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Crop Seed

  • Advanta Seeds

    Providing seed crops to the uk market including forage and amenity grasses, root seeds (such as stubble turnips and fodder beet), maize and both mixtures and straights for gamecover purposes.

  • Agrich

    Ships seed to farms and resellers worldwide, ships live plants within USA Liners, plugs, vegetables, herbs, flowers, trees and shrubs.

  • AgVenture

    Seed company based in Kentland, Indiana.

  • Albert Lea Seed

    Offers seed corn, soybeans, cool-season grasses, pasture mixes, and alfalfa, to organic seed, small grain, annual forages, native grasses and forbs, sweet corn and garden seed.

  • Allied Seed, LLC

    Full-service forage and turfgrass seed company, produces, processes and distributes forage legumes and grass seed varieties and mixtures.

  • Asgrow Dekalb

    Offers crop seed developed with advanced breeding techniques and innovative traits in order to produce higher yield.

  • Bamert Seed Company

    Offers high quality native grass seed, growing over 40 species of native grasses, legumes, and forbs, on our own farm, for prairie restoration, wildlife habitat, wildlife food plots, reclamation and conservation reserve programs.

  • Barenbrug USA

    Grass seed research company, selling turf and forage seed.

  • Dunns Ltd

    Offers a wide range of quality seed products and services.

  • Eagle Seeds & Biotech Ltd.

    Producer and marketer of soybean seeds, wheat, hybrid cotton and vegetable seeds.

  • Ernst Conservation Seeds

    Specializes in native and naturalized seeds and plant material of Eastern North American ecotypes, cleaned and tested to U.S. standards.

  • Genuity

    Offers crop seeds with trait technology in corn, soybeans, cotton, canola, and sugarbeets.

  • Green Cover Seed

    Suppliers of cover crop seed and cover crop seed mixes.

  • Harris Seeds

    Offers vegetable seeds, flower seeds, gardening supplies, plugs and liners, and fruit, vegetable, and flower transplants for professional growers and home gardeners.

  • Hefty Seed Company

    Offers soybean seed, ag chemicals, fertilizer and equipment.

  • Holly Hybrids

    Develops and markets sugarbeet seed varieties for the major sugarbeet growing regions of North America.

  • Livingston Seed Co.

    Provides climbers, perennials, gourds, flowers, vegetable, herb and bean seeds, packets and displays to retailers only.

  • Mark Seed Company

    Offers a selection of soybean, corn, alfalfa, and grass seeds.

  • RiceTec

    Producing commercialized hybrid rice seed in North and South America.

  • S&S Seeds, Inc.

    Providing wildflower, grass and California native plant seeds for reclamation, erosion control and landscape projects.

  • Stoneville

    Developing, producing and marketing quality planting cotton seed varieties.

  • Sustainable Seed Co.

    Provides open-pollinated non-hybrid vegetable, flower, and heirloom seeds for sale.

  • Trelay Seeds

    Offers corn, soybean, alfalfa and forage grass seed.

  • Triumph Seed

    Selling corn, grain sorghum, sunflower and forage seed across the U.S.

  • Warner Brothers Seed Company

    Producers, processors and suppliers of native grass seed and introduced grass seed, forbs and legumes.

  • Workman Tobacco Seed, Inc.

    Suppliers of Burley, Dark Fired and Dark Air Cured tobacco seed products.

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