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  • Abbey Color

    Manufactures dyes to cGMP or military standards and is one of the top suppliers of industrial dyes, dye precursors and colorants.


    Manufacturers and exporter of organic dyes and pigment intermediates, speciality chemicals, custom synthesis, agro chemical and herbal products.

  • Americhem, Inc.

    Specializes in color masterbatches, single pigment dispersions and additive concentrates.

  • Badger Color Concentrates

    Produces color concentrate/masterbatch for almost every type of manufacturer in the plastic industry.

  • Beaver Luminescers

    Providing luminescent pigments and fluorescent inks used as additives to endow printing inks, adhesives, plastics, pulps, textiles and other materials with visible and invisible luminescent properties.

  • Becker Underwood

    Produces agricultural and horticultural seed colorants and polymers, inoculants, beneficial nematodes, and mulch and turf colorants.

  • Bright Dyes

    Provides water tracing dye products and anodizing and metal finishing dyes.

  • Calsak Colorants

    Provides colorants, masterbatch, color concentrates, plastic colorants, purging compound, and custom colorants.

  • Casorganic US Corp.

    Designs and synthesizes unique dyes and building blocks for fine chemistry.

  • Colorado Wholesale Dye Corp.

    Offering cold water reactive dyes made for fabrics or fibers made from plant materials.

  • Fredcolor

    Manufacturers of pigment, pastes and other kind of color dispersions.

  • General Color and Chemical Company

    Providing colorants to the plastic, ceramic, decorating and glass manufacturing industries.

  • Hercules Pigment

    Manufacturing and marketing organic pigments to international standards specializing in surface treated pigments.

  • Keystone Aniline Corp.

    Offering toll blending and mixing of both powder and liquid products, formulating dyes and pigments in powder and liquid form.

  • Pacific Coast Chemicals Co.

    Distributor of a range of chemicals and food chemical additives.

  • Paramount Colors Inc.

    Offering pigments, dyes, and other additives for inks, plastics, coatings, cosmetics, and regulatory applications.

  • Pylam Products, Inc.

    Producer of dyes for cleaning products, lubricants, personal care products, adhesives, ink and plastics.

  • Rit Dye

    Offers information about the history of the company, dyeing techniques, a color mixing guide and project suggestions. http://www.facebook.com/RitDyeColorCommunity ritdye

  • Solocolor, Inc.

    Specializes in pigment dispersion for applications in paints.

  • Standard Dyes, Inc.

    Offers dyes for all natural and synthetic fibers and a variety of specialty applications.

  • United Color Manufacturing, Inc.

    Fluorescent tracers, covert chemical markers, petroleum dyes, plastic dyes and polymer soluble dyes.

  • Vinylpro

    Offering leather and vinyl aniline dyes, auto carpet dyes and repair kits.

  • WinSell Color Concentrates

    Distributes color concentrates, engineering plastics, masterbatches, color compounds and resin regrind for plastics and related industries.

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