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Painters Realism

Abel, Nava

Artist’s page features art gallery and personal profile.


Online gallery featuring artwork details, studio facts, and artist’s profile.

Adams, Lorrie

Collection of custom works with contact details.

Adams, Marlin

Gallery information plus artist’s information and mailing list.

Akins, Tamlyn

Page contains gallery information, artist’s profile, and news update.

Allen, Krystal

Realist painter of watercolor landscape showcases artwork gallery and ordering details.

Allen, Melynn

Brief overview information about the artist’s plus featured works and logo designs.

Anderson, Steve

Covers artist’s information, art gallery, aviation models, and sculptures.

Annesley, Jennifer

Online studio of Canadian artist Jennifer Annesley features personal information and exhibit details.

Arndt, Roger D.

Showcases artwork gallery, center information, shop and studio tour, and news updates.

Arsenault, David

Showcase exhibit details, artist’s biography, critical essays, and art works.

Artaud, Georges

Presents art work gallery and images, portraits, and artist’s biography.

Commissart Inc.

Gallery provides works of David Ward, Freeman Patterson, George Raab, Mark Fletcher, Bruce Bezaire and Paul Fournier.

Earles, Randy

Showcases artist’s information, gallery update, and contact facts.

Egeli, Lisa

Presents biographical entry, event calendar, and artwork gallery.

Engelen, Leon

Contains virtual gallery, painting courses, and artist’s profile.

Evans, Rob

Portfolio of artworks by Rob Evans with his personal profile.

Ferguson, Richard

Collections of art portraits, designs, and illustrations.

Fitzpatrick, Robyn H.

Displays artwork portfolio and artist’s detail.

Flerova, Elena

Features artwork collections by Elena Flerova with exhibit information.

Folzenlogen, Tim

Displays contemporary realism oil paintings, pastels and drawings by New York City artist.

Freeman, Thomas

Covers gallery and artist’s information, and guest book entries.

Furr, Christian

Features artwork collections, artist’s information, and exhibit schedules.

Fusby, Ted

Page section presents nude images, artist’s information, and contact details.

Gallen, Bill

Presents artist’s statement, available paintings, workshop events, and archives of sold items.

Gerasimon, Peter

Presents artwork gallery, artist’s profile, and print details.

Gerlach, Christopher

Brief overview about the artists that includes art images and online galleries.

Giuffre, Hector

Virtual art studio features oil paintings and portraits, publications, and artist’s resume.

Gray, Don and Benton, Jessica

Compilation of landscape paintings plus art reviews and artist’s statements.

Greg's Gallery

Presents gallery information, news update, and contact details.

Griffin, Vera

Resource site contains art gallery, artist’s information, offered classes, and resources.

Hamawi, Christos

Studio information, plus artist’s profile, gallery updates, and featured news.

Hammond, Janet

Displays realistic paintings of American artist and teacher Janet Hammond.

Hanson, Brian George

Gallery features oil and watercolor paintings, exhibitions, publications, and news.

Harwood, Garry L.

Presents gallery updates, artist’s biography, purchase details, and contact details.

Hayes, Jeff

Collections of contemporary realist paintings with blogs and event calendar.

Heil, Moni

Studio information includes image gallery, artist’s profile, and original prints.

Hoskins, Titus

Gallery of featured painting and drawings with artist’s information.

Huddy, Margaret

Covers artist’s information, workshops, order details, and contact details.

Hughes, Neal

Contains print gallery, new works, and artist’s profile.

Humphries, Michael

Official artist’s gallery features event calendar, art designs, and new releases.

Igor, Mikhailov

Presents painting gallery, artist’s profile, and contact details.

Ingham, Tracy L.

Iowa artist’s presents collections of realism paints and photo-realism art.

Ivie, Sam

Contemporary realism artists blog features architectural images and figurative paintings and drawings.

Jackson, Robert C.

Contains artist’s information, online gallery, show updates, and contact details.

Johnson, James W.

Studio artist for over 30 years features unique pieces in a wide range of mediums.

Killowry, Ennis

Contains samples of paintings, art galleries, and artist’s overview.

Kliewer, Brian

Collection of realistic emotional artwork plus artist’s information and newsletter.

Krapf, Paul

Gallery of artist’s original paintings and artworks.

Lam, Ng Woon

Showcases art gallery, online classes and demonstration, artist’s profile, and contact details.

Larabee, Laura J.

Gallery of original paintings inspired by the Midwest. Offers shows and galleries, and the artists biography.

Larmay, Judith

Page contains various art category, personal books, and mailing list.

Larson, Steve

Features artist’s profile, murals and portraits, and inventory list.

Leighton, Paul

Page contains gallery details, artist’s information, and contact particulars.

Levin, Alex

Contains gallery information, artist’s biography, and photo images.

Linton, Jonathan

Offers fine art portfolio, commission details, and artist’s information.

Mabry, Mary

Features painting gallery, artist’s information, and message board.

MacClure, Chris

Home page contains artist’s information, original paintings, and show details.

Maeda, Stacy

Equine and animal artist features personal information, gallery update, and event calendar.

Maza, Elena

Collection of impressionist watercolor and oil paintings by Artist Elena Maza.

