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Aquaculture Consulting

  • 4Cs Breeding Technologies, Inc.

    Genetics and breeding technology for shellfish aquaculture.

  • AquaInTech Inc.

    Consulting services for the global aquaculture industry, site selection, production issues, animal husbandry, water quality, animal health and disease prevention.

  • Aquaponics Associates

    Offers design and construction of freshwater and marine facilities from large aquaculture systems to small aquariums.

  • AquaSolver

    Consultant services are available for projects ranging from full aquaculture facilities anywhere in the world, to local koi ponds and aquariums.

  • Aquatics Associates Inc.

    Offering fisheries and lake management services, baseline population surveys of fish, macroinvertebrates, and other aquatic life in streams and lakes.

  • BioCepts International, Inc.

    Provides an assortment of professional biotechnology services to support and refine the business of aquaculture and to resolve related environmental issues.

  • Biosys Consulting

    Offers aquaculture consulting services for site inspection and analysis, operational and logistical planning, farm design and site plans, sustainable practices and project management.

  • Fishtech Inc.

    Specializing in abalone technology, marketing, processing and preservation.

  • Global Aquaculture Consultants

    Provides consulting in all areas of aquaculture, fisheries management, impacts of pollution and exotics on the aquatic environment.

  • Holder Timmons Engineering LLC

    Provides expert engineering and consulting services for all aspects of aquaculture activity.

  • North America Fish Consultant

    Provides consulting services for site selection, feasibility studies and business plans.

  • Olympus Aquacutture

    Specializing in the design, construction, and operation and management of state of the art clam, oyster, mussel and scallop hatcheries and nurseries.

  • WorldWide Aquaculture

    An international research, consulting and development company working with sustainable aquaculture.

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