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Painters Acrylics

  • Abelló, Sánchez

    Presents selections of abstract art with short biography, accessible in Spanish, English and Catala languages.

  • Armstrong, Linda

    Contains comprehensive portfolio of artist’s abstract, charcoal, acrylic and other various artworks.

  • Bishop, Sarah

    Collection of paintings in various themes with personal information of the artist.

  • Bunkers, Brad

    Gallery of evocative art works and graphic designs. With personal details of the artist.

  • Chen, Shiau-Peng

    Taiwanese artist presents linear and geometrical art, with short biography included.

  • Corno

    Artist’s portfolio of artwork inspired by the human body accessible in either html or flash.

  • Cudney, Katherine

    Exhibits gallery of life like portraits and wildlife artwork along with artist’s information.

  • Di Pini

    Displays paintings inspired by native American people and wildlife.

  • Durkin, Clay

    Presents installation artwork, graphic design and environmental design with a selection for the kids included as well.

  • Earth Friend Arts

    Personal information and artwork galleries of Tom and Deb Bailleul presented.

  • Edwards, Alan

    Depicts and displays mostly abstract landscape art along with artist’s short biography.

  • Edwards, David

    Canadian artist working with both brush and palette knife creating landscape and floral paintings.

  • Enz, Donald G.

    Presents gallery on mostly abstract art along with biography and ordering information.

  • Filer, Jane

    Colorful artwork presented in a childlike fashion along with artist short biography.

  • Fullmer, James H.

    Collection of various styles of paintings, photography and murals are presented along with artist’s biography.

  • Georgopoulos, Andonis

    Presents large acrylic paintings on board done by Greek artist.

  • Giang, Kieu

    Contemporary art is presented in multiple galleries by Vietnamese artist.

  • Gilson, Betty

    Graphic design and acrylic paintings from landscapes to abstract art are exhibited in various galleries.

  • Glavin, Matt

    West coast artist presents various abstract artworks which are presented in multiple galleries.

  • Hauger, Anne Hernegren

    Presents artwork inspired by various architecture and landscapes from Scandinavia, and Europe.

  • Hollis, Mary

    Exhibits hand painted tarot cards using gouache and acrylic on heavy watercolor paper.

  • Janisch Studio

    Collection of tropical and religious artwork are presented with a linear touch.

  • Kuntz, Jean-Jacques

    Mostly abstract art on wood showcased in various galleries accessible in English and French.

  • Lampe Kannenstine, Margaret

    Abstract like art of landscapes are presented in multiple galleries.

  • Lars, Andersen Henning

    Colorful lively abstract artwork by this Dutch artist. Offers the artists background plus past and present exhibitions.

  • Lasoff, Michael

    Exhibits various artwork presented in chronological order. Can be accessed in either Dutch or English.

  • MacKenzie, Donald

    Various artwork from still life to landscapes are presented by this Scottish painter at the Blue Studio Gallery.

  • Madruga, Vilmar

    Brazilian artist exhibits various artwork from still life to seascapes to marine life.

  • Mckay, Bruce Andrew

    Colorful, large paintings of big cats presented in multiple galleries, with links to his blog.

  • Morshuis, Odelle

    Innovative paintings and drawings along with digital photography are presented in various galleries.

  • Nance-Sasser, Lyn

    Conceptual artworks done in acrylic on canvas are presented in multiple galleries along with artist’s biography and contact information.

  • Neswald, Pamela

    Displays paintings of surfing mermaids and landscapes are presented along.

  • Piret, John

    Artwork from small pen drawings to large scale acrylic paintings are exhibited in galleries.

  • Plini, Laura

    Italian artist showcases figurative and landscape art along with artist’s event history.

  • Randel, Betsy

    Presents art that heals, watercolor and photography art on cards. With artist’s information.

  • Rios, Jose Felipe

    Puerto-Rican artist showcases various types of artwork in multiple galleries along with artist’s information.

  • Ruth E. Beverly

    Gallery of portrait, still-life, landscape, seascape and animal paintings.

  • Sandor, Beate

    Presents various artwork from paintings to drawings showcased in multiple galleries.

  • Sheppard, Stephanie

    Oil and acrylic paintings of landscapes and animals. Lists selected works and exhibitions.

  • Skinner, Dale

    Portraits with an almost abstract feel to it, among others are presented in various galleries.

  • Slowinski, Tim

    Presents his psychological interpretation of the material world with artwork that had a cartoon feel are presented.

  • Sowels, Chris

    Portfolio of paintings, graphic design, and cards are presented in multiple galleries by artist Chris Sowels.

  • Steven, Ron

    Renowned artist presents various mixed media artwork of marine life along with artist’s information.

  • Tedsen, Sonia

    Californian artist exhibits paintings on Italian landscapes and Spanish landscapes.

  • Tolle, Deb

    Various cityscapes and landscapes are exhibited in galleries along with artist’s short information.

  • van den Bosch, Mattijs

    Images of paintings in different themes with artist’s resume and personal details.

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