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Dairy Equipment and Supplies

  • A&L Laboratories

    Specializes in dairy and food sanitation technologies aimed at maximizing production and improving food quality and safety.

  • Agromatic

    Manufactures parlor systems, ventilation and cooling products and barn equipment.

  • Albers Dairy Equipment

    Providing headlocks and lockups, loop stall dividers, buildings, herringbone stalls, parlor equipment, crowd gate, corral gates.

  • Badger Fabrication

    Custom fabricator of stainless steel products and components and waterjet cutting, serving the food, dairy and construction industries.

  • BECO Dairy Automation Inc.

    A milking machine company that builds equipment for the dairy industry. Offers machines to milk high producing cows in large commercial dairies.

  • Berg Equipment Corporation

    Manufacturing modern barn equipment, conveyors and feeders, mixers, ventilation systems, shuttle feeder.

  • BouMatic

    Offering the design, manufacture and supply of dairy farm equipment including milking parlors, herd management systems, milk cooling systems, dairy hygiene chemicals, udder healthcare products, hoof care products and dairy supplies.

  • Calf-Tel

    Provider of calf housing solutions. Offers indoor calf pens, calf hutches, and group housing systems.

  • Caprine Supply

    Selling goat supplies and goat equipment.

  • Cheeselabels

    Providing cheese labels for cheese makers to enhance cheese packaging.

  • Coburn Company, Inc.

    Manufactures and distributes livestock supplies and milking equipment. Includes history, categories, new products, freight details, and FAQ.

  • The Coburn Company, Inc.

    A manufacturer and wholesale distributor of dairy equipment and farm supplies.

  • D.R. Tech, Inc.

    Specialists in stainless steel processing equipment.

  • DairyMaster

    Seller of milking, feeding, and slurry handling equipment for dairy farms. Also offers auto scrapers.

  • Darlington Dairy Supply Company Inc.

    Providing the dairy industry with high-quality, stainless steel processing and sanitizing equipment.

  • DeLaval

    Offers calf feeders, cleaning units, cooling tanks and controllers, cow brushes and mats, illumination, milking points and stalls, mixing wagons, and other equipment and supplies for dairy operations.

  • Durable Controls, Inc.

    Manufactures products for the dairy, food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.

  • Excel-A-Tec, Inc.

    Specializes in all tubular aseptic processing systems for the dairy, juice, beverage, food and pharmaceutical industries.

  • Farm and Ranch Depot

    Provides farm and ranch equipment including dairy milking machines, livestock supply, cattle guards, electric fences, livestock supplies, and more.

  • Gorter's Clay & Dairy Equipment, Inc.

    Specializes in sales and service of quality milking, manure, feeding, forage, and haying equipment.

  • InterPuls

    Milking equipment components specialist offering electronic and vacuum pulsators, milking clusters, terminal units, hygiene systems, and related accessories.

  • Koss Industrial Inc.

    Offering design, fabrication, and system implementation experience in the food and dairy industries.

  • Kusel Equipment Co.

    Manufactures cheese vats, cheese finishing tables, air-veyors and elevators, cheese presses and moulds, brine systems, cottage cheese systems.

  • Lyco Wausau

    Specialized in making stainless steel, liquid ring vacuum pumps for food, pharmaceutical, chemical, medical, laboratory and general industrial applications where corrosion resistance is beneficial.

  • Milk-Pro

    In-container, batch pasteurization system designed as a simple and cost effective means for packaging, pasteurizing, and chilling a daily production of up 1,000 liters of milk.

  • New Paris Farm Store

    Deals in farm and dairy equipment new and used.

  • Parts Dept

    Suppliers of milking machines, milking equipment and dairy supplies.

  • Sani-Matic

    Specifies, designs, and manufactures sanitary process cleaning equipment including clean-in-place systems, clean-out of-place immersion parts washers, automated product carrier washers.

  • Storms Welding & Mfg, Inc.

    Manufacturer of dairy equipment, dairy barn equipment such as crowd gates, free stalls, gates and parlors.

  • Thorp Equipment, Inc.

    Specializes in custom fabrication of stainless steel products that consists of hog feeding systems, hog confinement systems, milking parlors, alley scrapers, feed scoops, horse stalls, pre-hung stainless steel doors.

  • Ullmer's Dairy Equipment, Inc.

    Sells used cheese making equipment, bulk tanks, stainless steel tanks, all sizes of stainless steel piping, holding tanks (insulated), boilers, separators, farm equipment and other kinds of dairy related equipment.

  • Viking Machine & Design, Inc.

    Designers and builders of special machinery for the cheese making industry.

  • Walker Engineered Products

    Designs, builds, and services sanitary stainless steel tanks and vessels.

  • Westmoor, Ltd

    Manufactures milking machine equipment for cows and goats.

  • Wisconsin Dairy Supply Company

    Manufactures and distributes stainless steel bulk tanks.

  • Zimmerman Inc.

    Specializing in cattle control equipment.

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