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Cosmetic Chemical Products

  • Active Organics Inc.

    Producing cosmetic ingredients and botanical extracts.

  • Akema Fine Chemicals

    Manufacturing raw materials for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry, specialized in the production of allantoin, allantoin derivatives and preservatives.

  • Alka Chemical Industries

    Provider of petroleum jelly used in manufacturing pharmaceuticals, ointments, balms, cosmetics.

  • Allan Chemical Corporation

    Specializes in a variety of chemicals for the ceramics, cosmetics food and pharmaceutical industries.

  • Alpha Environmental

    Supplier of high purity raw materials used in cosmetic, nutritional supplements, personal care, pharmaceutical, and industrial applications.

  • Charles B. Chrystal Co., Inc.

    Manufactures minerals for the cosmetics, beauty and soap industry.

  • Chromatech Incorporated

    Offers specialized colorants, dyes and pigments for a variety of products and industries.

  • Cosmetic Supplies USA

    Provides chemical and packaging components for the cosmetics, food, and pharmaceutical industry.

  • Custom Manufacturing Corporation

    Provides contract manufacturing and private labeling of veterinary products, cosmetics, personal care and over the counter pharmaceuticals.

  • Desert Whale Jojoba Company

    Supplies, produces, and internationally promotes organic natural oils, including jojoba, tea tree, pistachio, and other oils, as well as derivatives such as jojoba wax and spheres to the cosmetics and health foods industries.

  • George Uhe Company

    Supplies raw material ingredients to develop and manufacture flavor and fragrance, pharmaceutical, medical, nutritional, animal health, personal care, cosmetic, dental and oral hygiene products.

  • Independent Chemical Corporation

    Manufactures ammonium benzoate, micro crystalline cellulose, polymers for detergent and water treatment, homopolymers of acrylic acid, copolymers, and terpolymers for use in water treatment or detergent systems, organic coconut butter, phase sodium acid sulfate.

  • Laurichem

    And marketing company representing specialty ingredient suppliers that offer chemicals to specialized markets including cosmetic, personal care, household, institutional and agricultural products.

  • Lipo Chemicals, Inc.

    Supplier of chemical ingredients to the personal care, food, industrial and pharmaceutical industries.

  • Napp Technologies, LLC

    Distributor of bulk pharmaceutical products and provider of custom manufacturing and solids processing services to the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and fine chemical industries.

  • Pokonobe Industires Inc.

    Supplier of specialty natural oils, vegetable oils, nut oils and seed oils for the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

  • The Royale Group

    Provides specialty chemicals, fluorides, nitrites, sulfates, iron oxides, fluorescent pigments, pearlescent pigments, and organic pigments.

  • Ruger Chemical Co., Inc.

    Distributor of cosmetic ingredient and pharmaceutical chemicals such as, emulsifiers, surfactants, emollients, oleo chemicals, esters, preservatives, fungicides, solvents, vegetable oils, waxes, white oils and petrolatums.

  • TLC Products

    Offers clays, raw materials, vegetable oils, essential oils, vegetable butters in bulk.

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