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Painters Contemporary

Aaron, Peter

Online exhibitions of original abstract paintings in acrylic, watercolor and mixed-media.

Afacan, Eser

Turkish artist working in Canada offers paintings, drawings, news clips and diary.

Allen, Sabrina

Artist site features gallery or artist’s original works, resume, and artist’s statements.

Allen, Sterling

Original artwork paintings, photography and illustrations by artist Sterling Allen.

Almeida, Pablo

Figurative paintings, artist information and mailing list details are presented in this page.

Altschiller, Ira

Showcases original works of art by contemporary artist Ira Altschiller.

Amiama, Enriquillo

Features landscape, portraits, and still life paintings in art and romance by Caribbean modern artist.

Amrhein, Beatrice Valentine

Abstract artist presents expressive oil paintings and works on paper which includes photos and artist information.

Anderson, Robert

List of exhibit details, gallery information, art sales, and technical are offered in this page.

Andoe, Joe

Contains painting information about people and animals, artist biography, and details on essays.

Andress, Paul

Page provides painting details, digital photography, and online merchandize.

Archibald, Dion

Online gallery of figurative paintings and drawings by Australian contemporary artist and painter.

Assemi, Reza

Features oil paintings in portrait, nude, and still life paintings By Reza Assemi.

Avakyan, Grant

Art gallery that contains contemporary compositions, artist information, and contact details.

Averell, Sue

Online gallery of Sue Averell that contains updates on shows and events, and samples of drawings and paintings.

Azofeifa, Rafael

The use of painted playing cards and spray molds create this contemporary artwork.

Babyak , Michael

Features original paintings and limited editions on canvas by New York artist that includes events details, and artist information.

Barber, Shawn

Presents oil and acrylic portraits, landscape, and still life paintings with exhibit information, and artist biography included.

Barron, Gill

Acrylic and gouache gallery previews by Gill Barron, plus featured countries and places.

Baxter, Richard

Contemporary figurative paintings and photography by Australian artist Richard Baxter.

Beary, Kerry

Selection of paintings, and details of new work, and updates by contemporary artist.

Bennett, Stephen

Collection of original fine art paintings by Irish based painter plus limited editions, portraits, and exhibit details.

Bielicki, Julian S.

Contains list of paintings, featured films, artist portfolio, selection of artworks, and contact facts.

Blitt, Rita

Portfolio of painter and sculptor artist Rita Blitt plus information on exhibitons, workshops, and contact details.

Boris, Boris

Artist’s figurative works in painting are presented using spray cans.

Brewster, Abraham

Collection of original artworks on human figure implying motion and perspective with exhibit details and pricing information.

Brosio, John

Original yearly works of art on landscape, still life, and figure paintings by artist John Brosio.

Brown, Bryce

Features collection of figurative art and original acrylics on canvas.

Brown, Nicholas

Covers paintings, prints and information about the artist Nicholas Brown.

Douglas Edwards

Canadian contemporary artist creates landscapes and countryside scenes in oils.

Hammerstein, Oscar Andy

Overview of abstract expressionist paintings on acrylics with the artist biography.

Harwood , June

Gallery of non-objective paintings in six different portfolios.

Hasdemir, Purnaz

Turkish artist presents a gallery, exhibitions info, and a biography.

Helfrich, J.M.

Still life, portraits, and wildlife surrealist artworks created by this visual artist.

Hewitt, Charles

Painter and printmaker provides insight into his collection and gives exhibition details.

Hird, Valerie

Collection of oil paintings, watercolors, and mixed media. Includes future plans, exhibitions and commissions.

Jabbur, Rima

Lebanese born artist offers a gallery of portraits and narratives.

Jacquier, Yvo

French contemporary painter presents calligraphy, drawings and paintings.

Johnson, Tendai

Gives a portfolio of recent work, selected past paintings and drawings, plus artist curriculum vitae .

Jonas, B. F.

Contains gallery and exhibition details, artist biography, portfolio, and commissions.

Jones, Philip

English contemporary artist who draws his inspiration from fields and landscapes.

Jongbloed, Yme

Art gallery displays paintings and drawings in urban, naive, figurative style and pop art.

Karpiaek, Jan

Gallery of figurative paintings and artist’s performance art updates.

Kessler, Michael

Offers a gallery of the artists abstract paintings, new exhibitions information, and video.

Kho, Sante

Artist gallery of contemporary art and abstract paintings, plus an online interactive painting project.

Kinsell, Robert

Presents an artist’s statements, exhibitions, artworks, and bibliography details.

Kirsch, Marilyn

Showcases contemporary abstract painting and work on paper. Includes an artist statement and contact info.

Koning, Amelie

Offers an artist’s portfolio of selected original art, and contact details.

Korczowski, Bogdan

Gallery of contemporary paintings with information about the artist and his exhibits.

Koudela, Eva

Gallery of brightly colored contemporary and modern paintings and abstract pictures.

Kovner, Michael

Showcases landscape paintings of this Israeli artist. Offers a biography and public works.

Kupiainen, Otso

Original art of landscapes, miniatures, and blurred horizons. Included are the artists bio, CV, and a large gallery.

