S. Himmelstein and Company

    Designers and manufacturers of torquemeters, torque transducers, torque flanges, torque sensors, torque cells, torque disks, reaction torque transducers and signal conditioning instruments.

  • Telatemp Corporation

    Producing temperature measurement devices for process, transit and storage applications.

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