Polymer Processing Methods in the Best of the Web Directory

Polymer Processing Methods

  • AAA Acme Rubber Co.

    Manufacturer of industial rubber products, extrusions, castings, machined, molded, die cut, offering sheet, tubing and cord rubber.

  • Ancos

    Specialists in materials handling and polymer processing for the plastics industry.

  • Anderson & Associates, LLC

    Manufacturer and worldwide distributor of specialty silicone raw materials. Our product line offers a broad range of chemicals suitable for many applications and industries.

  • Armstrong Mold Corporation

    Manufactures metal and plastic components in prototype and low-volume production quantities.

  • Gregstrom Corporation

    Offers rotational molding and thermoforming services to produce waste, water, and medical products.

  • High Tech Elastomers, Inc.

    Specializes in precision elastomer-to-substrate bonding and molding. Applications include vibration reduction for computer disk drives, seals for aerospace systems, shock mounts for machines.

  • Norchem Industries

    Specializes in polymer, bentonite, dry additive processing equipment and ASA size emulsifying systems.

  • Pexco Plastics

    Specializes in custom plastic extrusion and injection mold products to meet a variety of end-use challenges.

  • Piper Plastics, Inc.

    Provides high-performance polymer materials for precision machined plastic components and assemblies.

  • Pittsburgh Plastics Manufacturing

    Manufacturer of specialized polymers and foams with a focus on medical, safety, industrial, and foot care products.

  • The Polymer Processing Institute

    An independent, not-for-profit research corporation in the field of polymer processing and related areas.

  • Polymer Processing Technology Inc.

    Offers a proprietary process aid effective at speeding fusion, improving the dispersion of pigments into a wide range of polymers.

  • PSI-Polymer Systems, Inc.

    Supplier of screen changers, extrusion gear pumps and static mixers for the extrusion, polymer processing, and recycling industries.

  • Simolex Rubber Corporation

    Manufacturer and fabricator of custom rubber extruded and molded products, including silicone tubing, silicone hose, platinum cured silicone tubing, fluorosilicone tubing, silicone cord, conductive silicone rubber tubing, extruded silicone gaskets.

  • StaMixCo

    Designs and manufactures static mixers for the continuous processing of polymers, liquids, gases and slurries.

  • Tepha Inc.

    Provides a new class of absorbable polymers to be used in medical devices.

  • Texas Injection Molding

    Provides custom plastic injection molding services for OEM manufacturing and consumer products.We offer decades of experience in processing commodity and custom engineered plastic resins and partner with the world’s leading resin manufacturers and custom compounders to bring solutions to complex plastic engineering applications.

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