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Painters Contemporary

  • Afacan, Eser

    Turkish artist working in Canada offers paintings, drawings, news clips and diary.

  • Allen, Sabrina

    Artist site features gallery or artist’s original works, resume, and artist’s statements.

  • Allen, Sterling

    Original artwork paintings, photography and illustrations by artist Sterling Allen.

  • Almeida, Pablo

    Figurative paintings, artist information and mailing list details are presented in this page.

  • Altschiller, Ira

    Showcases original works of art by contemporary artist Ira Altschiller.

  • Andoe, Joe

    Contains painting information about people and animals, artist biography, and details on essays.

  • Archibald, Dion

    Online gallery of figurative paintings and drawings by Australian contemporary artist and painter.

  • Avakyan, Grant

    Art gallery that contains contemporary compositions, artist information, and contact details.

  • Averell, Sue

    Online gallery of Sue Averell that contains updates on shows and events, and samples of drawings and paintings.

  • Babyak , Michael

    Features original paintings and limited editions on canvas by New York artist that includes events details, and artist information.

  • Barron, Gill

    Acrylic and gouache gallery previews by Gill Barron, plus featured countries and places.

  • Baxter, Richard

    Contemporary figurative paintings and photography by Australian artist Richard Baxter.

  • Beary, Kerry

    Selection of paintings, and details of new work, and updates by contemporary artist.

  • Bielicki, Julian S.

    Contains list of paintings, featured films, artist portfolio, selection of artworks, and contact facts.

  • Blitt, Rita

    Portfolio of painter and sculptor artist Rita Blitt plus information on exhibitons, workshops, and contact details.

  • Brewster, Abraham

    Collection of original artworks on human figure implying motion and perspective with exhibit details and pricing information.

  • Brosio, John

    Original yearly works of art on landscape, still life, and figure paintings by artist John Brosio.

  • Brown, Bryce

    Features collection of figurative art and original acrylics on canvas.

  • Brown, Nicholas

    Covers paintings, prints and information about the artist Nicholas Brown.

  • Bull, Simon

    Floral, landscape, and abstract collections of original art by Simon Bull.

  • Harvey, Michael

    Selection of paintings, writings and other artworks by Michael Harvey.

  • Helfrich, J.M.

    Still life, portraits, and wildlife surrealist artworks created by this visual artist.

  • Hewitt, Charles

    Painter and printmaker provides insight into his collection and gives exhibition details.

  • Hird, Valerie

    Collection of oil paintings, watercolors, and mixed media. Includes future plans, exhibitions and commissions.

  • Jacquier, Yvo

    French contemporary painter presents calligraphy, drawings and paintings.

  • Johnson, Tendai

    Gives a portfolio of recent work, selected past paintings and drawings, plus artist curriculum vitae .

  • Jonas, B. F.

    Contains gallery and exhibition details, artist biography, portfolio, and commissions.

  • Jones, Philip

    English contemporary artist who draws his inspiration from fields and landscapes.

  • Karpiaek, Jan

    Gallery of figurative paintings and artist’s performance art updates.

  • Kessler, Michael

    Offers a gallery of the artists abstract paintings, new exhibitions information, and video.

  • Kho, Sante

    Artist gallery of contemporary art and abstract paintings, plus an online interactive painting project.

  • Kinsell, Robert

    Presents an artist’s statements, exhibitions, artworks, and bibliography details.

  • Kirsch, Marilyn

    Showcases contemporary abstract painting and work on paper. Includes an artist statement and contact info.

  • Koning, Amelie

    Offers an artist’s portfolio of selected original art, and contact details.

  • Korczowski, Bogdan

    Gallery of contemporary paintings with information about the artist and his exhibits.

  • Koudela, Eva

    Gallery of brightly colored contemporary and modern paintings and abstract pictures.

  • Kovner, Michael

    Showcases landscape paintings of this Israeli artist. Offers a biography and public works.

  • Kupiainen, Otso

    Original art of landscapes, miniatures, and blurred horizons. Included are the artists bio, CV, and a large gallery.

  • Lammers, Abby

    Contemporary representational painter. Includes the artists biography and statement.

  • LaRiviere, Mark

    Overview of the artists work, with profile, reviews, and contact details.

  • Lattimore, Anne

    Gallery of artwork collections consisting of still life, landscape, portraits and etchings.

  • Lauric, Oana

    Abstract expressionism and contemporary artwork gallery of giclee prints, and oil paintings.

  • Lieberman, Joyce

    Contemporary visual art gallery of portraits and collages, with artist resume.

  • Linder, Allan

    Overview of the artist drawings and paintings, studio updates, and contact information.

  • Lowe, Lynda

    Details about studio and art, with recent works and contact information.

  • Lowly, Tim

    Artist, curator, musician and teacher offers a gallery of images and links to his music on MySpace.

  • Lueza, Cecilia

    Presents a slide show of artworks which include paintings, sculptures, and mixed media.

  • Lukanovich, Natasha

    Contemporary abstract and expressionist paintings plus installation art.

  • Marchesini, Duilio

    Artist showcases figurative, still life, landscapes, and religious subject paintings.

  • Marcil, Rene

    Presents latest and limited edition prints, cubistic paintings, and drawings.

  • Merigeau, Claire

    Gallery of contemporary paintings and abstract expressionist art plus artist’s information.

  • Mion, Tina

    Showcases oil paintings about objects and personality figures with artist biography and news update.

  • Miro, Antoni

    Provides information about artist biography, gallery exhibitions, videos, and news update.

