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Structural Movers

  • Atlantic Structure Movers LLC

    Building and home moving and raising, relocates historic structures, monuments, transports artwork and offers select rigging services.

  • Clay Fauver's House Movers & Leveling Co. Inc.

    Moving wood-frame homes, log homes, brick homes, historical buildings, condos, barns, sheds, industrial equipment, and commercial buildings and also repairs and replaces foundations and conducts demolitions.

  • Crouch Brothers House Moving Contractors, Inc.

    Moving bridges, gas stations, barns, train depots and school buildings.

  • Davis Construction Building Movers

    Moving houses, buildings and all sorts of structures.

  • Dziuba House Movers

    Specializes in relocating and lifting entire structures, buildings and houses of all types, brick, block, stone, stick, wood frame, and steel.

  • Expert House Movers

    Providing moving, raising, foundation repair, heavy transport and shoring.

  • Fisher Bros. House Moving Co, Inc.

    Raising houses or building for new foundations, bottom stories and garages.

  • Flint and Doyle, LLC

    Specializes in moving heavy and oversized industrial machinery and equipment, construction vehicles and supplies.

  • Goodwin House Moving

    Moving wood frame homes, log homes, cement structures, brick homes, historical buildings, barns, sheds, cement stave silos, tanks and all glass green houses.

  • International Association of Structural Mover Movers

    A not for profit trade association of individuals engaged in the business of moving structures.

  • Klier Structural Movers

    Specializing in house moving and basement replacement.

  • M. T. Kirkpatrick Housemovers, Inc.

    Specializes in moving and raising of all types of structures, residential, commercial buildings, and historic buildings and provides foundation construction and repair.

  • MCF House Movers, LLC

    Moving stone, block, brick and wood frame homes, apartments, hotels, train cars, lighthouses, machinery, airport hangars, draglines, grain silos, barns, and boat.

  • Milbank House Movers, Inc.

    Provides house moving, machine and heavy transport.

  • Neil McMillan Movers

    Specializes in historical and hard-to-move buildings and houses.

  • Northwest Structural Moving

    Offering specialized moving, lifting and rigging services.

  • Rogers House Moving

    Specializes in leveling, raising and shoring houses.

  • Schuette Inc.

    Moving large, cumbersome, heavy, small and weird shaped structures, lighthouses, hotels, movie theaters, airport terminals, barges, ships, bridges, grain elevators and houses.

  • Scott House Movers Inc.

    Moving houses, buildings, heavy equipment, bridges and various multi-ton objects.

  • Texas Assoc. of Structural Movers

    Organized by a group of movers to foster and promote the association of persons whose work is prinincipally concerned with the moving of houses, buildings, bridges, ships and other structures.

  • Wolfe House & Building Movers LLC

    Provides house lifting, structural moving, shoring, lifting, excavation, rigging and heavy hauling.

  • Youngblood Building Movers

    Provides a complete range of structural moving services, which include residential buildings, commercial buildings, industrial buildings, historic buildings.

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