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  • Abbey Products

    Manufacturer of high performance bonding, repair and industrial maintenance products and supplies, including epoxy concrete repair, gas leak detection fluid and pipe thread sealant products.

  • Adhesive Applications Inc.

    Manufacturer of adhesives, tape products and dielectric polymers.

  • Adhesives Research

    Developer and manufacturer of high-performance, custom pressure-sensitive adhesives, tapes, coatings, specialty films, and laminates.

  • Adhesives Specialists Inc.

    A custom liquid and hot melt adhesives manufacturer.

  • Bondline Electronic Adhesives

    Manufacturer of both premixed epoxy and film adhesives used in the electronics industry and supplying epoxy adhesives to companies in the semiconductor, disk drive, medical device, microelectronic and aerospace industries.

  • Bonstone Materials Corporation

    Manufactures stone and concrete repair adhesives, sealers, and mortars.

  • C.P. Moyen Company

    Manufacturer of adhesives, coatings, solvent, water, latex, neoprene, and epoxy based products.

  • ChemCo Systems

    Manufactures high performance epoxy and polyurea based adhesive, coating, grout, primer and control joint filler products for concrete repair, restoration and protection.

  • Clifton Adhesive, Inc.

    Manufacturer of solvent or water base specialty, industrial adhesives and coatings.

  • Craig Adhesives and Coatings

    Producer of high quality coatings, adhesives, and specialty inks used throughout the graphic arts industry.

  • Glue Machinery Corporation

    Providers of machinery, equipment, supplies and adhesive expertise.


    Offers a selection of glue guns, glue sticks, cartridge guns, static mixers and accessories for adhesive applications ranging from industrial to hobby and craft. glueguncom

  • Great Lakes Label

    Offers pressure sensitive labels with a variety of face stocks and adhesives.

  • IPAC Adhesives

    Manufacturer of waterbased and hot melt adhesives and glues, specialized coatings, and dust control emulsions.

  • IPS Corporation

    Manufacturers of Weld-On solvent cements, primers, industrial adhesives, structural adhesives and water-tite plastic plumbing and roofing products.

  • ITW Devcon

    Manufacturer of OEM adhesives and plant maintenance, repair and operations products.

  • Krazy Glue

    Manufactures an instant glue that can bond porous and non-porous items.

  • L & D Adhesives

    Manufactures hot melts, protective films, contact adhesives, cyanoacrylates, wood working adhesives, urethanes, tapes, UV curing adhesives.

  • Noelle Industries, Inc.

    Specializes in custom formulation of electrically and/or thermally conductive adhesives, potting compounds, castings, coatings, encapsulants, and inks.

  • OfficeMax: Tape, Glue, and Adhesives

    Shop online for office supplies including glue sticks, rubber cement, and packaging tape.

  • Permabond

    Manufacturer of engineering adhesives, anaerobic adhesives and sealants.

  • Permatite

    Manufacturing of high performance sealants, coatings, tapes and sponges.

  • RH Products

    Develops and manufactures industrial strength, specialty adhesives servicing the footwear, orthotic, marine liner, truck tarp, sporting goods, construction and rubber and gasket industries.

  • RS Industrial

    Distributor and manufacturer of hot melts, waterborne adhesive, cyanoacrylate adhesives, anaerobic adhesive and adhesive squares.

  • U.S. Adhesives

    Manufacturer and formulator of adhesives including hot melt, water based resins, dextrine and animal glues.

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