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Painters Surrealism

  • Arrisueno, Ernesto

    Artist’s information, featured paintings, and exhibitions, with press releases.

  • Artwork of Joe Vaux

    Surreal artistic painter who exhibits his works in galleries but also works as an animator.

  • Aubrecht, Pavel

    Contains art gallery collections, exhibit dates, and artist’s profile.

  • Barrow, Scott

    Presents gallery of animation and painting creations along with artist’s profile.

  • Bartz, Joe

    Showcases art gallery, publications, event calendar, and artist’s overview.

  • Ben-Shoshan, Orna

    Provides upcoming events, art collections, and artist’s information.

  • Brophy, Kitty

    Contains gallery collections, show updates, artist’s information, and articles.

  • Clapp, Marsha

    Artist’s original collections, with personal information are presented in this page.

  • Conrad, Christina

    Home page contains artist’s information and art gallery.

  • Cotton, Will

    Artist’s biography with featured painting gallery are being presented.

  • Cusimano, Joseph

    Contains video clips and art collections of this metaphysical surrealist artist.

  • Diehl, Bernd K.

    Artist biography, work collections, and page resources are provided.

  • Doidge, Elizabeth

    Background information about the artist with gallery of paintings.

  • Donikian, Simon

    Provides life summary, art gallery, available works, and contact details.

  • Du Xinjian

    Displays painting collections, artist’s biography, and article publication.

  • Franklin, Karl

    Presents art and writing gallery by Karl Franklin.

  • Gilbertson, Darren

    Artist’s biography with featured gallery and exhibit schedules offered.

  • Gorin, Igor

    Features biographical note about the artiss, gallery details, exhibitions, and artist’s work reviews.

  • Hall, Philip

    Presents painting and sculpture collections, including artist’s resume and contact details.

  • Harper, Dennis

    Shows media collections and artist’s personal information.

  • Hoey, Wayne

    Contemporary painter featuring biographical information, painting gallery, and contact details.

  • Hughes, Richard

    Features painting gallery, exhibit facts, and artist’s biography.

  • Kahn, Scott

    Collection of original paintings with information about the artist.

  • Kho, Ten Sen

    Brief biography about the artists, with gallery of photos and oil canvases.

  • La Speranza, Luigi

    Showcases fantastic, surreal, and realistic oil paintings.

  • Lecocq, Pascal

    Resource site contains fine art gallery, event calendar, and contact details.

  • Lowe, Ming C.

    Personal information with gallery updates, news, and press releases.

  • Manderla, Marek

    Presents portrait gallery, graphics, and mailing list.

  • Marlin, Brigid

    Shows various gallery, available art items, and artist’s information.

  • Maverick, David

    Provides digital art gallery, featured paintings, and artist’s details.

  • Miller, Justin

    Offers painting and photo gallery, artist’s profile, and contact details.

  • Moser

    Presents art collections, artist’s information, and price list.

  • Nisar, Ron

    Artist’s information, plus news update, order details provided.

  • Peck, Marion

    Presents artist’s biography, articles, news updates, and painting gallery.

  • Raymond, Lee-Anne

    Online exhibition of surrealist and fantastic art by Lee-Anne Raymond.

  • Redman, Helen

    Facts about the artists, including items for sale, exhibit facts, and workshops are being presented.

  • Rice, Stephen

    Brief information about the artists, plus art gallery, and latest news included.

  • Roybal, Antonio

    Contains gallery details, contact information, and exhibit schedules.

  • Sabraw, John

    Presents art images of this Associate Professor of Art. Includes his bio and artist’s statements, and resume.

  • Scally, Gwyneth

    Contains art gallery of her scarlet toned paintings, artist statement, and curriculum vitae.

  • Sebor, James

    Presents exhibit details, show gallery, artist’s statements, and surrealism resources.

  • Spivak, Alexander

    Includes artist’s profile, gallery details, and contact details.

  • Staal, Daniel

    Contains surreal art and pin up work, and illustrations of this Netherlands artist.

  • Sterling, Kim

    Showcases art series, artist’s information, and digital murals.

  • Togrul, Mazhar

    Contains photo gallery, surrealistic methods, and contact details.

  • Tom, Cynthia

    Surreal fine art paintings exploring the community of women, Asian American experiences and psychological interiors.

  • Tumanova, Svetlana

    Presents forum pages, and project updates.

  • Vakras, Demetrios

    Contains surreal images, drawings and paintings with exhibitions and recent works.

  • van Oostzanen, Peter

    Showcases art gallery, techniques, publications, and mailing list.

  • Velimanovic, Zoran

    Collections of metaphysical and surreal paintings, with artist’s biography and contact details.

  • Vincent, Michele

    Background information about the page and the artist are being presented.

  • Vuorma, Juha

    Features gallery information, comic details, online store, and news update.

  • Walravens, Servaas

    Contains oil paintings and galleries, artist’s biography, and exhibitions.

  • Warner, Nancie

    Facts about the artists, with art details, and exhibit information provided.

  • Werlin, Judy

    Presents artist’s statements, painting gallery, and contact details.

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