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Painters Realism

  • Abel, Nava

    Artist’s page features art gallery and personal profile.

  • Abraxas

    Online gallery featuring artwork details, studio facts, and artist’s profile.

  • Adams, Lorrie

    Collection of custom works with contact details.

  • Adams, Marlin

    Gallery information plus artist’s information and mailing list.

  • Allen, Melynn

    Brief overview information about the artist’s plus featured works and logo designs.

  • Amendola, Dominique

    Page resource includes artist’s profile, art and realism gallery, workshops, and contact details.

  • Anderson Mandette Art Gallery

    Married team of Arizona artists provide dual galleries of artwork, with bios for both.

  • Annesley, Jennifer

    Online studio of Canadian artist Jennifer Annesley features personal information and exhibit details.

  • Arsenault, David

    Showcase exhibit details, artist’s biography, critical essays, and art works.

  • Artaud, Georges

    Presents art work gallery and images, portraits, and artist’s biography.

  • Commissart Inc.

    Gallery provides works of David Ward, Freeman Patterson, George Raab, Mark Fletcher, Bruce Bezaire and Paul Fournier.

  • Earles, Randy

    Showcases artist’s information, gallery update, and contact facts.

  • Edington, Nancy

    Features online art gallery with artist’s profile and ordering details.

  • Ekroos, Mary

    Provides workshops and classes, artist’s information, and contact details.

  • Engelen, Leon

    Contains virtual gallery, painting courses, and artist’s profile.

  • Evans, Rob

    Portfolio of artworks by Rob Evans with his personal profile.

  • Falk ,Alan

    Presents artwork images, biographical entry, and contact details.

  • Ferguson, Richard

    Collections of art portraits, designs, and illustrations.

  • Fitzpatrick, Robyn H.

    Displays artwork portfolio and artist’s detail.

  • Flerova, Elena

    Features artwork collections by Elena Flerova with exhibit information.

  • Flitt, Gideon

    Highlights on private works, still life portraits, and artist’s information.

  • Folzenlogen, Tim

    Displays contemporary realism oil paintings, pastels and drawings by New York City artist.

  • Freeman, Thomas

    Covers gallery and artist’s information, and guest book entries.

  • Fusby, Ted

    Page section presents nude images, artist’s information, and contact details.

  • Gallen, Bill

    Presents artist’s statement, available paintings, workshop events, and archives of sold items.

  • Gerasimon, Peter

    Presents artwork gallery, artist’s profile, and print details.

  • Gerlach, Christopher

    Brief overview about the artists that includes art images and online galleries.

  • Giuffre, Hector

    Virtual art studio features oil paintings and portraits, publications, and artist’s resume.

  • Gomez, Eliza

    Background information about the artist’s plus exhibition details, press releases, and painting gallery.

  • Greg's Gallery

    Presents gallery information, news update, and contact details.

  • Griffin, Vera

    Resource site contains art gallery, artist’s information, offered classes, and resources.

  • Hamawi, Christos

    Studio information, plus artist’s profile, gallery updates, and featured news.

  • Hammond, Janet

    Displays realistic paintings of American artist and teacher Janet Hammond.

  • Hanson, Brian George

    Gallery features oil and watercolor paintings, exhibitions, publications, and news.

  • Hayes, Jeff

    Collections of contemporary realist paintings with blogs and event calendar.

  • Hughes, Neal

    Contains print gallery, new works, and artist’s profile.

  • Humphries, Michael

    Official artist’s gallery features event calendar, art designs, and new releases.

  • Igor, Mikhailov

    Presents painting gallery, artist’s profile, and contact details.

  • Ivie, Sam

    Contemporary realism artists blog features architectural images and figurative paintings and drawings.

  • Jackson, Robert C.

    Contains artist’s information, online gallery, show updates, and contact details.

  • Johnson, James W.

    Studio artist for over 30 years features unique pieces in a wide range of mediums.

  • Kalugin, Pavel

    Features gallery collections and artist’s profile.

  • Kliewer, Brian

    Collection of realistic emotional artwork plus artist’s information and newsletter.

  • Lam, Ng Woon

    Showcases art gallery, online classes and demonstration, artist’s profile, and contact details.

  • Larabee, Laura J.

    Gallery of original paintings inspired by the Midwest. Offers shows and galleries, and the artists biography.

  • Larmay, Judith

    Page contains various art category, personal books, and mailing list.

  • Larson, Steve

    Features artist’s profile, murals and portraits, and inventory list.

  • Leighton, Paul

    Page contains gallery details, artist’s information, and contact particulars.

  • Levin, Alex

    Contains gallery information, artist’s biography, and photo images.

  • Linton, Jonathan

    Offers fine art portfolio, commission details, and artist’s information.

  • Little, Christopher

    Artist’s biography and artwork gallery are provided in this page.

  • Mabry, Mary

    Features painting gallery, artist’s information, and message board.

  • MacClure, Chris

    Home page contains artist’s information, original paintings, and show details.

  • Maeda, Stacy

    Equine and animal artist features personal information, gallery update, and event calendar.

