Resistors in the Best of the Web Directory


  • Altronic Research Inc.

    Designs and produces a water cooled coaxial load resistor (dummy load), convection cooled resistor loads, ideal for IBOC applications and air cooled RF coaxial load resistors (dummy load) for UHF Digital HDTV.

  • Barry Industries Inc.

    Manufacturer of passive resistive components for the telecom and military industries.

  • Bourns, Inc.

    Manufacturer of resistive products, connectors, diodes, microelectronic modules, sensors, switches, transistors and thyristors.

  • Caddock Electronics, Inc.

    Manufactures precision resistors and resistor networks, using unique resistance film technologies and process technologies to create solutions for performance demanding applications.

  • Component General, Inc.

    Manufacturer of high power attenuators, high power resistors and high power terminations.

  • EMC Technology

    Specializes in the development and manufacturing of thin and thick film RF and microwave resistive components, signal distribution products, and cable assemblies.

  • Filnor, Inc.

    Designer and manufacturer of power resistors, disconnect switches, control equipment and transit products.

  • Florida RF Labs

    Development and manufacture of high quality thin film microwave resistive products, and high reliability rf and microwave coaxial cable assemblies.

  • International Manufacturing Services, Inc.

    A US manufacturer of microelectronic surface mount components including chip resistors, chip attenuators, RF terminations, dividers, splitters, couplers, low pass filters and thermal management devices.

  • Isotek Corporation

    Supplier of dynamic braking, current sensing, high power, load, wirewound, surface mount, shunt and precision resistors.

  • KOA Speer Electronics

    Offers thick and thin film resistors, current sensing resistors and resistor arrays; thermal sensors, fuses and varistors for circuit protection.

  • Meritek Electronics Corp.

    Manufactures capacitors, resistors, varistors, thermisters, current sensing resistors and gas discharge tubes.

  • Micro-Ohm Corporation

    Manufactures metal foil resistors, film precision metal, resistor networks, film metal oxide, temperature sensing and high voltage resistors.

  • Micropen Technologies Corporation

    Manufactures surface-mount, leaded, networks, high-voltage and high value resistors.

  • MRF Techniques, Inc.

    A designer and manufacturer specializing in high reliable brazed high power resistors, high power attenuators and high power terminations in aluminum nitride and BeO substrates for the microwaves and rf applications.

  • Nicrom Electronic

    Manufacturer of high voltage resistors, high voltage dividers, precision resistors and other resistive products such as power resistors, smd high voltage resistors and resistor networks.

  • Ohmite Manufacturing Company

    Provider of resistors for high current, high voltage and high energy applications.

  • Pacific Resistor Co.

    Manufactures resistor products, including antisurge, fusible, wirewound, surface mount, precision, load, power, temperature and current sensing resistors.

  • Post Glover

    Provides high and low resistance grounding, dynamic braking and motor/crane control resistors for stopping and motion control, load banks for generator and battery testing, and harmonic filter resistors for electrical noise dampening.

  • Powerohm Resistors, Inc.

    Providing power resistors for dynamic braking, motor control, and grounding solutions.

  • Precision Resistive Products, Inc.

    Manufacturer of resistive components for instrumentation, process control, automotive, medical electronics, and the telecommunications industries.

  • Thin Film Technology Corp.

    A manufacturer of high precision, passive thin film components to the electronics industry including chip resistors, chip power resistors, chip inductors, electrical filters, impedance matching devices, delay lines and other high frequency hybrid circuits.

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