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Style guides are manuals which instruct writers how to use grammar, phrases, and words.
  • After the Deadline

    Tool which catches spelling errors as well as makes grammar and style suggestions. Also offers integration with a variety of text editors, as well as service plans.

  • Bartleby: The Elements of Style

    A searchable text of William Strunk Jr's classic guide.

  • The Chicago Manual of Style

    Describes the guide and provides examples of content plus information subscriptions.

  • Diffchecker

    Online tool for finding the differences in the texts of two documents or copied blocks of texts.

  • Fraze It

    Advanced search engine focusing on phrases and words used in common expressions and idioms.

  • Indispensable Writing Resources

    Resources designed to help users with writing or researching a paper, including links to reference material, writing labs, and writing-related websites.

  • National Punctuation Day

    A celebration of punctuation held annually on September 24, with links to books and resources for proper punctuation, and signs displaying unintentionally humorous errors.

  • Slang City

    Guide to a wide range of American slang. With writer columns and resources.

  • Speaking Writing

    Compilation of articles pertaining to speaking and writing, with quizzes and information on grammar and punctuation.

  • VocabGrabber

    Analyzes text and provides information on the frequency of word usage, as well as a visual thesaurus. Offers a 14 day free trial.

  • Web Style Guide

    Guide to good web page of website development. Tackles issues in content, graphics, page layout, and site organization.

  • Word Information

    Online dictionary featuring English words from Latin and Greek origins.

  • Wordcounter

    Online tool for determining the frequency by which certain words are used in an article.

  • World Wide Words

    Discussions and insights on the different aspects of English language history, development, and quirks.

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