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Plastic Engineered Parts

  • Acrotech Inc.

    Manufacturing, casting and compression molding of k-prene urethane, producing parts cost effectivily, compared to machining or injection molding, for volumes ranging from single digits to several thousands.

  • Aline Components, Inc.

    Provides thermoplastic injection molding services for custom plastic parts and components.

  • Allegheny Plastics, Inc.

    Supplies precision injection molded parts of advanced materials to OEM's in the automotive, aerospace, and industrial equipment industries.

  • Arbon, Inc.

    Manufactures engineered plastic parts using injection molding and a variety of resins.

  • Diversified Plastics

    Custom designs and manufactures extruded plastic shapes, specializing in PVC (polyvinyl cholride) extrusions.

  • E-BEAM Services Inc.

    Offers contract electron beam processing for sterilization, plastics crosslinking, plastic product enhancement, mail sanitation, sterilization of medical devices, bioreduction, wire and cable jacket curing, food irradiation, semiconductor enhancement.

  • Engineered Plastic Components, Inc.

    Manufacturing parts and assemblies for auto makers, producing simple shoot and ship parts, to complete instrument panel assemblies.

  • Engineered Plastic Products, Inc.

    Provides custom forming and fabrication of sheet thermoplastic materials into products for industrial and commercial applications.

  • The Holscot Group

    Manufacturer and supplier of teflon fluoroplastic products.

  • HyComp Inc.

    Specializes in the development and manufacture of products utilizing the latest polymeric composite technologies and processes.

  • J.B. Jensen & Son

    Fabricator of plastic components for industry, machining plastic materials of all types, shapes and sizes to create custom parts.

  • K&E Plastics

    Machining custom plastic parts for aerospace, automotive, communication, dental, elevator, medical, military, power-generation, sporting goods, toy and transportation companies.

  • Materials Sciene & Technology Company

    Designs and manufactures custom oem components in PTFE and teflon for use in the biomedical, bioresearch, combinatorial chemistry, flow and level sensor metering, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, and research laboratories.

  • MDI Manufacturing & Design, Inc.

    Supplier of quality products to the furniture, healthcare, display, beauty supply and technology industries.

  • Plastic Components, Inc.

    Producer of small and medium sized plastic injection molding parts.

  • Plastic Products, Inc.

    Provides plastic materials, machining, molding and fabrication of plastic parts.

  • R & B Plastics

    R & B Plastics is a high-quality supplier of CNC machined plastic parts. Offers custom machining of a number of different plastic materials, including acrylic, polycarbonate and acetal and more.

  • RCO Engineering

    Provides design, prototyping and production tool development services for plastic parts and complete assemblies.

  • Rebling Plastics

    Provides precision moldings, engineered and commodity type plastics ranging from flexible thermoplastic elastomers to reinforced engineered resins.

  • Seelye-Eiler Plastics

    Distributor of engineered shapes and fluid handling components, fabrication, machining, and custom-built turn-key systems.

  • Solar Plastics, Inc.

    Specializing in the production of custom engineered rotationally molded plastic parts.

  • Timco

    Fabricating engineered plastic parts designed to reduce friction on industrial equipment.

  • W.K. Hillquist, Inc.

    Provides plastic injection molding for all industries such as electronics, filtration, medical, consumer hardware, and retail display.

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