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Painters Surrealism

Arrisueno, Ernesto

Artist’s information, featured paintings, and exhibitions, with press releases.

Artwork of Joe Vaux

Surreal artistic painter who exhibits his works in galleries but also works as an animator.

Barrow, Scott

Presents gallery of animation and painting creations along with artist’s profile.

Bartz, Joe

Showcases art gallery, publications, event calendar, and artist’s overview.

Ben-Shoshan, Orna

Provides upcoming events, art collections, and artist’s information.

Brophy, Kitty

Contains gallery collections, show updates, artist’s information, and articles.

Clapp, Marsha

Artist’s original collections, with personal information are presented in this page.

Conrad, Christina

Home page contains artist’s information and art gallery.

Cotton, Will

Artist’s biography with featured painting gallery are being presented.

Cusimano, Joseph

Contains video clips and art collections of this metaphysical surrealist artist.

Diehl, Bernd K.

Artist biography, work collections, and page resources are provided.

Doidge, Elizabeth

Background information about the artist with gallery of paintings.

Donikian, Simon

Provides life summary, art gallery, available works, and contact details.

Du Xinjian

Displays painting collections, artist’s biography, and article publication.

Eberle, Dick

Dick Eberle’s art collections with his personal information are featured.

Franklin, Karl

Presents art and writing gallery by Karl Franklin.

Gilbertson, Darren

Artist’s biography with featured gallery and exhibit schedules offered.

Gorin, Igor

Features biographical note about the artiss, gallery details, exhibitions, and artist’s work reviews.

Harper, Dennis

Shows media collections and artist’s personal information.

Hoey, Wayne

Contemporary painter featuring biographical information, painting gallery, and contact details.

Hughes, Richard

Features painting gallery, exhibit facts, and artist’s biography.

Kahn, Scott

Collection of original paintings with information about the artist.

Kho, Ten Sen

Brief biography about the artists, with gallery of photos and oil canvases.

Kite, Stacey

Compilation of art paintings and additional resources.

La Speranza, Luigi

Showcases fantastic, surreal, and realistic oil paintings.

Lecocq, Pascal

Resource site contains fine art gallery, event calendar, and contact details.

Lowe, Ming C.

Personal information with gallery updates, news, and press releases.

Manderla, Marek

Presents portrait gallery, graphics, and mailing list.

Marlin, Brigid

Shows various gallery, available art items, and artist’s information.

Maverick, David

Provides digital art gallery, featured paintings, and artist’s details.

Mollov, Alexander

Contains a biography of the artist and includes a catalog of oils, illustrations, and black and white drawings.


Presents art collections, artist’s information, and price list.

Nisar, Ron

Artist’s information, plus news update, order details provided.

Paxton, Stewart

Collection of art images with personal information about Stewart Paxton.

Peck, Marion

Presents artist’s biography, articles, news updates, and painting gallery.

Raymond, Lee-Anne

Online exhibition of surrealist and fantastic art by Lee-Anne Raymond.

Redman, Helen

Facts about the artists, including items for sale, exhibit facts, and workshops are being presented.

Rice, Stephen

Brief information about the artists, plus art gallery, and latest news included.

Roybal, Antonio

Contains gallery details, contact information, and exhibit schedules.

Sabraw, John

Presents art images of this Associate Professor of Art. Includes his bio and artist’s statements, and resume.

Sand, Mandy

Contains artist’s portfolio, art gallery, news update, and media clips.

Scally, Gwyneth

Contains art gallery of her scarlet toned paintings, artist statement, and curriculum vitae.

Sebor, James

Presents exhibit details, show gallery, artist’s statements, and surrealism resources.

Spivak, Alexander

Includes artist’s profile, gallery details, and contact details.

Staal, Daniel

Contains surreal art and pin up work, and illustrations of this Netherlands artist.

Sterling, Kim

Showcases art series, artist’s information, and digital murals.

Togrul, Mazhar

Contains photo gallery, surrealistic methods, and contact details.

Tom, Cynthia

Surreal fine art paintings exploring the community of women, Asian American experiences and psychological interiors.

Tumanova, Svetlana

Presents forum pages, and project updates.

Vakras, Demetrios

Contains surreal images, drawings and paintings with exhibitions and recent works.

van Oostzanen, Peter

Showcases art gallery, techniques, publications, and mailing list.

Velimanovic, Zoran

Collections of metaphysical and surreal paintings, with artist’s biography and contact details.

Vincent, Michele

Background information about the page and the artist are being presented.

Vuorma, Juha

Features gallery information, comic details, online store, and news update.

Walravens, Servaas

Contains oil paintings and galleries, artist’s biography, and exhibitions.

Warner, Nancie

Facts about the artists, with art details, and exhibit information provided.

Werlin, Judy

Presents artist’s statements, painting gallery, and contact details.

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