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Gases Generators

Bauer Compressors, Inc.

Manufacturer of high pressure compressors and purification systems.

BUSE Gastek

Builder of appliances, equipment and plants for individual or standardised production, recovery plants, as well as complete manufacturing plants for co2 and other gases.

Compressed Gas Technologies Inc.

Supplier of membrane and PSA generators, small economy series units to large industrial systems.


Oxygen plants and nitrogen plants for production of gaseous/liquid oxygen and nitrogen of high purity from atmospheric air by low temperature rectification process.

Gas Systems Corporation

Specializes in engineering nitrogen generation and oxygen generators for nitrogen plants.

Gazcon A/S

Specializes in the design and manufacture of on-site nitrogen and oxygen generators.

Global Nitrogen Services

Specializes in the rental of nitrogen generators, operating nitrogen generators and servicing nitrogen generators, compressors, and gensets for oil field, mining, refining, shipping, and industrial processes.

Liberty Systems

Designing and manufacturing of nitrogen generation systems, producing both membrane and pressure swing adsorption nitrogen generators.

Modern Equipment Company

Specializes in inert gas generation and other contract manufacturing services.

Nitrogen Generation Systems

Manufacturers of nitrogen generation systems for consumer and commercial vehicles.

Nitrox Technologies Inc.

Designing and manufacturing air separation systems for the production of enriched nitrogen and oxygen (nitrox) gases.

On Site Gas Systems

Designs and manufactures PSA, membrane and combustion based oxygen and nitrogen gas generation systems.


Manufacturer and distributor of high purity oxygen delivery systems, cylinder filling plants, and oxygen generators for medical, industrial, and military applications.

Oxygen Generating Systems Intl.

Products include large industrial oxygen generating systems, scuba oxygen tanks and bottles, home oxygen generator equipment, hospital oxygen supply systems.

Provides commercial and industrial high-grade air-cooled ozone generators for a wide variety of applications including water treatment and soil remediation.

Parker Balston

Manufacturing and distributing lab gas generators, hydrogen generators, nitrogen generators, zero air generators and ft-ir purge gas.

Peak Scientific

Produces and sells nitrogen gas generators.

Pneumotech Inc.

Manufacturer of compressed air and vacuum systems, including complete system design and full service capabilities from rebuilds to preventative maintenance.

Proton OnSite

Specializing in on site gas generation of hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen and zero air.

Puregas LLC

Manufacturer of compressed air treatment, air purifiers and gas generation products.

SeQual Technologies Inc.

Providing oxygen concentrator systems and air-dryer products for medical, military, industrial and commercial markets.

South-Tek Systems

Designer and manufacturer of nitrogen gas generators for industrial, lab, and military use.

Stephens Equipment Inc.

Specializes in the design, fabrication and automation of pressurized fluid systems, sub-assemblies and components.

Storage Control Systems, Inc.

A manufacturer and supplier of atmosphere modifying and monitoring equipment.

Treadwell Corporation

Custom designed and manufactured electro-chemical systems, including hydrogen and oxygen generators.

Universal Industrial Gases

Designer, manufacturer and supplier of air separation plants, cryogenic oxygen plants, cryogenic nitrogen plants and liquefiers.


Specializes in designing, manufacturing and servicing carbon dioxide equipment.

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