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Accessories, Anchors, Inserts

  • APS Supply Company

    Manufactures cork expansion joint material, closed cell neoprene, self expanding cork, fiber and rubber expansion joints.

  • Borg Adjustable Joist Hanger Company

    Adjustable joist hanger system for use with suspended concrete deck forming methods.

  • Buffalo Concrete

    Provides a variety of metal accessories and chemicals for use with concrete.

  • Carnie Cap Inc.

    Construction safety equipment for rebar impalement protection.

  • CONAC Corporation

    Selling steel lifting inserts and devices, plastic rebar supports, spacers and accessories.

  • Concrete Accessories & Rentals, Inc.

    Company sells or rents forming supplies, rebar, stains, tools, chemicals and grouts.

  • Concrete Accessories Inc.

    Offering concrete stamps, border art, concrete color, acid stain, power trowels and other tools.

  • Concrete Fasteners

    Sells concrete fasteners, anchor bolts, and more for use in concrete, brick, and block base material. wedge_anchor

  • Concrete Fastening Systems

    Concrete anchors and fasteners, wedge anchors, sleeve anchors and concrete tapcon screws.

  • Concrete Reinforcing Products

    Distributor of concrete products such as wire mesh, tubing, structural steel, steel bars, rebar, pc strand, braided wire rod, tubing, structural steel, stock rebar, ties, angles, hoops and stirrups.

  • Cresset Chemical Company

    Release agents, curing compounds, sealers, hand cleaners and other products for the concrete construction industry.

  • Durajoint Concrete Accessories

    Offering rubber waterstops, board caps, mesh and rebar support and spacers, panel ties.

  • Dur-O-Wal

    Manufactures and supplies for moisture control, seismic applications, masonry connection and masonry repair or restoration.

  • DYWIDAG-Systems International

    manufacturer and supplier of Post Tensioning, Geotechnical and Mining Products.

  • Hawkins-Graves Inc.

    Offering mixers, trowel machines and accessories, concrete hand tools, floor preparation grinders, planers, and edgers, hoppers and power buggies.

  • High Concrete Accessories

    Offering pre-fabricated, embedment products, double tee stem blockouts, spandrel sleeves, column sleeves and connection tubes.

  • Hymmco

    Provides masonry and concrete supplies, tools, and accessories.

  • Kelken Construction Systems

    Offers concrete products, chemical, structural, masonry, mechanical anchoring systems.

  • Liebig Superplus

    High capacity anchor is designed to provide automatic self-undercutting for cracked and non cracked concrete.

  • Liebig Ultraplus Undercut Anchors

    Designed for use where safety is critical, applications include installations into nuclear power plants, industrial plants, conveyor systems, cranes and also for special civil engineering solutions.

  • Multiple Concrete Accessories Corp.

    Offers a catalog request form, a list of locations, sales contacts, PDF datasheets for download.

  • Nycon

    Provider of concrete reinforcing fibers, admixtures, and accessories.

  • OGGI Concrete Forms & Accessories, Inc.

    Providing insulated concrete forming, rebar and mesh, concrete finishing tools, curing and sealing products, concrete colors, stains and patterns.

  • Reinforcement Bar Spacer Co.

    Supplying reinforcement manufacturers with plastic, wire, and concrete bar spacers .

  • Tri States Rebar

    Provides full estimating, detailing, fabrication and placing of rebar, post-tensioning and welded wire mesh.

  • Ucan Fastening Products

    Specialized in the production and distribution of concrete anchors and other fastening products.

  • United Equipment

    Provides a variety of concrete working accessories, including concrete pumping, spray technology and heavy equipment sales.

  • Unitex

    Epoxies, anchoring gels, bonding agents, joint sealants, concrete hardeners, cure and seal compounds and form releasers.

  • Veda France

    Joint covers, structural movement joints, floor and wall adhesives, levelling compounds, products for the preparation of flooring and walls, waterproofing membranes, paints.

  • wej-it Fastening Systems

    Manufacturer of concrete expansion anchors and adhesive fastening systems.

  • Williams Form Engineering Corp.

    Concrete forming hardware and accessories, rock and concrete anchor bolts, and post tensioning systems.

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