Lambrecht-Hould, Pat

Contemporary works of mixed media and giclees. Includes biography and workshops.

Lammers, Abby

Contemporary representational painter. Includes the artists biography and statement.

Lattimore, Anne

Gallery of artwork collections consisting of still life, landscape, portraits and etchings.

Lauric, Oana

Abstract expressionism and contemporary artwork gallery of giclee prints, and oil paintings.

Le Goff, Michel-Vincent

Gallery and slideshows of contemporary art with portraits of the artist and his past work.

Lee, Sandra Sunnyo

Offers an artist’s resume, meditative portraits and abstract paintings.

Lieberman, Joyce

Contemporary visual art gallery of portraits and collages, with artist resume.

Linder, Allan

Overview of the artist drawings and paintings, studio updates, and contact information.

Lowe, Lynda

Details about studio and art, with recent works and contact information.

Lowly, Tim

Artist, curator, musician and teacher offers a gallery of images and links to his music on MySpace.

Lueza, Cecilia

Presents a slide show of artworks which include paintings, sculptures, and mixed media.

Lukanovich, Natasha

Contemporary abstract and expressionist paintings plus installation art.

Marchesini, Duilio

Artist showcases figurative, still life, landscapes, and religious subject paintings.

Marcil, Rene

Presents latest and limited edition prints, cubistic paintings, and drawings.

Mark, Stacy

Collection of surrealist, gothic, and figurative paintings and prints with artist biography.

Marshall, Neil

Gallery of new exhibitions, archives, artist’s journal, and biography information.

Merigeau, Claire

Gallery of contemporary paintings and abstract expressionist art plus artist’s information.


Figurative, primitive and abstract style paintings, drawings and sculpture by contemporary artist Metrov.

Mion, Tina

Showcases oil paintings about objects and personality figures with artist biography and news update.

Moreno, Clarissa

Paintings in oil and acrylics, sculpture, and installations by Clarissa Arguelles Moreno.

Morrison, Brian

Contemporary and modern artist offers paintings in acrylics on canvas, figure, and expressionist art.

Munson, Deborah Quinn

Exhibits details, gallery of original oil, pastels and watercolor paintings, and prints are presented in this page.

Murphy, Bill

Contemporary art gallery showcasing paintings and prints in oils and watercolor by artist Bill Murphy.

Naccarato, John

Collected works of recent contemporary paintings by artist John Naccarato.

Nasso, Enzo

Contemporary Italian artist Enzo Nasso features original artworks in his gallery.

Nedela, Janis

Contains works in oils, acrylics, and mixed media plus artist information and contact details.

Newton, Robert

Exhibitions, biography, and recent paintings by the contemporary British artist Robert Newton.

Nickels, Mark

Features the works of contemporary painter and sculptor Mark Nickels.

Nikolaev, Lira

Contains oils, acrylics, pastels, and watercolor paintings and drawings by Russian artist.

Nolan, John

Contemporary Irish artist based in Dublin showcases gallery of original works and studio details.

Norris, Nick

Stone sculptor and painter features portfolio, sculpting details, and artworks for sale.

North, Jenna

Provides information about artist’s current works, statements, and exhibit updates.

O'Beirne, Megan

Features current works on abstract acrylic and oil paintings, portfolio details, and artist biography.

O'Brien, Judy

Contemporary American artist creating original acrylic paintings in traditional styles.

Oden, Ron

Contemporary graphic artist, newspaper and magazine illustrator showcases fine art and commercial artistry.

Olivieri, Irene

Collection of exhibited contemporary paintings features nudes and landscapes by Irene Olivieri.

O'Mahony, Chamain

Gallery of acrylic paintings which includes latest information about the Creole Cat.

Osman, Mohamed

Artist and physician creates contemporary African art with bright energetic colors using the medical field as an inspiration.

Ostrovsky, Victor

Gallery displays Victor Ostrovsky’s originals, metaphor, and wine and bar artwork collections.

Papert, Artemis

Features abstract landscape painting and drawings with selected acrylic art.

Pearson, James

Showcases original art and music by James Pearson with gallery information and artist profile.

Perrault, Stephen

Presents new works on acrylic paintings, exhibition updates, and artist biography.

Pitsker, Paul

Contemporary paintings and drawings, artist biography, and exhibit updates are featured in this page.

Poli, Nicoletta

Italian artist focusing on people, their pets, and still life paintings in watercolors.

Polic, Damir

Paintings, drawings, and biography of contemporary fine artist Damir Polic.

Porter, H.C.

Online gallery showcases artist’s works on painting, printmaking, and photography.


Muralist and fine artist features an online display of original works, shows, and upcoming operations.

Potter, Tim

Gallery of paintings by an American contemporary artist.

Rand, Archie

Major contemporary painter featuring 200 group exhibitions and representation in international museums and private collections.

Regan, Paul

Provides a biography and introduction, plus exhibitions featuring this Irish artists paintings, prints and images.

Reilly, Jack

Offers complex painting style that explores a wide range of imagery and materials on shaped canvas structures.

Remmelink, Systke

Webpage of Dutch artist showcasing contemporary paintings with exhibit details.

