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Accurate Energetics Systems, LLC

Manufacturing of high explosive formulations, melt-pour and demolition products for the defense and aerospace and commercial markets.

Alaska Pacific Powder Company

Focused on the seismic, mining and construction industries, offering a complete line of packaged and bulk explosives, detonating systems, and blasting accessories.

Alford Technologies

Designing and producing user-filled explosive charges for the military and police.

Austin Powder Company

Manufactures industrial explosives and accessories and provides blasting services to customers throughout North America.


Manufactures pneumatic cartridge loaders for loading water gel or emulsion type cartridge explosives. This loading method is used with wet drilled holes, long hole blasting, pillar recovery, and retreat mining.

Cherokee Explosives, Inc.

A New England full service drilling and blasting contractor.

Detotec North America Inc.

Manufactures specialty detonating cords for oil perforating and military and aerospace applications.

East Coast Powder Magazine

Supplying municipalities with a smaller travel magazine as well as indoor storage, constructing magazines for ATF, Amtrak, State and local police and bomb squad training teams, also supplies magazines for hazardous materials and pyrotechnics.

Explosives Detection

Provides explosives detectors for analyzing trace or bulk amounts of commercial, military, and homemade explosives.


Provider of oil and gas well perforation services, perforation equipment and reactive shaped charges.

Great Western Corporation

Manufacturing relocatable explosive storage magazines to service the requirements of the mining, exploration, quarry, fireworks and construction industries.

H&G Explosives Services Ltd

Specialises in the design and supply of mild steel explosives stores, armouries and ammunition stores.

Implant Sciences Corporation

Providing explosives trace detection solutions, sample harvesting and collection of explosives residue.

Maine Drilling & Blasting

Specializing in directional boring, rock bolts, controlled explosions for bridges, highways and homes.

Maxam North America, Inc.

Manufacturer, distributor and licensor of commercial explosives and accessories.

Precision Blasting Services

Provides the blasting industry with unbiased consulting services to reduce blasting costs and increase efficiency.

Special Devices Inc.

Providing precision engineered energetic devices.

Teledyne Technologies Incorporated

Specializes in the manufacture of precision secondary explosive components including initiators and detonators.

Titan Specialties

Provider of wireline perforating guns, auxiliary wireline hardware, energetics and shaped charges.

Tread Corporation

Manufacturer of material handling equipment for explosives, emulsion trucks, explosive magazines and explosive equipment.

Tri-State Motor Transit Company

Specializes in transporting cargo that requires careful handling due to its explosive or contaminant nature.

W. A. Murphy Inc.

Distributor of electronic detonators, variable density bulk and packaged explosives and smokeless reloading powders.

Zukovich, Morhard & Wade, LLC

A design and build engineering firm that specializes in design engineering projects involving explosives and propellants.

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