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Accurate Color & Compounding, Inc.

Produces unit and bulk dry color formulations, concentrates and custom colorants.

Alabama Pigments Company, LLC

Mines, processes, blends, and distributes natural red iron oxide pigments.

American Dispersions, Inc.

Specializes in the manufacture of aqueous (water) based dispersions, and emulsions of intermediates for the rubber, vinyl, plastics, adhesives, and general chemical industries.

American Dye Source, Inc.

Manufacture of high quality materials for OLED/PLED devices, materials for organic solar cells, nano-materials, fullerenes, carbon nanotubes, conducting polymers, nir dyes, laser dyes.

Anar Chemical Industries

Manufacturer of pigments, metal phthalocyanines, various dyes like liquid dyes, solvent, acid, basic, mordant, direct, and intermediates serving to plastic, paints, petroleum, paper, inks, rubber and textile industries.

Chaotic Pigments, LLC

Supplier and importer of pigment powder used in the coloring of concrete.

Cleo Pigments

Supplying pigments designed specifically for use by professional practitioners of cosmetic tattooing.

Crescent Bronze Powder Company

Makers of metallic paint, metallic paints, metallic powders, pearlescent pigments, and faux finishing paint.


Supplying permanent lip makeup, permanent pigments and permanent cosmetic pigments.

Dixie Dye & Chemical, Inc.

Manufacturers of pigments, dyes, and chemicals.

The Earth Pigments Company

Providing non toxic pigments, mica powders and mediums for natural looking finishes.

Face & Body Professionals Inc.

Offering permanent makeup pigments, permanent cosmetic pigments and cosmetic tattoo pigments.

First Source Worldwide, LLC

Suppliers of dyes, pigments, commodity and specialty chemicals.

Guerra Paint & Pigment

Supplies artists materials, pigments, dry and dispersed, acrylic and oil binders, additives and fillers.

Hansen Engineering, Inc.

Processor of domestic red and black iron oxide and importer of inorganic pigments.

Hoover Color Corporation

Supplying colored pigments to the paint, coatings, plastics, and cement based products industries.

JC Materials Company

Buys and sells cosmetic ingredients, solvents, waxes, personal care ingredients, lubricants, paints and coatings, surfactants, fragrances, resins, gums, pigments, dyes, plasticizers, food, adhesives.

Kelco Chemicals Co., Ltd.

Produces dystuffs, pigments, intermediates and other fine chemicals and chemical raw materials.

Kremer Pigments Inc.

Offers historic pigments, traditional binders, brushes, mullers and many other painting materials.

Lansco Colors

Manufacturing and importing organic and inorganic colors and pigments.

Lever Colors Corporation

Specializes in manufacturing custom color solutions, aqueous pigment dispersions, liquid dye concentrates, paints, and inks for the paper and various other industries who have needs for custom color solutions.

Li Pigments

Produces cosmetic pigments for topical use and semi-permanent make-up products.

M Chemical Company, Inc.

Formulators of thermoplastic and thermoset polymers and composites, as well as manufacturers of paint, coatings, adhesives, sealants, elastomers, and inks.

Master Pigments

Produces artistic mineral pigments using lapis lazuli, cinnabar, malachite and volkonskoite.

Natural Pigments, LLC

Provides paints and art materials, natural mineral, organic and historical pigments and resins, balsams and gums.

New Riverside Ochre Company, Inc.

Provides natural iron oxide pigments engineered for the plastics and coatings industry.

Prism Pigments

Specializing in decorative concrete, colored concrete, masonry, precast and mulch colors.

Retort Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.

Manufacturing and marketing of solvent dyes (oil soluble dyes) in powder and liquid form.

The Shepherd Color Company

Producer of complex inorganic color pigments for building and construction, automotive and aerospace customers.

Spectrum Dyes & Pigments Inc.

Offers organic dry pigments and dyes for paper, printing ink, plastics, textile printing and rubber products.

Sun Chemical Corporation

Producer of printing inks and pigments to the packaging, publication, coatings, plastics, cosmetics and other industrial markets.

Technical Industries

Formulating and producing water-based chemicals, aqueous dispersions and emulsions.

Teknor Apex Company

Custom compounder specializing in vinyl, thermoplastic elastomer, color, chemicals, specialty compounding and commercial products.

TKB Trading

Provides color additives and associated products for the soap, cosmetics and personal care industry, arts, crafts and industrial arts.

United Chemie

Manufacturers and exporters of dyestuff, acid dyes, direct dyes, leather dyes, liquid dyes for paper.

United Mineral & Chemical Corporation

Produces special effect pigments, phosphorescent, daylight fluorescent, and uv fluorescent pigments.

Wellton Chemical Co. Ltd.

Developing and producing performance organic pigments, colorants, chemical intermediates and specialty chemicals.

WPCP Sdn Bhd

Manufacturer of polyester color paste and gelcoat, color pigment, resin, pigment, chemical polyester, composite.

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