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Potting Soil Production and Sales

American Peat Technology, LLC

Manufactures granular and finely ground peat products used as bacterial carriers in the inoculant industry.

Black Gold

Provides amendments, organic products, potting soils, fertilizers, and decorative products.

Blackjack Soil Company

Provides soil and growing mediums, plant foods, water conditioners, leaf sprays and growth enhancement infusions.

Carolina Mulch Plus, Inc.

Offering bark mulches, compost, soil products, playground surfacing materials, and sawdust.

Creation Organics

A retail provider of bagged and bulk peat moss, potting soil, garden mixes and topsoil.

Dakota Peat & Equipment

Manufactures peat from selected deposits, processed to maintain its agronomic horticultural attributes.

FoxFarm Soil & Fertilizer Company

Provides soil and conditioners, liquid fertilizers, dry mix time release fertilizers, organic and granular fertilizers and pest controls.

Harte Peat

Offering a range of peat based growing media manufactured from blended screened peat, peat production equipment and mushroom compost/casing handling systems.

Lady Bug Brand

Specializing in fertilizers, mulches, soils and compost for the organic grower.

Michigan Peat Company

Supplier of soil and peat products for home gardeners and professional growers.

The Mulch Company

Providing a line of mulches and soil products.

Mulch Manufacturing, Inc.

Provides a full range of mulch products, including cypress rose, cypress all bark, cedar, two types of hardwood, seven types of pine bark, and three types of colored mulches in a variety of colors.

Organic Mechanics Soil Company, LLC

A manufacturer and distributor of organic potting soils to the professional and consumer gardening communities.

Pacific Topsoils, Inc.

Source for commercial and residential landscape construction materials, topsoil, bark, mulch, aggregate rock, recycling, and tools.

Peat, Inc.

A golf, sports turf and horticulture peat supply company.

Penick Forest Products, Inc.

Manufactures soil products, natural and colored mulch and treated wood fencing.

Reliable Peat

A peat mining company producing highly fibrous peat and potting soil mixes.

Wonder Soil

Offering a gardening solution of expanding potting mix wafers, innovative seed starters and biodegradable pots.

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