Biopolymers in the Best of the Web Directory


  • Aquero Company

    Provides research and development on a contract basis of polyamino acids, polysaccharides, and related chemical materials.

  • Biomer

    Produces thermoplasts (polesters) from renewable resources that are waterproof and fully biodegradable for injection molding and extrusion.

  • BIOTEC GmbH & Co.

    Develops, produces and licenses a new generation of thermoplastic and completely biodegradable materials.

  • FRX Polymers, Inc.

    Commercializing homopolymers, copolymers and reactive oligomers for intended use as polymeric flame retarding additives.

  • NanoChem Solutions Incorporated

    Providing protein based polymers for the creation of non toxic products for industrial, agricultural and consumer markets.

  • Napac Schweiz AG

    Development and manufacturing of products made of raw materials from renewable resources.

  • Plantic Technologies Limited

    Produces biodegradable and organic corn based plastics for use as a barrier layer within a multi-layer pet bottle for products which require protection from oxygen ingress or carbonation loss.

  • Rodenburg Biopolymers

    Upgrades by-products of the food-processing industries towards bioplastics using state of the art technologies and environmentally friendly processes.

  • Vegeplast

    Conceives and makes biodegradable plastic parts of vegetable origin which associates ecology, environmental protection and industry.

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