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Specialty Gases

Abbott Welding Supply

Providing specialty gases, gas mixtures, and gas apparatuses.

Air Liquide America Specialty Gases LLC

Developing pure gases and mixed specialty gases for all types of process control and instrument calibration applications. Specialized in specialty gases for laboratory, environmental monitoring, medical, and semiconductor and electronic applications.

Airgas Specialty Products

Supplier of anhydrous ammonia, aqua ammonia and diesel exhaust fluid products.

Aramax, Inc.

Providing helium, argon, nitrogen, hydrogen, air and oxygen and other rare gases.

Atlantic States Specialty Gases

Providing specialty gases, cryogenics, and gas-handling equipment.

Barnes Specialty Gases

Offers high purity and specialty mixed gases, and specialty gas equipment with on site service.

Certified Specialty Gases, Inc.

Packaging and distribution of specialty gases including pure gases, sulfur hexafluoride, halocarbons, toxic and corrosives gases, rare, and custom specialty gas mixtures.


Supplier of enriched noble gas isotopes, helium-3, neon isotopes, krypton isotopes, xenon isotopes and isotopic gas mixtures. Reliable source for metal stable isotopes used in science, medecine, research and industry.

Concorde Specialty Gases

Supplier of sulfur hexafluoride and other rare and specialty gases for industrial, commercial, medical and consumer applications.

Cryogenic Gases

Supplying pure and rare gases, calibration gases, emission gases, food and beverage gases, medical and medical device gases in various sizes of returnable high-pressure cylinders.

Custom Gas Solutions, LLC

Offers consulting expertise to the specialty gas, industrial, and pharmaceutical industries in the areas of gas mixture preparation, gas mixture analysis, compressed gas delivery systems to point of use, and third party analysis.

Delille Welding Supply

Specializes in industrial, rare and specialty gases.

Gasco Affiliates, LLC

Precision calibration gas mixtures for all gas detectors. NIST standards, flow regulators, gas generators.

GHC Gerling, Holz & Co.

Specialty gases for refrigerants and equipment available to the chemical, healthcare and refrigeration service industry.

Gilmore Liquid Air Company

Supplier of cryogenic, industrial and specialty gases and equipment.

Gulf Process Gases, LLC

Supplying pure gases for analytical operations, air, argon, helium, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, and nitrous oxide.

Harris Industrial Gases

Supplying rare and special gases and mixes for custom applications, Co2, nitrogen and special beverage gas mixes for food-service industries, cryogenic liquids for clinical/lab work and medical applications.

ILMO Products Company

Provider of UHP and research grade pure gases medical, industrial, and laboratory gases.

Intermountain Specialty Gases

Providing calibration gas mixtures containing a variety of gases in disposable cylinders and offers regulators and control valves.

The Linde Group

Provides high purity gases, accurate gas mixtures, precision engineered gas supply systems and the high quality services needed for optimum results.

MESA Specialty Gas & Equipment

Manufacturer of calibration gas standards used in a wide variety of instrument applications in the laboratory, energy, petrochemical and refinery industries.

Noble Gas Solutions

Supplier of specialty gas, medical gas, and industrial gases.

Nova Gas Technologies Inc.

Supplier to the medical and semiconductor excimer laser markets.

Purity Plus Specialty Gases

Manufactures and packages pure gases, calibration gases, emission and rare gases, food and beverage gases, medical and medical device gases.

PurityPlus Specialty Gases

Manufactures and packages specialty gases and provides high performance gas handling equipment.

SAES Pure Gas, Inc.

Develops ultra-high pure gas-handling equipment, supplying gas purifiers for a wide range of bulk and speciality gas applications.

Spec Gas Inc.

Supplier of specialty gases used in diverse applications in environmental, analytical and semiconductor markets.

SpecAir Specialty Gases

Manufactures and distributes disposable calibration gases, refillable calibration gases, rare gases, specialty gas equipment, industrial gases and medical gases.

Specialty Gases

Suppliers of calibration gas mixtures in non refillable cylinders.

Welders Supply Co.

Mixes specialty and industrial gases, test for purity and fills high pressure cylinders.

Wright Brothers, Inc.

Sells, distributes, and produces specialty gases, bioscience, research and industrial gases.

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