  • Munson, Deborah Quinn

    Exhibits details, gallery of original oil, pastels and watercolor paintings, and prints are presented in this page.

  • Naccarato, John

    Collected works of recent contemporary paintings by artist John Naccarato.

  • Nedela, Janis

    Contains works in oils, acrylics, and mixed media plus artist information and contact details.

  • Newton, Robert

    Exhibitions, biography, and recent paintings by the contemporary British artist Robert Newton.

  • Nolan, John

    Contemporary Irish artist based in Dublin showcases gallery of original works and studio details.

  • Norris, Nick

    Stone sculptor and painter features portfolio, sculpting details, and artworks for sale.

  • O'Beirne, Megan

    Features current works on abstract acrylic and oil paintings, portfolio details, and artist biography.

  • Oden, Ron

    Contemporary graphic artist, newspaper and magazine illustrator showcases fine art and commercial artistry.

  • Olivieri, Irene

    Collection of exhibited contemporary paintings features nudes and landscapes by Irene Olivieri.

  • O'Mahony, Chamain

    Gallery of acrylic paintings which includes latest information about the Creole Cat.

  • Perrault, Stephen

    Presents new works on acrylic paintings, exhibition updates, and artist biography.

  • Pitsker, Paul

    Contemporary paintings and drawings, artist biography, and exhibit updates are featured in this page.

  • Polic, Damir

    Paintings, drawings, and biography of contemporary fine artist Damir Polic.

  • Porter, H.C.

    Online gallery showcases artist’s works on painting, printmaking, and photography.

  • Posh

    Muralist and fine artist features an online display of original works, shows, and upcoming operations.

  • Rand, Archie

    Major contemporary painter featuring 200 group exhibitions and representation in international museums and private collections.

  • Regan, Paul

    Provides a biography and introduction, plus exhibitions featuring this Irish artists paintings, prints and images.

  • Reilly, Jack

    Offers complex painting style that explores a wide range of imagery and materials on shaped canvas structures.

  • Remmelink, Systke

    Webpage of Dutch artist showcasing contemporary paintings with exhibit details.

  • Rhodes, Arturo

    Surrealist painter offers his biography, a gallery of works, and meanderings thoughts on art.

  • Rich, Kent

    Latest works on pastel, oil, and watercolor art along with artist information are listed on this page.

  • Robbins, Kathy

    Artworks in oil, gouache, acrylic, and watercolor with personal profile.

  • Rockburne, Dorothea

    Contemporary Canadian artist presenting recent works, exhibition history, and artwork collections.

  • Ross, D.M.

    Contemporary Cubist painter showcases his artwork collections and biography.

  • Sandler, Steve

    Art collection of recent paintings in acrylics on canvas by artist Steve Sandler.

  • Scott, Marsh

    Art studio of Marsh Scott featuring paintings, sculpture and public artistry.

  • Sigberman, Rich

    Features art illustrations for commercial, architectural, and abstract art by Rich Sigberman.

  • Smith, Stephen

    Galley of fine and commercial artwork collections by Smith Gallery.

  • Sossa

    Showcases electronic gallery of recent paintings with contact information.

  • Souza, Francis Newton

    Compilation of paintings, drawings, and writings by Francis Newton Souza.

  • Spratt, Charles

    Details about paintings on watercolor, acrylics, and portraits with gallery price list, location guide, and exhibition details.

  • Steinem, Robert

    Showcases oil paintings about architectural, snow scenes, and reflected light imagery.

  • Stover, Craig

    Information about original paintings, auctions, posters, and catalog details are provided.

  • Tanguy, Marc

    Page contains information about artist’s works, news updates, and contact list.

  • Tarentino , Leigh

    Presents original artworks by New York based artist and includes information about upcoming exhibitions.

  • Teeling, Norman

    Contemporary Irish artist and En Plein Air oil painting authority offers landscapes, interiors, still lifes and portraits. View gallery including 1916 Easter Rising at the General Post Office - GPO - Dublin, Ireland.

  • Tiana Marie

    Features current collection of original works, art courses, and exhibition details.

  • Tiede, Laura

    Art gallery of original oil, acrylic, and pastel paintings and drawings.

  • Topley, Will

    Displays drawings and illustrations, portraits, still life, and landscape paintings by Will Topley.

  • Tracy, Robert

    Gallery of original art featuring portraits, landscapes, still life, and drawings and includes artist biography and art review.

  • Tretchikoff, Vladimir

    Contains a biography, gallery of paintings, inspiration for his works, and the artists obituary.

  • van den Woldenberg, Odile

    Art gallery containing oil and acrylic paintings, artist profile, and exhibitions.

  • van Valen, Lucien

    Provides curriculum vitae, painting collections, and featured researched articles.

  • Vidal, Jorge

    Displays the works of Peruvian artist along with biography information, exhibits, and reviews.

  • Villaseñor, Elena

    Artworks in oils on canvas and gouaches on paper that depicts personal iconography and exploration.

  • Villegas, Teresa

    Offers installation of paintings and presents figurative oil paintings.

  • Waters, Michelle

    Artist and web designer presents details about illustrations, gallery of works, and selected prints.

  • Wiley, Sister Lucia

    Ink and watercolor art by the muralist and painter. Includes information about work chronology, and catalogs.

  • Winter, Ben

    Artist offers a fine art gallery of past and present pieces, plus a biography.

  • Wiseman, Emily

    Showcases collection of colorful paintings, scenic murals, and window art.

  • Wonnacott, John

    British artist’s virtual studio gallery that features 3D images with high and low resolution.

  • Xoanxo

    Information on figurative and abstract works, recent projects, and artist profile.

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