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This category lists companies that manufacture and distribute biologicals. Products cannot be ordered online.

Biologicals, as used here, are living organisms and products derived from biological materials used to control pests or diseases in plants and animals. They include predators, enzymes, vaccines, growth regulators, antivenins, and medicinal products.

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  • AgBio Inc.

    Develops and distributes biorational products for agricultural, ornamental and turf applications.

  • Applied Biochemists

    Manufacturer of specialty algaecides and aquatic herbicides.

  • Beneficial Insectary

    Producers and suppliers of beneficial insects used for better pest management.

  • Biocontrol Network

    Bio-rational alternatives for agriculture, horticulture, commercial and residential use.

  • Biological Control of Weeds, Inc.

    Supplier of live insects for non-chemical control of rangeland and pasture weeds.

  • Bioscape, Inc.

    Offering a sustainable approach to managing tree, shrub, flower and crop pests.

  • Biotactics

    Providing augmentative biological controls for spider mite pests.

  • BioWorks Inc.

    Offering environmentally responsible solutions for controlling insects and plant diseases.

  • Buglogical Control Systems

    Source for ladybugs and natural beneficial insects for pest and disease elimination.

  • Certis USA

    Manufacturer and supplier of biopesticides and traditional chemistry pesticides that fill specialty niches in the agricultural and horticultural markets.

  • Cooper Mill Ltd.

    Presents products list featuring various pest management solutions.

  • Garlic Research Labs, Inc.

    An all natural and organic concentrated garlic extract, sprayed on farm crops and garden plants to keep insects off.

  • Green Methods

    Biocontrol and IPM information, resources, and products like beneficial insects.

  • Kiotechagil

    Offers natural swine, poultry, rabbit, and aquaculture feed additives. Search by product or usage.

  • Koppert B.V.

    Developing and marketing pollination systems and integrated pest management for protected and high-value crops.

  • Live Earth Products

    Mines and manufactures industrial grade humic and fulvic ingredients for bio-remediation, organic gardening, and lawn care.

  • Neudorff

    Supplier of effective natural/organic plant protection products that do not harm pets, wildlife or the environment.

  • Plant Health Care

    Provides a variety of specialized micronutrient formulations, soil amendments, and inoculants featuring beneficial rhizobacteria for specialty crops.

  • Pro-Act Microbial Inc.

    Supplier of bioaugmentation products, provides highly effective waste treatment systems for the concentrated animal feeding operation and the aquaculture industries.

  • Spalding Laboratories

    Pesticide free fly control around horses, cattle, sheep, goats, dogs.

  • Sustainable Agricultural Technologies, Inc.

    Manufactures compost tea brewers and flow through vermicompost systems.

  • UAS of America, Inc.

    Manufacturers of plant nutritional and soil enhancement products manufactured for agricultural and turf distribution.

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