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Please note that many of these sites contain varying degrees of nudity.
  • Aaron Smith

    Displays images of paintings with details and artist’s resume.

  • Adhikara

    Features artist’s biography and gallery of figurative paintings and drawings by Guido Gonzato.

  • Adriana Pascucci

    Paintings and sculpture images, list of exhibitions and artist’ personal biography Presented.

  • Amanda Dunbar

    Artist’s biography, statements, exhibition details and images of selected works presented.

  • Amina Contemporary Arts

    Gallery of classical inspired Afro-American figurative work from Larry Richardson. Includes his profile, news and events information.

  • Andrea Kelly

    Artist’s biography and gallery of landscapes, nudes and other fine artworks.

  • Andrew Hersey

    Contains personal information, archives, journals and artwork images.

  • Ann Ponce studio

    Gallery of works in yearly category with price listings.

  • Anton Arkhipov

    Details about the artist and his art shows. With images of recent works, sculptures, limited editions and retrospectives.

  • Arenas Garcia

    Selection of gallery in paintings, etchings, drawings and mixed media. With artist’s biography.

  • Arjan De Weger

    Features collection of artworks, curriculum vitae, personal biography, and poetry.

  • Audrey Francis

    Exhibit biography and gallery of paintings and drawings by selection.

  • Audrey Kawasaki

    Gallery of paintings, illustrations, studies and doodles by yearly category.

  • Barry Geller Paintings

    Displays drawings, angel paintings, illustrations and mono prints.

  • Baryy McGlashan

    Gallery of paintings, special projects and sketchbook with personal details of the artist.

  • Bernardo Torrens

    Personal biography, texts and gallery of artworks.

  • Bryten Goss

    Recent press cuts and gallery of paintings, prints and works on paper.

  • Charles Willmot

    History of the artist and his works, editions, projects and gallery of fine art paintings.

  • Chip Moeser

    Collection of images of paintings, pastels, charcoal, pencil, photo and design.

  • Clay Olmstead

    Painting of still lifes, landscapes, figures and nudes are displayed.

  • Collected Works of Mary Kline-Misol

    Images include botanicals, still life and figurative work.

  • Craig Srebnik

    Provides artist’s biography, details of workshops, tours and publications and gallery of fine art paintings.

  • Dan Leighton

    Displays gallery of past and current artworks in various categories.

  • David Fe Bland

    Displays artist’s resume selection of his artworks presented.

  • Deborah Danziger

    Portfolio of works, details of exhibitions and personal biography of the artist offered.

  • Dmacart.Com

    Displays images of oil paintings, pastel drawings and prints with artist’s biography. Contemporary paintings of the female. David MacDonald.

  • Elisa Terranova

    Artist’s personal background, resume, reviews and art gallery.

  • Ellen Orseck

    Artist’s personal and work details with images of paintings.

  • Erik Pevernagie

    Virtual gallery of the artist’s work of art with details.

  • Escha Van Den Bogerd

    Details about the artist, exhibitions and gallery of nude and figurative paintings with abstract backgrounds.

  • Gail Lapins

    Features artist’s biography, list of exhibitions, and gallery of contemporary figurative paintings.

  • Geri Merz

    Selection of artwork galleries and personal information of the artist.

  • Helen Herbert

    Simple information of the artist and selection of art galleries presented.

  • Ian Darragh

    Memorial website for the late figurative painter includes seven galleries plus an artwork chronology.

  • Ingrid Boot

    Paints in acrylics or oils on canvas and also mixed media for abstract pieces. Includes profile and gallery.

  • Jacie Anderson

    Offers full curriculum information, press cuttings and reviews, list of current exhibitions and portfolio of works.

  • Jan Esmann

    Articles, personal biography, details about school and images of paintings and the studio.

  • Jane First

    Photos of paintings, drawings, basketball art and multimedia are being provided.

  • Jerry De La Cruz

    Displays detailed information about the artist and his arts, personal statement and excerpts.

  • Jimini Hignett

    Artist’s personal details, news, statement about her art and gallery of paintings.

  • John Coombes

    Gallery of paintings, portraits, drawings by John Coombes.

  • John Winslow

    Provides artist’s statement, curriculum vitae and pages of artwork galleries.

