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The Human Figure

Aaron Smith

Displays images of paintings with details and artist’s resume.


Features artist’s biography and gallery of figurative paintings and drawings by Guido Gonzato.

Adriana Pascucci

Paintings and sculpture images, list of exhibitions and artist’ personal biography Presented.

Alan Potter

Collection public art and fine art images with personal and work information.

Amanda Dunbar

Artist’s biography, statements, exhibition details and images of selected works presented.

Amina Contemporary Arts

Gallery of classical inspired Afro-American figurative work from Larry Richardson. Includes his profile, news and events information.

Andrea Kelly

Artist’s biography and gallery of landscapes, nudes and other fine artworks.

Andrew Hersey

Contains personal information, archives, journals and artwork images.

Ann Ponce studio

Gallery of works in yearly category with price listings.

Anton Arkhipov

Details about the artist and his art shows. With images of recent works, sculptures, limited editions and retrospectives.

Arenas Garcia

Selection of gallery in paintings, etchings, drawings and mixed media. With artist’s biography.

Arjan De Weger

Features collection of artworks, curriculum vitae, personal biography, and poetry.

Audrey Francis

Exhibit biography and gallery of paintings and drawings by selection.

Audrey Kawasaki

Gallery of paintings, illustrations, studies and doodles by yearly category.

Baryy McGlashan

Gallery of paintings, special projects and sketchbook with personal details of the artist.

Bernardo Torrens

Personal biography, texts and gallery of artworks.

Charles Willmot

History of the artist and his works, editions, projects and gallery of fine art paintings.

Chip Moeser

Collection of images of paintings, pastels, charcoal, pencil, photo and design.

Choi Paint

Images of paintings, sketches and digital works with information about the artist Chris O’connor.

Christine Rosamond

Contains information about the late artist and list of her artworks.

Clay Olmstead

Painting of still lifes, landscapes, figures and nudes are displayed.

Collected Works of Mary Kline-Misol

Images include botanicals, still life and figurative work.

Craig Srebnik

Provides artist’s biography, details of workshops, tours and publications and gallery of fine art paintings.

Dan Leighton

Displays gallery of past and current artworks in various categories.

David Fe Bland

Displays artist’s resume selection of his artworks presented.

Deborah Danziger

Portfolio of works, details of exhibitions and personal biography of the artist offered.


Displays images of oil paintings, pastel drawings and prints with artist’s biography. Contemporary paintings of the female. David MacDonald.

Drawn to the Figure

Displays collection of paintings by Derek Jones.

Dwijen Gupte

Personal information, list of achievements and gallery of paintings.

Elisa Terranova

Artist’s personal background, resume, reviews and art gallery.

Ellen Orseck

Artist’s personal and work details with images of paintings.

Erik Pevernagie

Virtual gallery of the artist’s work of art with details.

Escha Van Den Bogerd

Details about the artist, exhibitions and gallery of nude and figurative paintings with abstract backgrounds.

Eve’s Passion

Artist’s biography and selection of oil painting images presented.

Gail Lapins

Features artist’s biography, list of exhibitions, and gallery of contemporary figurative paintings.

Helen Herbert

Simple information of the artist and selection of art galleries presented.

Ian Darragh

Memorial website for the late figurative painter includes seven galleries plus an artwork chronology.

Ingrid Boot

Paints in acrylics or oils on canvas and also mixed media for abstract pieces. Includes profile and gallery.

Jacie Anderson

Offers full curriculum information, press cuttings and reviews, list of current exhibitions and portfolio of works.

Jan Esmann

Articles, personal biography, details about school and images of paintings and the studio.

Jane First

Photos of paintings, drawings, basketball art and multimedia are being provided.

Jerry De La Cruz

Displays detailed information about the artist and his arts, personal statement and excerpts.

Jessica Perry

Gallery of portraits, landscapes, drawing, mixed media, sculptures, digital photography, commercial works and written works.

Jimini Hignett

Artist’s personal details, news, statement about her art and gallery of paintings.

John Coombes

Gallery of paintings, portraits, drawings by John Coombes.

John Winslow

Provides artist’s statement, curriculum vitae and pages of artwork galleries.

Joseph D. Lawrence

Biography, artistic statement, and slide gallery of drawings, pastels and works on paper.

Julie Comnick

Displays images of artworks, artist’s statement and resume.