Rhodes, Arturo

Surrealist painter offers his biography, a gallery of works, and meanderings thoughts on art.

Rich, Kent

Latest works on pastel, oil, and watercolor art along with artist information are listed on this page.

Robbins, Kathy

Artworks in oil, gouache, acrylic, and watercolor with personal profile.

Rockburne, Dorothea

Contemporary Canadian artist presenting recent works, exhibition history, and artwork collections.

Ross, D M

Contemporary Cubist painter showcases his artwork collections and biography.

Sandler, Steve

Art collection of recent paintings in acrylics on canvas by artist Steve Sandler.

Saw, Peter

Gallery and workshop page for Peter Saw’s watercolor and pastel paintings.

Scott, Marsh

Art studio of Marsh Scott featuring paintings, sculpture and public artistry.


Page contains exhibitions, gallery information, and menu listings.

Setch, Terry

Provides collection of recent artwork images, gallery details, and artist biography.

Sigberman, Rich

Features art illustrations for commercial, architectural, and abstract art by Rich Sigberman.

Smith, Stephen

Galley of fine and commercial artwork collections by Smith Gallery.


Showcases electronic gallery of recent paintings with contact information.

Souza, Francis Newton

Compilation of paintings, drawings, and writings by Francis Newton Souza.

Spence, Annora

Showcases limited edition prints, exhibit information, and artist biography.

Spratt, Charles

Details about paintings on watercolor, acrylics, and portraits with gallery price list, location guide, and exhibition details.

Steinem, Robert

Showcases oil paintings about architectural, snow scenes, and reflected light imagery.

Stover, Craig

Information about original paintings, auctions, posters, and catalog details are provided.

Strange, Adam

Freelance illustrations by Adam Strange includes drawings and paintings for sale.

Suhr, Anne Valérie

Presents drawings, pastels and contemporary paintings with artist interviews and catalogue details.

Tanguy, Marc

Page contains information about artist’s works, news updates, and contact list.

Tarentino , Leigh

Presents original artworks by New York based artist and includes information about upcoming exhibitions.

Tayabali, Mujtaba

Gallery of paintings and drawings done in oil, watercolor, pastels, and pastels. Includes the artists biography and exhibitions.

Teeling, Norman

Contemporary Irish artist and En Plein Air oil painting authority offers landscapes, interiors, still lifes and portraits. View gallery including 1916 Easter Rising at the General Post Office - GPO - Dublin, Ireland.

Tiana Marie

Features current collection of original works, art courses, and exhibition details.

Tiede, Laura

Art gallery of original oil, acrylic, and pastel paintings and drawings.

Topley, Will

Displays drawings and illustrations, portraits, still life, and landscape paintings by Will Topley.

Towns, Heather

Offers the artists impression of life, her carma cohuna - a tribal fabric, art prints and lino cuts gallery and vision.

Tracy, Robert

Gallery of original art featuring portraits, landscapes, still life, and drawings and includes artist biography and art review.

Tretchikoff, Vladimir

Contains a biography, gallery of paintings, inspiration for his works, and the artists obituary.

Troxell, Diana Wright

Self employed face painter with a 45 year history in oil paintings. Also works in water colors, print making and sculpture.

Troy, Robin

Presents gallery of figurative and abstract paintings, artist journals, and artist profile.

Ubben , Carol

Fine artist features paintings and drawings of portraits and landscapes using oil and watercolors.

van den Woldenberg, Odile

Art gallery containing oil and acrylic paintings, artist profile, and exhibitions.

van Ingen, Mieke

Features drawings, paintings and graphic arts with studio artist portfolio.

van Valen, Lucien

Provides curriculum vitae, painting collections, and featured researched articles.

Villaseñor, Elena

Artworks in oils on canvas and gouaches on paper that depicts personal iconography and exploration.

Villegas, Teresa

Offers installation of paintings and presents figurative oil paintings.

Waipuka, Bronwyn

New Zealand born artist focuses on Mauri portraits, contemporary and abstract art. Offers a profile and exhibit information.

Waters, Michelle

Artist and web designer presents details about illustrations, gallery of works, and selected prints.

Whistler, Marta

Displays art reviews, exhibitions, and featured semi-abstract paintings by contemporary artist.

Wiley, Sister Lucia

Ink and watercolor art by the muralist and painter. Includes information about work chronology, and catalogs.

Williams, Ian

Presents a gallery of paintings, and original landscape and still life prints from this English artist.

Winter, Ben

Artist offers a fine art gallery of past and present pieces, plus a biography.

Wiseman, Emily

Showcases collection of colorful paintings, scenic murals, and window art.

Wonnacott, John

British artist’s virtual studio gallery that features 3D images with high and low resolution.

Wyman, Marlena

Exhibitions in watercolor, acrylic, limited edition prints and mixed media artworks plus artist biography and statements.


Information on figurative and abstract works, recent projects, and artist profile.

Xue Jiye

Portfolio of oil paintings and sculptures relating to human struggle by Chinese contemporary artist.

Zetterstrand, Kristoffer

Features artist’s works, curriculum vitae, and exhibitions.

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