  • Julie Comnick

    Displays images of artworks, artist’s statement and resume.

  • Kira Greene

    Artist’s resume, exhibit lists and selection of portfolio images offered.

  • Leslie Anderson

    List of exhibitions, artifacts with images and selection of artworks in egg tempra, watercolor, and colored pencil.

  • Lev Russov

    List of publications with details and images.

  • Liu Yan

    Artist’s biography, statement, articles and portfolio of works presented.

  • Liz Haskel

    Personal information, resume and gallery of self portraits are being presented.

  • Loretta Lux

    Collection of artworks and profile of Loretta Lux.

  • The Lost and Beautiful Past

    Contains details and photos of the studio, personal biography and statement and artwork gallery.

  • Lucong

    Features events and personal information with images of new works and retrospective.

  • Luke Marcatili

    Emerging contemporary painter and illustrator who grew up in Sydney, Australia. Find a gallery, bio, and video.

  • Mark Halsey

    Provides personal details of the artist, list of upcoming exhibitions and images of artwork collections.

  • Mary Kline-Misol

    Artist’s personal information and selection of figurative, still life, botanical and landscape paintings and compositions.

  • Maureen Mullarkey

    Gallery of paintings, drawings, collages, guise and dolls plus artwork images by various artists.

  • Michael Abraham

    Artist’s biography, press video clips and selection of paintings by theme are presented.

  • Michael J. Downs

    Compilation of available originals, limited edition prints and archive gallery.

  • Michael Onona

    Details and images of previous exhibitions, personal profile and selection of artwork galleries.

  • Michael Tice

    Private collections of paintings, drawings, watercolors and prints with artist’s profile.

  • Natalie Holland

    Information about her work, list of exhibitions and images of selected works, portraits and still life.

  • Natalie Zourabova

    Resume of the artist and images of new projects, early projects and new exhibitions.

  • Nick A Taylor

    Artist’s statement and personal profile with gallery of figurative nude fine art paintings in fantasy themes.

  • Nicoletta Tomas Carvavia

    Gallery of paintings in various categories, with personal and curriculum details of the artist.

  • Norman Engel

    Presents artist’s personal information and statements and photos of artworks.

  • Paul Harber

    Details about the artist and gallery of latest, figures and various paintings.

  • Peter Drake

    Provides personal statement, biography, details of upcoming events and images of artworks and technique guide.

  • PJ Crook

    Contains details of current and forthcoming exhibitions, national star college and images of paintings.

  • Rachael Robb

    Gallery of smoke and recent paintings, portraits, nudes, landscapes, animals, and selected past oil paintings.

  • Raquel Martins

    Images of figurative, urban and abstract paintings with artist’s biography and links.

  • Sasha Okun

    Gallery of paintings, drawings and three dimensional works with artist’s personal details and critiques.

  • Satish

    Personal biography and selection of figurative and abstract paintings.

  • Sharon Hudson

    Displays images of figures, abstracts, patterns, portraits and still life.

  • Steve Heimann

    Presents exhibitions and portfolio of contemporary paintings by Steve Heimann.

  • Tammy Anderson

    Artwork portfolio of social commentary, still lifes, portraits and landscapes by Tammy Anderson.

  • Tim Lowly

    Personal information of the artist and pages of artworks and music provided.

  • Tony De Carlo

    Displays galleries and images of the artist’s master pieces. Music on page launch.

  • Toos Van Holsten

    Personal information, expositions, publications and gallery of oil paintings, lithographs and sculptures.

  • Ulf Malmegren

    Personal background and selection of oil paintings by Ulf Malmegren.

  • Victoria Amini

    Personal information about the artist and her biography, with images of artworks.

  • Viktro Lyapkalo

    Artist’s personal biography and photos, and images of artworks.

  • Vladimir

    Personal information about the artist and gallery of acrylic paintings.

  • Willi Kissmer

    Information about the artist and his studio with gallery of paintings, etchings and graphic prints. German language.

  • Wim Heldens

    Biography of the artist, list of exhibitions and gallery of paintings and portraits inspired by contemporary psychological realism art.

  • Yvonne Van Woggelum

    Personal background and portfolio of works by Yvonne Van Woggelum.

  • The Zen Garden

    Literary excerpts, filmography and art galleries by Richard G. Henry.

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