Kira Greene

Artist’s resume, exhibit lists and selection of portfolio images offered.

Leslie Anderson

List of exhibitions, artifacts with images and selection of artworks in egg tempra, watercolor, and colored pencil.

Lev Russov

List of publications with details and images.

Liu Yan

Artist’s biography, statement, articles and portfolio of works presented.

Liz Haskel

Personal information, resume and gallery of self portraits are being presented.

Loretta Lux

Collection of artworks and profile of Loretta Lux.

The Lost and Beautiful Past

Contains details and photos of the studio, personal biography and statement and artwork gallery.


Features events and personal information with images of new works and retrospective.

Luke Marcatili

Emerging contemporary painter and illustrator who grew up in Sydney, Australia. Find a gallery, bio, and video.

Lynne Cerro

Biography of the artist with gallery of her figurative realist portraits and paintings done in classical style.

Mark Halsey

Provides personal details of the artist, list of upcoming exhibitions and images of artwork collections.

Mary Kline-Misol

Artist’s personal information and selection of figurative, still life, botanical and landscape paintings and compositions.

Maureen Mullarkey

Gallery of paintings, drawings, collages, guise and dolls plus artwork images by various artists.

Michael Abraham

Artist’s biography, press video clips and selection of paintings by theme are presented.

Michael J. Downs

Compilation of available originals, limited edition prints and archive gallery.

Michael Onona

Details and images of previous exhibitions, personal profile and selection of artwork galleries.

Michael Tice

Private collections of paintings, drawings, watercolors and prints with artist’s profile.


Information of services offered with selection of artwork galleries by Pat Mistretta.

Naked Tyro

Information about the artist and the products with gallery of paintings by Denise Grimes.

Natalie Holland

Information about her work, list of exhibitions and images of selected works, portraits and still life.

Natalie Zourabova

Resume of the artist and images of new projects, early projects and new exhibitions.

Nick A Taylor

Artist’s statement and personal profile with gallery of figurative nude fine art paintings in fantasy themes.

Nicoletta Tomas Carvavia

Gallery of paintings in various categories, with personal and curriculum details of the artist.

Norman Engel

Presents artist’s personal information and statements and photos of artworks.

Paul Harber

Details about the artist and gallery of latest, figures and various paintings.

Peter Drake

Provides personal statement, biography, details of upcoming events and images of artworks and technique guide.

PJ Crook

Contains details of current and forthcoming exhibitions, national star college and images of paintings.

Raquel Martins

Images of figurative, urban and abstract paintings with artist’s biography and links.

Ruby Lee

Gallery of archetypal images, solar seal cards and paintings with descriptions and details about the archetypal symbols.

Sam Yeates

List and details of recent and upcoming shows, biographical information and images of artworks.

Sasha Okun

Gallery of paintings, drawings and three dimensional works with artist’s personal details and critiques.


Personal biography and selection of figurative and abstract paintings.

Steen Kirkegaard Erichsen

Personal information about the artist, details of exhibition and images of artworks, including digital artworks provided.

Steve Heimann

Presents exhibitions and portfolio of contemporary paintings by Steve Heimann.

Tafil Musovic

Biography of Tafil Musovicwith images of his paintings, drawings and etchings.

Tim Lowly

Personal information of the artist and pages of artworks and music provided.

Tony De Carlo

Displays galleries and images of the artist’s master pieces. Music on page launch.

Toos Van Holsten

Personal information, expositions, publications and gallery of oil paintings, lithographs and sculptures.

Ulf Malmegren

Personal background and selection of oil paintings by Ulf Malmegren.

Victor Wang

Gallery of figure paintings with personal information and book details.

Victoria Amini

Personal information about the artist and her biography, with images of artworks.

Viktro Lyapkalo

Artist’s personal biography and photos, and images of artworks.


Personal information about the artist and gallery of acrylic paintings.

Willi Kissmer

Information about the artist and his studio with gallery of paintings, etchings and graphic prints. German language.

Wim Heldens

Biography of the artist, list of exhibitions and gallery of paintings and portraits inspired by contemporary psychological realism art.

Yvonne Van Woggelum

Personal background and portfolio of works by Yvonne Van Woggelum.

The Zen Garden

Literary excerpts, filmography and art galleries by Richard G. Henry.

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