  • McKenzie, Mary Beth

    Displays self portrait and various artworks with personal information and collection resources.

  • Megert, Rudolf

    Selection of various artworks on acrylic paintings of people, landscapes, and imaginary sceneries.

  • Miller, Jennifer

    Offers studio information, mailing list, landscape and portrait gallery.

  • Miller, Keith

    Contains of artist’s biography, art gallery, and contact details.

  • Mishkan, Evleen

    Shows artist’s profile, gallery update, art classes, and registration facts.

  • Muller, Margaret

    Memorial page about the artist presents original works, and personal information.

  • Murphy, Bill

    Compilation of personal artworks with information.

  • Newland, Charles

    Collection of original artworks and digital images with award gallery and contact details.

  • Nguyen, Thu

    Covers artist’s biography, painting gallery, and contact particulars.

  • Nolin, Bob

    Digital photo painting artist offers a gallery, resume, and slideshow.

  • Onate, Pilar

    Features art examples, contact details, and artist’s resume.

  • Parsons, Herbert

    Artwork gallery offered with writings and biographical information.

  • Peck, Judith

    Presents artist’s statements, painting gallery, and contact details.

  • Peikon, David

    Gallery of featured landscape arts with previews and portfolios.

  • Phinney, Karen

    Canadian artist offering art gallery, personal information, and contact details.

  • Polito, Kay

    Fine artist featuring artwork gallery and personal profile.

  • Quigley, Ocean

    Provides artwork in an unusual website. Site includes contact details.

  • Rada, George A.

    Presents review listings, artist’s information, themes, and memorial tribute.

  • Radman, Valentino

    Collections of paintings and illustration gallery.

  • Raucher, Hava

    Artist’s biography plus recent artworks, articles, and contact details.

  • Ravenhorst, Menno

    Offers artists original paintings, portraits, prints, and illustrations.

  • Richards, John

    Contains biographical entry, event schedules, slideshow details, and prints.

  • Rodgers, Terry

    Contains artwork gallery, exhibitions, and artist’s profile.

  • Samii, Mandana

    Art work collections with featured artist’s information.

  • Scarpitta, Lola

    Artist’s biography plus featured artworks, and contact details.

  • Schramer, Kristine

    Home page contains paintings and drawing gallery, project updates, and contact details.

  • Schwabel, Kendra

    Features show schedules, gallery details, artist’s profile, and ordering details.

  • Schwartz, Donald R.

    Brief information about the artists plus gallery updates, and video demonstrations.

  • Sicignano, Raymond

    Presents a catalog of artist’s paintings and biography.

  • Silva Chimen, Jonatas

    Provides artist’s information, press releases, art classes, and art gallery.

  • Smith, Brian

    Gallery information plus featured collections, exhibitions, painting courses, and workshops are being presented.

  • Sproule, John T.

    Compilation of classic realist oil paintings with news update, artist biography, and mailing list.

  • Sterkhov, Andrei

    Presents virtual gallery, slide show presentation, biography, and contact details.

  • Stojanovic, Suzana

    Virtual gallery featuries artist’s profile, art collections, and archives.

  • Sullivan, Edmund C.

    Features artist’s biography and personal art gallery.

  • Swanson, Michael

    Gallery of featured paintings plus additional information and artist’s profile.

  • Terlien, Hélène

    Presents gallery of artworks with artist’s profile.

  • Theriault, Raymond

    Contains artwork gallery, exhibition details, available items, and artist’s profile.

  • Tsao, Vivian

    Personal information about the artist, plus art gallery, and image archives.

  • Tyler, Timothy C.

    Offers art images, exhibit schedules, instructional videos and DVDs, and artists bio with links to his Youtube lessons.

  • Van der Helm, Sarah

    Gallery presents artworks by Sarah Van der Helm.

  • Vicini, Vic

    Personal facts about the artist, plus featured artworks, blogs, and contact details are being presented.

  • Visser, Karen

    Collection of people, places, and still life artworks by artist Karen Visser.

  • Vukeljic, Ranko

    Compilation of poetic realism using an oil technique on linen canvas. Includes artist’s profile and gallery.

  • Waite, Peter

    Provides exhibit details, painting gallery, collections, and reviews.

  • Walton, Conor

    Collection of artworks with information about Conor Walton.

  • Weissman, Beth

    Home page contains gallery information, artist’s information, and contact particulars.

  • Wessels, Hanlie

    Artist’s biography, plus featured arts, and additional information.

  • Wheat, Christopher

    Facts about the artists, plus original art collections, event schedules, and offered workshops.

  • Whiterose, Peter

    Offers visual art, artist’s profile, art-e-cards, and contact details.

  • Wildbank, Charles

    Artist biography, plus gallery update, exhibit facts, and press releases.

  • Wolford, James

    Provides artist’s biography, gallery updates, and mailing list.

  • Woodward, Neil B.

    Blog of original and limited edition art prints from this Canadian artist.

  • Wright, Chris

    Features news updates, painting gallery, studio facts, and artist biography.

  • Zalunardo Franco

    Gallery of painting and artistic ceramics by Franco Zalunardo.

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