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Chemicals Custom Manufacturing

  • Aero Instant Spray Drying Services

    Provides custom drying services to the mineral and chemical industries.

  • American Pacific Corporation

    Manufactures active pharmaceutical ingredients and registered intermediates for customers in the pharmaceutical industry.

  • Boulder Scientific Company

    Specializes in the synthesis of advanced organometallics, boranes, borates, phosphines, silanes, and other organic compounds.

  • Carus Corporation

    Manufacturer of potassium permanganate and provider of chemicals and services for water and wastewater treatment, air purification and other environmental applications.

  • Ceres Chemical

    Supplying active pharmaceutical ingredients, intermediates and custom molecules.

  • ChemDesign Products, Inc.

    Provides custom chemicals and toll chemical manufacturing.

  • Copperhead Chemical Company

    Manufacturer of pharmaceutical-grade nitroglycerin (also known as glycerol trinitrate) and diluted nitroglycerin mixtures for cardiac therapy and other medical treatments.

  • Crown Technology, Inc.

    Provider of specialty chemical custom manufacturing, toll manufacturing services, and custom chemical synthesis of industrial chemicals.

  • KMCO Group

    Providing specialty chemical manufacturing and toll processing and high vacuum distillations.

  • Lab Express International

    Offers custom manufacturing focusing on dry and liquid blends, granulation, formulations, micronization and product development.

  • MacKenzie Company LLC

    Specializes in custom chemical production for companies world wide.

  • McGean-Rohco Inc.

    Specializes in batch processing of industrial and personal care chemicals.

  • MFG Chemical Incorporated

    Offers a variety of chemistries, blending, bromination, carboxylation, oxidation, phosphation and polymerization.

  • Oak-Bark Corporation

    Specialty chemical manufacturing, custom chemical manufacturing, fine organic chemicals, excipient manufacturing and production of silanes and formaldehyde.

  • Optima Chemical Group LLC

    Offers synthesis development, process development and optimization, custom synthesis and contract manufacturing.

  • Paragon Chemical Technologies, Inc.

    Provides process development, custom manufacturing and outsourcing for the life sciences, chemical, and personal care markets.

  • Polysciences, Inc.

    Manufacturer of specialty and fine chemicals, laboratory products, monomers, polymers, microscopy, histology, biotechnology, electronics and specialty products for pharmaceutical and personal care industries.

  • Pressure Chemical Company

    Provides chemical process development, piloting, custom chemical and toll manufacturing services to manufacturers employing chemical compounds and other sophisticated materials in their products.

  • QV Chemicals LLC

    Specialized in global sourcing of chemicals, custom synthesis and chemical process development.

  • Richman Chemical

    Provides custom synthesis and manufacturing services to the life science and chemical industries.

  • Ritekem

    Developing specialty formulas and supplies for chemical products, equipment and custom manufacturing.

  • Shepherd Chemical Company

    Supplier of inorganic metal salts and organic based metal chemicals.

  • SynQuest Labs, Inc.

    Specializes in fluorine chemistry including fluoro aliphatics, fluorinated gases and fluoro aromatics.

  • Winsol Laboratories, Inc.

    Manufactures cleaners and chemicals for carpets cleaning, pet odors, window cleaning and water spot removal.

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