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Heating Elements

  • AccuTherm

    Manufactures industrial heating products and controls.

  • Birk

    Design and manufacture of flexible heating elements and thermal systems.

  • Custom Electric Manufacturing Company

    Makes and repairs heating elements for industrial furnaces.

  • Delta Manufacturing

    Specializing in design and manufacture of industrial and commercial electric heating elements for injection, extrusion, blow molding.

  • Eichenauer Inc.

    Product line includes tubular heating elements for immersion and radiant heating, self-regulating ptc heating elements, nichrome resistance wire elements for convection and forced-air heating, aluminum foil pad heaters for surface heatin.

  • Electro-Flex Heat, Inc.

    Manufacturing general purpose silicon rubber heaters with wire-wound or etched foil heating elements protected by fiberglass-reinforced silicon rubber designed for metal containers.

  • Exotherm

    Specializes in both standard and custom industrial heaters.

  • Farnam Custom Products

    Designs a wide range of inline electric air heaters and surface heaters for application in both manufacturing processes and end products.

  • Fast Heat, Inc.

    Designer and manufacturer of electric heating elements and sensors.

  • Heater Designs, Inc.

    Designs and manufactures custom electrical resistance heaters, heating elements, and wire elements.

  • Hotset Engineering Heat Performance

    Manufactures electric heating elements, hot runner temperature control systems including cartridge, coil and strip heaters, thermocouples, platinum RTDs, and nozzle heaters.

  • Hotwatt

    Manufactures cartridge, air process, immersion, strip and finned strip, tubular and finned tubular, band, foil, flexible glasrope and ceramic heaters.

  • I Squared R Element Company

    Manufacturer of silicon carbide heating elements, molybdenum disilicide heating elements and hot surface igniters.

  • Industrial Temperature Control Inc.

    Offering thermocouples, RTD's and thermistors, temperature controllers, heaters, timers and counters, design and engineering, power controllers and variable autotransformers, repairs and calibration service.

  • Industronics Service Company

    Offering thermocouples, industrial heating elements, dew point systems, simple control devices and calibration services to process automation, hybrid control, systems integration.

  • Jen-Ter Wire & Element, Inc.

    Produces custom heating elements and wire assemblies for home and commercial appliances, and industrial equipment.

  • Kuhlmann Electro Heat

    Produces drum heaters, container heaters and industrial heating blankets.

  • Mor Electric Heating Assoc., Inc.

    Manufactures ceramic, quartz, metal and panel electric infrared heaters.

  • Technical Heaters, Inc.

    Manufactures heaters, heated hose and tubing, and flexible circuits, including products performing in aerospace, medical research, household appliances, computers, instrumentation and advanced industrial manufacturing.

  • Tempco Electric Heater Corporation

    Manufacturer of electric heating elements, temperature controllers, temperature sensors and turnkey process heating systems.

  • Thermaltek

    Designs and manufactures high temperature furnace equipment and heating elements, used primarily for the production of technical ceramics, glass and non-ferrous metals.

  • Thermtech Systems

    Manufactures heaters, sensors and controls for heating and controlling aluminum, brass, copper and titanium extrusion processes.

  • Trasor Corp.

    Supplies heating cables for various applications, mineral insulated and self-regulating.

  • TRENT Inc.

    Manufactures custom-made electrically heated process equipment for industrial and commercial applications.

  • Watlow

    Offers industrial heaters, sensors and controllers, including circulation heaters, power controllers, temperature controllers, thermocouple sensors.

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