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Aquaculture Equipment

  • Ace Aquatec

    Manufactures a predator control system for fish-farmers and an acoustic warning system for fishermen and the off-shore industry.

  • Alario Bros. Marine Supplies, Inc.

    Specializing in the shrimp and fish industry, offering commercial shrimping and fishing supplies.

  • Alken-Murray Corp.

    A manufacturer of chemicals for industrial water and fuel treatments.

  • Amon Industrial

    Manufactures fast, efficient and user-friendly industrial oyster knives.

  • Aquadyne

    Develops software and hardware for monitoring, alarming, and controlling water quality using a network of distributed instruments.

  • Aquafauna Bio-Marine, Inc.

    Provider to the tropical aquaculture sector supplying larval diets, maturation and broodstock conditioning diets, and equipment.

  • AquaMaster Fountains

    Offering engineering and manufacturing of fountains, aeration equipment and natural microbial products for any aquatic environment.

  • Aquarius Systems

    Provides aquatic weed control equipment to cut and remove a wide variety of lake weeds including water hyacinth, eurasian water milfoil, hydrilla, salvinia molesta, and other aquatic weeds.

  • Aquatic Enterprises, Inc.

    Specializes in engineering and manufacturing turnkey aquatic systems for biological, environmental, and genetic sciences from fully self-contained mobile research aquariums to full-scale research facilities.

  • Atlantic & Gulf Fishing Supply Corp.

    A retailer and wholesaler of commercial fishing supplies for commercial fishing fleets, fish houses, packing plants and dealers.

  • ClearWater Tech LLC

    Designer, manufacturer and marketer of ozone generation equipment and related components.

  • Fiomarine

    Submersible marine marker buoy and retrieval system which is designed to release itself from its underwater mooring either by acoustic command or at a predetermined time/date.

  • Hanna Instruments, Inc.

    Manufacturer of water quality instrumentation and offers portable, laboratory and in-line instrumentation for testing water quality parameters.

  • IMS Dredges

    Producer of transportable dredging systems, one truck transportable, self-propelled dredging systems.

  • Inland Lake Harvesters, Inc.

    Provides aquatic weed harvesters and aquatic weed control equipment to cut and remove pests like water hyacinth, milfoil, hydrilla, salvinia molesta, and other aquatic weeds.

  • Jenson Technologies Development Corporation

    Mechanical aquatic weed control solution for cattail, hydrilla, milfoil, with easy to use environmentally friendly lake weed cutter.

  • Myron L Company

    Manufacturer of hand-held and process control water testing instruments for many applications.

  • Ocean Traps International

    Offering plastic traps for lobster, shrimp and crab.

  • Oyster Bay Pump Works, Inc.

    Developes and manufactures equipment ranging from small precision tabletop liquid dispensers to fully integrated, multi-function systems on a variety of conveyor and robotic platforms.

  • Playing Hooky Enterprises

    Clam aquaculture supplies, clam bags, cable ties, scallop bags, mesh ditty bags.

  • Process Aquatics International, LLC

    Providing state-of-the-art turnkey indoor recirculating aquaculture equipment and systems, fully automated controls, industrial process systems, groundwater remediation systems.

  • S&N Airoflo Inc.

    Manufactures floating and fixed brush aerators.

  • SNL Corporation

    Supplying both commercial and recreational fishing tackle.

  • VMG Industries Inc.

    Specializes in aquaculture technology, egg sorters, oxygenation equipment and water cleaners.

  • William Tricker, Inc.

    Grower of aquatic plants and supplier of water garden products and aquarium supplies.

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