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Painters Abstract Expressionism

  • Adamczak, Gosia

    Artist’s information with selections of his artworks displayed.

  • Akimoto, Kazuya

    Compilation of original and selected prints and paintings by Kazuya Akimoto.

  • Arnold, Christel

    Showcases oil on canvas, collages, and paper prints by Christel Arnold.

  • Austin, Graham

    Compilation of acrylic, oil, and watercolor paintings by Graham Austin with personal biography.

  • Bãdescu, Cristian and Adriana

    Collection of featured abstract artworks from this team.

  • Battenfield, Jackie

    Presents paintings on canvas and woodblock prints over monotype creations by Jackie Battenfield.

  • Bechtel, Carol

    Displays the artist’s biography and portfolio.

  • Bocchino, Serena

    Exhibits and art collections on abstract entities, artist profile, and portfolio showcased.

  • Bochner, Thomas

    Contemporary artist features original and giclee’ prints.

  • Bohme, Brit

    Features portfolio of acrylic oil abstracts, the artist biography and curriculum vitae.

  • Boretti, Francesco

    Virtual exhibit of abstract expressionist art with artist information and list of paintings for sale.

  • Born, Boris

    Show schedules, curriculum vitae and portfolio of abstract paintings.

  • Buck, Sherman

    Highlights on artist’s journal entry, short stories, and poetry pages.

  • Buckle, Mary-Clare

    Collection of abstract art, contemporary textile art and abstract fiber art gallery.

  • Burnett, James

    Offers abstract paintings and Oaxaca series watercolors for sale plus featured abstract expressionist gallery.

  • Bytebier, Chris

    Abstract expressionist paintings by Chris Bytebier includes expositions, picture gallery, and news update.

  • Clausan, Don

    Personal information and gallery of paintings, ink and pencil drawings.

  • Cox, Teresa

    Features current contemporary paintings and drawings with exhibition and events details.

  • Cressy, Ben

    Displays paintings, drawings, and sketchbook on abstract and figurative and symbolic art with artist profile.

  • Davis, Brian Russel

    Abstract expressionism paintings by Brian Russel Davis features artist information and purchase details.

  • de Courten, Franco

    Homepage contains information about artist biography, gallery of art works, and curriculums.

  • de Graaf, Rob

    Contains artist biography, his paintings and works on paper, and his company art workshops.

  • de Montlaur, Guy

    Background information about the French artist with his featured art collections.

  • Del Rio, Laura

    Showcases abstract works, landscape paintings, exhibitions by Laura Del Rio.

  • Dickens, Pip

    Portfolio of oil paintings of UK’s fine artist Pip Dickens with personal profile.

  • Dicker, Debbie

    Online portfolio displays paintings and sculptures by Debbie Dicker.

  • Embry, Norris

    Tribute site to the 20th century expressionist art of Norris Embry.

  • Emrys, Merlin

    Merlin Emrys’ abstract expressionist painting collections with personal profile.

  • Engelman, Rosalyn A

    Showcases paintings, artist biography and statements, and current and upcoming exhibits.

  • Fekete, Marianna

    Features selection of paintings and designs by the French artist.

  • Frehm, Lynne

    Abstract expressionist painter in New York works with inspiration from models.

  • Gahagan, James

    Tribute site to this artists works. Includes artwork, and artists life in photos.

  • Gernatt, Kytha

    Features the artist’s biography, personal statement and images of artworks from the 80’s up to present.

  • Gillard, Paul

    Displays a gallery of abstract, watercolor, digital, and paintings.

  • Goldenberg, Roger

    Artist profile, art gallery, artist’s statements, and reviews are being presented.

  • Goodridge, Carolyn S.

    Displays artists works which are all inspired by life, color and music.

  • Graham, Austin

    Personal details of the artist with images of aerial landscape paintings.

  • Hastenteufel, Zdenka

    Contains virtual gallery of pictures and ceramic images by the artist Zdenka Hastenteufel.

  • Hicks, Kole

    Recent blog postings with portfolio, artist biography, and commission information.

  • Horiati, Vicky

    Presents various galleries of paintings by Vicky Horiati.

  • Humphreys, Brett

    Various collections of paintings with written interpretation plus exhibit details.

  • Ibrahim, Suzlee

    Malaysian abstract painter features private collections, photo albums, and artworks for sale.

  • ISA-L

    Features abstract expressionism works, artist profile, and news updates.

  • Jacquet, Isabelle

    Artist, painter and sculptor displays her abstract works and other forms of art.

  • Jones, Sky M.

    Art exhibits of original abstract acrylics on canvas by Sky Jones.

  • Jovanovic, Nebojsa

    Original contemporary abstract art paintings and modern art.

  • Kalcina, Ivan

    Features artist biography, art exhibitions, music details, and contact information.

  • Kang, Ehja

    Biography information, abstract painting collections, essays and articles, exhibit details are provided.

  • Kedrin, Alexander

    Offers an art gallery of abstract and symbolic oil paintings, sculptures and ceramics.

  • Khoury, Sari

    Official repository for the artwork of Sari Khoury and a tribute to the artist’s work and life.

  • Koller, Kathy

    List of entries include abstract information, strengths, sculpture details, and madwetclown facts.

  • Krebs, Patsy

    Visual artist features abstract works on paper. Offers exhibitions, bio, and awards info.

  • Lande, John A.

    Artworks by John Lande that uses applied mixed media and explorative techniques. Also includes show information and artist resume.

  • Lannoo, Marie

    Canadian visual artist and abstract painter since 1984 features exhibit information and collections of original art.

  • Larviere, Mark

    Contemporary artist presents online gallery of original art collections plus reviews and artist information.

  • Lebedynets, Petr

    Personal page of the Ukrainian artist with gallery information, exhibitions, reviews, updates, and bibliography.

  • Lefens, Tim

    Information about the artist, original artwork gallery, book facts, and contact particulars.

  • Lerín, Silvia

    Showcases photo exhibitions, curriculum details, original paintings, and contact details.

  • Lopez, Raida

    Artist biography, gallery of oil, monotypes, and mixed media paintings, plus digital artistry, and drawings.

  • Lota, Kathleen

    Features oil painting gallery, artist profile and statements.

  • Marigmen, Bernardo

    Artist and director with a diverse background in the fine arts and architecture offers original art gallery, photos, and studio details.

  • Martinez, Soraida

    Puerto Rican feminist artist and graphic designer known as the creator of Verdadism.

  • Mechtilt

    Background information of the artist with painting and writing experiences included.

  • Natkin, Robert

    Premier abstract painter in America that presents original works of art, exhibition details, and public collections.

  • Olmstead, Marla

    Covers available work, gallery information, articles, and news updates.

  • Paulo, Daniel

    Displays nine galleries of figure related paintings by Daniel Paulo.

  • Penuel, Jean

    Biographical information about the artist with featured works, picture gallery, and exposition detail.

  • Perrault, Benoît

    Collections of art portfolio and original art work paintings.

  • Petryk, Marek

    Online gallery presents abstract art created by artist Marek Petryk.

  • Porter, Cynthia

    Collage and mixed media paintings by Cynthia Porter.

  • Reid, Michelle Firment

    Showcases a collection of painting and sculpture artworks. Contains artists statement and profile.

  • Simpson, Wendy Dunlap

    Virtual art gallery of art inspired by music and song.

  • Singer, Esther Forman

    Supplies the artist’s biography and gallery of paintings, and offers information about this interesting artist.

  • Tarter, Diana

    Expressionist abstract portraits and paintings in oils and acrylics.

  • Timothy Yanke

    Offers original artwork available from the Park West Gallery Collection.

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