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Anchors and Accessories

Allied Bolt & Screw Corp.

Supplier of concrete solid wall anchors and hollow wall anchors, toggle bolts, acoustical lags and concrete screws.

American Fastener Technologies Corporation

Supplier of industrial fasteners, threaded rods, structural fasteners, machine screws, masonry anchors, self drilling screws, stainless steel fasteners, construction fasteners and specialty fasteners.

Amifast Corp.

Distributor of polypropylene webbing, washers, ties, staples, screws, rods, rivets, nuts, nails, tape measures, inserts, fasteners, bolts and anchors.

Anchors Unlimited Inc.

Provides mechanical anchors, wall anchors, specialty masonry wall anchors and specialty construction bolts.

Archovations, Inc.

Manufactures products for moisture management and airspace maintenance in masonry designs.

Associated Fastening Products, Inc.

Manufacturing and distribution of both standard and special fasteners, machined products, cold head fasteners, nylon insert locknuts.

BACO Enterprises, Inc.

Distributes and manufactures fasteners of all sizes and lengths, anchoring systems, expansion bolts, threaded rod, eye bolts and nuts.

Bay Bolt

Provides construction and anchor products, wedge and drop-in anchors, anchor bolts, rolled and cut thread, epoxies and acrylic adhesives, all thread rod and cut to spec coupling nuts.


Designer and manufacturer of anchoring solutions for masonry structures.

Construction Tie Products Inc.

Provides technologically effective anchors, ties, accessories and repair systems for masonry buildings and structures.

Daytona Bolt & Nut

Specializes in stainless steel corrosion resistant fasteners for both industrial and construction applications, including construction anchors, collated nail and screw systems, and framing connectors.

Durable Stainless Fasteners

Distributor of stainless steel gun nails, gun staples, deck screws, hand drive nails, wood connectors, concrete anchors, hex head bolts, carriage bolts, lag screws, all thread rod, nuts and washers.

FERO Corporation

Manufacturer of masonry connectors, ties and fasteners.

FM Stainless Fasteners

Offers wind anchors, strap anchors, bolted anchors, anchor bolts, mudsill anchors, joist anchors and framing anchor.

Halfen Anchoring Systems

Offering a full line of pre-engineered systems with built-in adjustability available for installation of building facades, structural components, services, and equipment.

Heckmann Building Products

Manufacturing anchors, ties, and connectors for brick and stone.

Hi-Tech Fasteners Inc.

Distributor of engineered fasteners, electronic hardware and mechanical components for industry, construction fasteners, concrete fasteners, industrial and military fasteners.

Hohmann and Barnard, Inc.

Developer and distributor of reinforcement, anchoring and air barrier systems for masonry.

Marksmen Corporation

Manufacturer and distributor of industrial anchor bolts, precision machine parts, pool and fence hardware.

Masonry Technology, Inc.

Manufactures drainage planes and weep systems for masonry walls.

O'Brien Supply

Supplies drop in anchors, expansion anchors, double expansion anchors, single, drywall anchors, hammer drive anchors, carbon steel hammer anchors.

Rainbow Nut & Bolt, Inc.

Fastener distributor for nuts, bolts, flat washers, split lock washers, socket products, drywall screws, sheet metal screws, self drilling screws, machine screws, anchor bolts and anchor products.

Sandell Manufacturing

Manufacturer of high quality flashing and other commercial residential masonry products and accessories.

Southern Fasteners

Provides bolts, nuts, washers, screws, construction hardware, socket tools, rivets, wire hardware, anchors and stud bolts.

The Structural Bolt Company, LLC

Provides, nuts, washers, cap screws, threaded rod, tension control and anchoring products.

Tru Supply Company

Offering masonry reinforcement, anchoring and restoration products, custom and stock masonry supplies and accessories.


Manufacture and fabrication of wire into masonry wall reinforcing materials and ties.

Wonder Metals Corporation

Makes louvers, dampers and penthouses to fit your criteria with extensive materials, finishes, and custom shapes for any design.

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