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Printed Circuit Boards Engineering

Accurate Design

Providing product development, circuit board design and mechanical engineering.

Brannon Electronics, Inc.

Professional services in analog and digital circuit design, pc board layout, and embedded controller hardware/software.

Conductive Circuits, Inc.

Provides full engineering design services, trace cuts, new traces using additive process, new SMT pads using additive process, full electrical testing, and packaging and shipments of products.

D.B. Management Group L.L.C.

Consultants in printed circuit board sales, marketing, management, operations, engineering and quality.

Daycounter, Inc.

Specializes in rapid prototyping, and customized electronic product design, offering a full range of design services from contract software and firmware development, to electronics design, and PCB layout.

Electronic Service Provider, Inc.

Specializing in design engineering of custom and proprietary electrical, electronic and electromechanical component assemblies.

Electronics Packaging Solutions International Inc.

Provides expertise in the assessment of both standard tin-lead (SnPb) and lead-free (Pb-free) solder joint reliability.

Engineering Graphics

Provides printed circuit layout, prototype fabrication and assembly and contract manufacturing.

Integrated Sensor Technologies

Provides high speed miniature digital current probes and the design of high quality printed circuit boards.

Kingsley Manufacturing International

Specializing in quick turn prototypes, kitted or turn-key and small to mid series production runs of through-hole technology.

Linear Engineering and Manufacturing

Provides manufacturing engineering consulting, engineering services and manufacturing product design, prototype and low volume production.

Phoenix PCB Co.

Offering design services requiring up to 50 or more layers, stacked vias, blind/buried vias, high pin count bga's, micro bga's, mixed material, high aspect ratio drilling, laser drilling, and multiple laminations.

Techxron Technologies

Offers PCB design, fab, assembly and engineering services.

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