McKenzie, Mary Beth

Displays self portrait and various artworks with personal information and collection resources.

Megert, Rudolf

Selection of various artworks on acrylic paintings of people, landscapes, and imaginary sceneries.

Miller, Jennifer

Offers studio information, mailing list, landscape and portrait gallery.

Miller, Keith

Contains of artist’s biography, art gallery, and contact details.

Mishkan, Evleen

Shows artist’s profile, gallery update, art classes, and registration facts.

Muench, Charles

Online gallery provides artist’s information, workshop details, prints for sale, and event calendar.

Muller, Margaret

Memorial page about the artist presents original works, and personal information.

Murphy, Bill

Compilation of personal artworks with information.

Newland, Charles

Collection of original artworks and digital images with award gallery and contact details.

Nolin, Bob

Digital photo painting artist offers a gallery, resume, and slideshow.

Norman, Timothy

Showcases European Genre portraits, recent works, and artist’s biography.

Onate, Pilar

Features art examples, contact details, and artist’s resume.

Parsons, Herbert

Artwork gallery offered with writings and biographical information.

Peck, Judith

Presents artist’s statements, painting gallery, and contact details.

Peikon, David

Gallery of featured landscape arts with previews and portfolios.

Phinney, Karen

Canadian artist offering art gallery, personal information, and contact details.

Polito, Kay

Fine artist featuring artwork gallery and personal profile.

Rabinky, Maria

Showcases illustrations, and architectural murals, plus artist’s profile.

Rada, George A.

Presents review listings, artist’s information, themes, and memorial tribute.

Radman, Valentino

Collections of paintings and illustration gallery.

Raucher, Hava

Artist’s biography plus recent artworks, articles, and contact details.

Ravenhorst, Menno

Offers artists original paintings, portraits, prints, and illustrations.

Richards, John

Contains biographical entry, event schedules, slideshow details, and prints.

Rodgers, Terry

Contains artwork gallery, exhibitions, and artist’s profile.

Samii, Mandana

Art work collections with featured artist’s information.

Scarpitta, Lola

Artist’s biography plus featured artworks, and contact details.

Schneider, William

Page contains artwork collections, artist’s biography, and event calendar.

Schramer, Kristine

Home page contains paintings and drawing gallery, project updates, and contact details.

Schwabel, Kendra

Features show schedules, gallery details, artist’s profile, and ordering details.

Schwartz, Donald R.

Brief information about the artists plus gallery updates, and video demonstrations.

Sicignano, Raymond

Presents a catalog of artist’s paintings and biography.

Silva Chimen, Jonatas

Provides artist’s information, press releases, art classes, and art gallery.

Silverstone, Lillian

Page contains artwork gallery, artist’s information, and mailing list.

Smith, Brian

Gallery information plus featured collections, exhibitions, painting courses, and workshops are being presented.

Sproule, John T.

Compilation of classic realist oil paintings with news update, artist biography, and mailing list.

Sterkhov, Andrei

Presents virtual gallery, slide show presentation, biography, and contact details.

Stojanovic, Suzana

Virtual gallery featuries artist’s profile, art collections, and archives.

Sullivan, Edmund C.

Features artist’s biography and personal art gallery.

Swanson, Michael

Gallery of featured paintings plus additional information and artist’s profile.

Terlien, Hélène

Presents gallery of artworks with artist’s profile.

Theriault, Raymond

Contains artwork gallery, exhibition details, available items, and artist’s profile.

Tom, Connie

Presents artist’s statements, biography, paintings, and latest updates.

Tsao, Vivian

Personal information about the artist, plus art gallery, and image archives.

Tyler, Timothy C.

Offers art images, exhibit schedules, instructional videos and DVDs, and artists bio with links to his Youtube lessons.

Van der Helm, Sarah

Gallery presents artworks by Sarah Van der Helm.

Vicini, Vic

Personal facts about the artist, plus featured artworks, blogs, and contact details are being presented.

Visser, Karen

Collection of people, places, and still life artworks by artist Karen Visser.

Vukeljic, Ranko

Compilation of poetic realism using an oil technique on linen canvas. Includes artist’s profile and gallery.

Waite, Peter

Provides exhibit details, painting gallery, collections, and reviews.

Walton, Conor

Collection of artworks with information about Conor Walton.

Weissman, Beth

Home page contains gallery information, artist’s information, and contact particulars.

Wessels, Hanlie

Artist’s biography, plus featured arts, and additional information.

Wheat, Christopher

Facts about the artists, plus original art collections, event schedules, and offered workshops.

Whiterose, Peter

Offers visual art, artist’s profile, art-e-cards, and contact details.

Wildbank, Charles

Artist biography, plus gallery update, exhibit facts, and press releases.

Wolford, James

Provides artist’s biography, gallery updates, and mailing list.

Woodward, Neil B.

Blog of original and limited edition art prints from this Canadian artist.

Wright, Chris

Features news updates, painting gallery, studio facts, and artist biography.

Youssef, Mona

Features art gallery, exhibitions detailis, and artist’s profile.

Zalunardo Franco

Gallery of painting and artistic ceramics by Franco Zalunardo.

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